Geegeez Gold: More New Bits

We've added some more new bells and whistles to Geegeez Gold today, and this post will help you understand what they are and, more importantly, what they can do for you...

First up, do check out the User Guide - latest version here - particularly page six, which has details of the changes since last time.

Below is a video which covers all the changes, and also highlights something else coming soon... but for those who prefer to read than listen, below the video you'll find some pointers to the changes.


New Geegeez Gold Stuff: July 2017

Silks on Fast Results

The first change is purely cosmetic. We think our fast results page is pretty cool, aggregating as it does a full day's results in a single view. But, though cool, it wasn't very sexy. Now it's both cool and sexy - phwhooarrr! 😉

Silks on Fast Results. Now our racing results are both cool and sexy!

Silks on Fast Results. Now our racing results are both cool and sexy!


HC1 Bug Fix

Like that itch on the bit of your shoulder you can't quite reach either over and down or under and up, this bug was a small but irritating thing. It manifested when a trainer had more than one handicap debutant runner on a given day; in such circumstances, only the first HC1 runner was highlighted. This led to me, and some of you, missing good winners. Bugger.

We've fixed it now - nothing much more to say except sorry, and hoorah!

Your first 30 days for just £1


Query Tool Upgrade

The main body of this release is given over to Query Tool, which has had an upgrade. Still in its early stages as a tool, we've made a couple of functional enhancements and added a bunch of extra query variables. Specifically...

Functional Enhancements
Show / Hide Variables
A truncated variable set, where some elements have been moved to HIDDEN

A truncated variable set, where some elements have been moved to HIDDEN

As we add more and more variables, the interface becomes increasingly - and necessarily - cluttered. To some degree that is unavoidable. But if you don't use a subset of the variables, there's no reason why they should be making your life awkward by getting in the way. Now they won't.

Beside each variable is a little minus sign. Clicking on that will move the variable to the new HIDDEN accordion section. If you make a mistake, or find you need to use a certain variable which has been moved to the HIDDEN section, just go there and click the + next to it to reinstate.

HINT: Variables in the HIDDEN section are still usable, so it could be used as a shortlist section as well, if required.



New Variables Added

In this release we welcome some new variables, as follows.

RACE now has MAJOR RACE CLASS, representing the sub-divisions of Class 1 for Group/Grade 1, 2, and 3 races, and for Listed races. We have included all Irish Grade A, B and C handicaps into the Listed bracket.

RUNNER has several new variables. EQUIPMENT allows users to specify headgear and/or tongue tie; CARD WEIGHT and ACTUAL WEIGHT provide for weight carrying queries (the difference being that ACTUAL WEIGHT factors in the deduction of a jockey's claim); CARD DRAW and ACTUAL DRAW allow stall position queries (ACTUAL DRAW being the racecard draw minus any non-runners drawn inside); and users can query based on OFFICIAL RATING and SPEED RATING as well now.

Note that EQUIPMENT and SPEED RATING only have data back to 2014, so it is recommended that queries are kept to the last three years or so.

HIDDEN, as discussed, is the place where your unwanted variables will hang out until such time as you decide they're needed.


Query Tool Integrates With Form Book

Lastly, but not leastly, we have now integrated QT with our main form book. This means that clicking on a race time/date/course will take you to that race result. Clicking on a horse, trainer or jockey will open a new window with that horse/trainer/jockey's full form inside. We still have more work to do in this space but this is an important step forward.


That's all for this release. There is much more to come in the second half of the year but, for now, I hope you find some value in the latest upgrades. We continue to work hard to ensure that Gold is not just one of the most comprehensive racing form provisions, but also the more user-friendly, and the best value offering on the market.

Some similar, though less feature-rich and/or easy-to-use, services cost over a hundred quid a month. Geegeez Gold is just £297 for a YEAR! Or £30 a month if you prefer. If you want to get ahead with your racing betting, you need the best information, and you need it delivered in the quickest, most easy to consume format. That's our thing.

Try it now by clicking this link

Your first 30 days for just £1
5 replies
  1. Avatar
    Chris Jones says:

    Hi Matt,

    I like the look of the upcoming changes to the pace analysis and you obviously place great store in checking the pace before placing a bet.

    I have to admit that I’ve only ever looked on it as being useful for flat or all-weather races up to 1m 2f, I have never considered using it for National Hunt races, am I missing out?

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yes, there is definite merit in checking the pace in NH races. I know one guy who ‘buys’ horse’s performance on the spreads when they figure to have an easy lead in NH races.

      I’m always wary when there is no clear front runner, as slowly run races can create shock results; and in small fields, lone pace can be a big advantage.

      Lots more to consider but that’s just a few thoughts on the benefits of pace, regardless of trip.


  2. Avatar
    timevoyager says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m still a ‘Newby’ having only just joined Gold Membership since early March this year, so still very ‘green’ on using GeeGeez, but already I’m (to put it mildly) astounded with the amount of features (and especially the quality of features) GeeGeez provides. Well done!

    I’m impressed with the new features recently released, and those in the pipeline; visual Pace especially.

    One thing I would like to suggest for your consideration… On a daily basis, I use a horse’s “Full Form” for study, and “Filter” using “Course Characteristics”, ticking only “Direction” & “Profile”. As you can imagine, it is very time consuming to run through all the day’s runners one by one from the drop-down list-box. Would it be feasible for you to programme the Query Tool to filter out only those horses which have WINS (and vice-versa) on these filters, please?

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi timevoyager

      We have had a few request along similar, but always slightly different, lines. I think we’ll look to extend the Query Tool to include a ‘Today’ function, whereby users can see which horses align with their criteria each day. We do also want to add ‘saved queries’ functionality and, potentially, to include qualifiers in the 7pm Tracker emails.

      None of that is likely to arrive in the immediate future, but could be on stream before the end of the year.


  3. Avatar
    timevoyager says:

    Excellent! Thanks for that, Matt.

    The ‘Today’ function would be a huge blessing, I could certainly use a list of today’s runners with race details etc., for export to Excel.

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