Fast Finishers report is one of the new components released for Geegeez Gold

Geegeez Gold: May 2021 Upgrades

Another month, another set of new features within Geegeez Gold designed to help you know more than other people about a race.

Before we start...

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Within the Chrome browser, tap the three dots menu option top right and then scroll down to "Desktop Site" and tap the check box. (See image)

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I hope that's helpful for anyone still struggling to come to terms with our slightly different mobile layout.


Right, back in the room. What's new in this release?

Fast Finishers report

The first of two new reports is the long-awaited Fast Finishers report. It is based on our sectional timing database and highlights horses that may have performed better - or may be capable of performing better - than first met the eye. These are typically horses that expended their energy sub-optimally for one reason or another, the contention being that with a more even distribution of their effort they could improve.

The report highlights horses which have completed the closing section of their race notably faster (2.5% or more) than the race finishing speed.

The report looks like this:

The race tempo - three coloured and labelled blocks - is included so users may compare with the pace projection in the PACE tab for today’s race.

The report can be filtered by finishing position in the ‘Fast Finisher’ race (FF Pos), number of runs since the FF race, the race finishing speed percentage (FSP), the horse FSP, and/or the sectional upgrade (Sec Upg) earned.

HINT: Look for either a recent run, or an older run where conditions match today’s. Also, importantly, consider whether the race today is likely to be run at a similar tempo to the one where the fast finish was achieved.


1st Time Headgear / Surgery Report

Also new in this release is something we're calling HS1 - no relation to the high speed rail link whose implementation polarising opinion almost as much as the two parts of the country it is slated to unite!

This view displays the two-year record of trainers running horses for the first time in specific headgear, or since undergoing publicly recorded surgery. It's a similar layout - the same, in fact - to Trainer and Sire Snippets, but naturally with different content.

Here's how it looks:

The 'All' tab is a rollup of the content from the individual headgear and surgery views, and may be the handiest digest on a daily basis.

It is worth saying that, in the main, the application of headgear should not be seen as a positive and, as such, most trainers have negative records. In the same vein, though to a lesser extent, surgical interventions imply a degree of dissatisfaction with prior track performance.

Note: horses gelded or having had wind surgery prior to their first start are excluded from the report, as are horses with a first time headgear combination (e.g. blinkers and tongue tie).


Fast Results Course Dropdown

Sometimes we just want to know the results from a single meeting, say for example when we've made a placepot bet or the like. On busier racing days it can be difficult to isolate those races of interest from the swathe of results... until now. We've added a handy course dropdown so you can get just the results from the meeting you're interested in.

It lives in the top block, here:

...and has very few surprises. In the below example, I've selected Lingfield on Saturday (where geegeez-sponsored rider Marco Ghiani recorded a near 153/1 double - go Marco!)...

Fast Results Course Dropdown

Fast Results Course Dropdown

Show / hide odds toggle on racecard

Some people like to assess races blind - that is, without knowing the market - and we encourage users to try this at least from time to time as a barometer of race reading skill. To facilitate that, we already have an option on your My Geegeez page to show/hide odds.

But now we've made it even simpler to hide (and then display) the odds with a toggle button right in the race details bar. It can be found in the blue bar, and looks like this:

Odds toggle

Odds toggle



Minor fixes / amendments

As well as the above, we've made a few bug fixes and small changes, as follows:

Removed the odds requirement when rating a race

Up until now, if you wanted to add comments or ratings into the racecard option behind the 'calculator' icon, you needed to include an estimate of odds. Now you don't if you don't want to. It's still reasonable practice to do that, in order to see how close to 100% (ish) book you can get, but it should be your choice. It is now.


By time racecard sortation fix

We recently introduced a bug to the sortation of the 'by time' view of today's races - a very useful feature, for me at least. That's fixed in this release.


CSV export on Report Angles

In line with other reports, we now have a csv export function on the Report Angles report. It's the green button top right.



As always with new stuff, there is scope for issues to arise, either with the new stuff itself or, very occasionally, breaking something existing. If you spot anything we've missed, please do drop us a line to let us know. We'll get it sorted pronto.

Hope you like these new components. There are no game changers this time, but a good deal more helpful insight for your horseracing betting.


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13 replies
  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know about Geegeez Racecards
  2. Chud777
    Chud777 says:

    Csv for report angles! Amazing. I spent ages creating an experimental csv from report angles only the other day, painstakingly adding all the ones I was interested in manually.

    Great work Matt and the team!

    Oh, and the rest of the additions look fantastic too.

  3. andynic
    andynic says:

    Great new additions, thanks. Will the first time headgear angle be added to the Report Angles Settings?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      I hope to add some of the new elements to Report Angles, Andy, yes.


  4. brogan
    brogan says:

    Hi Matt,
    Great set of up of upgrades, once again. Unfortunately, as yet, I don’t have the Fast Results course Dropdown -I have all the rest- on my Gold acccount.
    Is there any reason for this?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      You won’t see it for today until there are results, David. If you select a previous day, you should see it.

      If still not, might need to clear your browser cache. Instructions from the FAQ link in the blue menu bar.


  5. brogan
    brogan says:

    Thanks, Matt.
    Nice start for the FF’s report with Civil Law winning at 8/1!!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      It was a perfect start! Sanaadh ran with promise though was a touch disappointing; Van Dijk is not to be trusted!


  6. chrispj
    chrispj says:

    Thanks for the excellent additions Matt, I will certainly be adding them to my armoury.

  7. lazyhazy
    lazyhazy says:

    These look good Matt, thanks. I’m intrigued by the FF as Sectionals is something I haven’t yet got to grips with. So the following question might be a stupid one…

    If a Horse has got beat but been given a big upgrade, why are you looking for a similar pace profile to that FF race? Would it be possible that with a different pace profile it might have won? On the basis it couldn’t win off that type of pace set up before? As I say probably a stupid question!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lee

      That’s a very good question, and actually you’re right. I did say, in the case of Civil Law, ideally he’d want them to go a bit quicker early.
      But yes, to your general point, if a horse won or nearly won you’d be looking for a replication of race tempo; if it finished well but further back, you’d want the early tempo to be faster.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  8. jt3d3b
    jt3d3b says:


    Looking at it today, feels like Christmas. Great addition

    Looking forward to utilising it


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