Geegeez Gold Race Previews: 3rd May 2019

In the first in an occasional series, I reviewed two races - one in more detail than the other - to showcase the use of Geegeez Gold form tools.

It features hints on how to deploy draw, pace and draw/pace combinations to shortlist areas of the field on which to focus; some perils to avoid with Instant Expert; and the use of trainer form to establish whether a horse is value or not.

Brew up and tune in!


And, of course, if you're not a Gold subscriber yet - whaaaaaat?!!! 😉 - you can put that right by clicking the banner below.

Good luck!


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10 replies
  1. buckieboy
    buckieboy says:

    I’d appreciate a written process that is detailed in stages as I find that easier to absorb than video illustrations, Matt, if you could put your goblins to work, please. Copied to ‘My Geegeez’ as a resource for all.
    My selections
    335 Sheilas Showcase
    830 Gift In Time.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      No problem, Chris, will see what I can do. There is a draw pace play in the Play Book. But, in truth, that content needs refreshing to reflect the additional bells and whistles we’ve since added.


  2. neil francis
    neil francis says:

    Good stuff again Matt, I’ve been on Geegeez a while now but still find these vids very useful as a refresher as much as anything.

  3. Chud777
    Chud777 says:

    These videos are great. So close with the first one but what a draw bias that was highlighted. Combi tricast anyone?! No, not me

  4. Everyone calls me Paul
    Everyone calls me Paul says:

    Bollocks. I was on Nubough (laid it off in-running) but was thinking about a combi tricast on the 4 drawn highest after your presentation. 10, 11, 8 only paid the £154.63. Didn’t do it, obviously.

  5. cadbar123
    cadbar123 says:

    Really useful Matt, please keep doing this as it really helps understand how to apply the different elements. I was slightly surprised though that you didn’t discuss Buckingham!?

  6. davidmaida
    davidmaida says:

    Hiya Matt,

    Would this way of processing the race cards only work on a straight run then? Or would it suit the AW tracks run round a bend?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      It suits any flat race where stalls are used. Indeed, it is particularly effective in sprint races around a turn, including on the all weather.


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