Geegeez Gold Update, 19th March 2020

A quick update from me in the attached video, covering:

- Where we are with Irish racing

- What to do about your subscription

Your first 30 days for just £1

- Why we're dropping the paywall for now


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Your first 30 days for just £1
94 replies
  1. dumf
    dumf says:

    Much respect,Matt.When the business behemoths Sky and B.T. sports refuse point blank to offer subscribers refunds it’s rather humbling to get this sort of message in your mailbox.
    I fervently hope that geegeez gets through this and that you,your family and colleagues are spared the worst privations of this pandemic.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thank you, Wayne.

      Everyone has to determine how to run their business, and how to comport themselves. I’ve always seen geegeez as a community where I try to treat people as I’d like to be treated. That’s pretty much always been the case on both side of the coin, I’m happy to say.

      If the switch off of UK racing is ten weeks or less (i.e. start of June), and if people generally re-subscribe when racing returns, we should be ok. But these are difficult times.

      Thanks for your note, it’s appreciated.

      • knightswood
        knightswood says:

        Hi Matt

        Thanks for the update & the pro-active approach.

        Could you set out what is the position is for subscribers who have already paid for an annual subscription? Can they get a refund?

        Personally this is not an option I would take if I thought Geegeez would consider extending my subscription by the time period during which we don’t have racing.

        Obviously everyone has to do what’s right for them but I for one would like to see if we can get Geegeez to the other side of this crisis.

        Hang in there Matt.

        • Matt Bisogno
          Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Andrew

          I’ve added a note below the video to explain that. The plan is to extend subs to cover the missing period, once we know what it is.

          Many thanks for your support, it’s very much appreciated.


      • Datsun1200
        Datsun1200 says:

        Thanks Matt. I am yearly subscriber so will not do anything until Geegeez is back up.

        Wish you all the very best and hopefully landlords and bank managers will be understanding in helping when things settle


    • narney3
      narney3 says:

      Hear hear to that. Strange times Matt and happy to pull together alongside you and wish you all the luck that you need.

  2. mchodgson
    mchodgson says:

    Difficult times!
    I paid up front for the year and have probably reaped benefits over the last 6+ months.
    For now I will not cancel my subscription to help keep a valuable service afloat.
    Perhaps when we get back to normal a small period of extension may be considered?
    Good luck ans stay well.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mike

      Yes, absolutely. I actually forgot to mention in the video that annual subscribers can contact me when their sub is due for renewal and we’ll sort out an extension or partial refund. I want to make things fair/right for everyone, just as long as I’m able to.


      p.s. I’ll add this to the text in the post.

  3. Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper says:

    Thanks for your honesty Matt.Hope things sort themselves out off work at mo with suspected virus.
    Bloody gonna get boring at home.
    Take care pal.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Take care, Simon. Suspect there are plenty of us with it, though of course with no testing how can we have any clue of the extent of the spread?


  4. paul thompson
    paul thompson says:

    hi Matt
    very good video telling the truth about the real problems of keeping the site running .
    good luck in the coming months

  5. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your latest e-mail. I’ve always found Geegeez to be great value and I sincerely hope that you do manage to survive this latest hiatus for racing. The service that you provide is second to none. Sure, there are far more important things to worry about than racing but not when it provides your livelihood I guess..Best wishes to your family and friends and let’s hope we all come out unscathed the other side of this virus.

  6. cpablack
    cpablack says:

    Hi Matt,
    Sorry to hear your announcement as I know what it’s like to lose a good business through cash flow issues that weren’t of my making. I’d hate to lose Geegeez. I’m lucky enough to have a steady pension so I budget my subscription. So I for one am happy to commit say for the next three months to help keep things going. I’m sure there must be people similar to me that can afford to continue too. Obviously I don’t want to do this alone but maybe you could provide some figure such as if x subscribers commit then we can keep going for so long and then provide an update on success rate. As the other chap mentioned, maybe this can be recognised sometime in the future when everything is back on a even keel (e.g a token discount for a period). Anyway just a suggestion but good luck. Hope you get through it.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      Many thanks for your note and for the kind support. Without painting myself into a corner, I’d say the following statements are true:

      – If racing resumes on 1st May, no dramas
      – If racing resumes on 1st June, we’ll survive
      – If racing resumes on 1st July, we might not survive
      – If racing resumes in August or later, the game is up

      As it stands, given fixed outgoings and little to no incomings for the foreseeable, I will be subsidising the business to the tune of around £10,000-£12,000 a month.
      In other words, I’m burning cash until it runs out. It would be easier, and more sensible, to pull the plug now. But that is not my intention at this stage.

      Thanks again for your support

  7. floridaroy
    floridaroy says:

    Hi Matt
    Thanks for the info – I will stay with you as I am sure and hope many others who are able to will do.
    Let us hope this is soon over and we can get back to normal

  8. Hugh Stedham
    Hugh Stedham says:

    Hi Matt

    As an early subscriber my monthly gold subscription is relatively low so I will keep the subscription going as long as you keep going.
    Best wishes and stay healthy

  9. Karen1
    Karen1 says:

    Hi Matt
    Due to enforced time off work have no choice but to cancel my subscription, but did so with a very heavy heart
    Thank you for the best racing cards ever, and fervently hope that Geegeez will rise up like a giant phoenix when all these troubling times start to recede.
    I wish you and your family and everyone connected with the site good luck and more importantly good health in the future
    With great sadness

  10. Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis says:

    Sent you an email after you sent the original message out. Why not create different racing content whilst racing is off and cut subscription in half rather than cancelling?
    People who subscribe still have an interest in racing and, quite possibly, much more time on their hands!
    Get telephone interviews with bookies, trainers, stable lads, get interesting background stories, funny stories, tales of woe tales of fantastic luck, etc. Get items that can be won in competitions and use the money gathered from these competitions to help the racing community charities. Be the rallying call and the rallying site for the racing industry in these difficult times.
    50% fees is better than none and will keep the site going for longer than current predictions.
    These are difficult times, there is no sugar-coating that. You can surrender or you can get creative and fight on though.
    Best of luck

  11. warrenchester
    warrenchester says:

    I think my subscription is about to renew although I can’t seem to find this in my account details Can you let me know how to find out?

    With regard your situation, you have my sympathies. I rely on some small self employed income and a drawn down pension pot. The work has dried up and the pot has so far shrunk by nearly 30%. Hopefully things will get better sooner rather than later.

    Can I make a suggestion. I’m reluctant to renew for a full year given my cash position and the risk to the business but I would like to support you. Could you switch to a monthly payment system so that those who want to can show their support but aren’t left over exposed if the racing doesn’t start again in time?



  12. bryanblackpool
    bryanblackpool says:

    Hi Matt thankyou for the quick updates and your integrity if we are still in the same situation come MAY
    id be more than happy to support you in my own small way that I can in paying for next years subscription in advance I don’t know how realistic this would be on a wider scale but being lucky enough to be in a position
    to be able to do this Id be more than happy to do so myself if it helps
    stay safe sane and strong wishing all the best to you your family and work colleagues

  13. Graham Willetts
    Graham Willetts says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am in the same position as Chris income-wise so Sue and I would like to take out a gold subscription/donation for 3 months and then review/cancel depending on circumstances. And let’s hope WG wins big for us next season!
    Let me know bank account details by e-mail.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Graham/Sue

      That’s really very kind, and much appreciated.

      I’ll drop you a line separately.

  14. Bill (teddybear)
    Bill (teddybear) says:

    Hi Matt

    Troubled times and then some. Losing Geegeez would be a disaster for many punters, and I hope all your subscribers can help if at all possible. I joined Geegeez Gold at the beginning and in that time you have helped me to win a lot more than I pay out for subscriptions. On that basis I am happy to continue to pay my monthly subscription. Good luck to you and all your family and friends.


  15. vincemurphy1963
    vincemurphy1963 says:

    As ever Matt your honesty and integrity shines through. You have “done the right thing” by your valued customers. Let’s hope we can repay that in due course in these most difficult of times. All the best to you and yours.

  16. Fred Spry
    Fred Spry says:

    Hi Matt
    For some reason I don’t seem to be able to access the video but from the replies I’m reading I’m guessing it’s to do with the financial implications of the current crisis. As far as I’m concerned my subscription runs until October and as long as the site is up and running I will continue to use it. Obviously there will be no live racing to input but it is a good opportunity to play around with the various tools and learn more about them. Hopefully things will be back to normal soonish and we can continue to enjoy your excellent service.

    All the best


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Fred

      Many thanks. I am planning to produce some video content to help you, and others, to get to grips better with Query Tool and the Analysers.


  17. Rambler
    Rambler says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for the video update. I have been a Gold Members from the early days, hence the good price I have had for the excellent services you provide. Geegeez has never asked me for an increase in my monthly D.D. it would therefore be wrong of me to “jump ship” in these difficult times. I’m staying with the Gold Service until you tell me otherwise. Would be good if Chris could try to use the Irish racing for a SotD, however I fully understand there are benchmarks to selections – but you have to ask. All the best to the whole Geegeez Team. Bob Smith

  18. gilly 666
    gilly 666 says:

    Hi Matt
    I love geegeez and it has dramatically improved my fortunes in the last 10 month’s or so. So as Mike mentioned above, I will to be able to continue my subscription. Doesn’t make me better or worse than anybody else, but my wife and I are still working, (she even copies my class 1 bets, not sure that’s allowed with terms of geegeez though ) Basically at the moment we can put back in what we have won thanks to geegeez for the time being. I am hoping geegeez survives because without it I probably won’t punt.

    Take care everyone in this community and stay safe.


  19. philac
    philac says:

    Hi Matt

    my subscription ( Annual) renewed at the beginning of this year. I am willing to let this run on and see what happens, personally I wish you all the best and lets hope we can all get through this and it doesn’t last too long.

    Kind Regards, Phil

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Many thanks, Phil, that’s very much appreciated. I’m more than hopeful we’ll ride this out and then we can look at the annual subs and being fair to that group.


  20. sandown
    sandown says:

    Hi Matt,
    Been a Gold Member from a very early stage and its the first site I always open when going to have a bet.
    Like others have said you have never increased the DD from the time I joined and in that time the site has expanded to rival any other on the market .
    Will keep up with my subscription and lets hope we can pull thru this together .
    Stay safe everyone . I can’t believe I was at Sedgefield races only the other Tuesday watching the opening race of the Festival on the big screen . Seems a life time away now. Gary.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gary

      Yes, last week really does feel like a different era, doesn’t it?

      Very much appreciate you maintaining your sub and we’ll continue to do what we can in the interim to add value.

      Keep well,

  21. sondrio2
    sondrio2 says:

    Bloody hell this whole thing is turning into a nightmare, i honestly hope that geegeez continues, i could not cope without it. No way will i cancel my subs i love the site to much and have the utmost fondness for yu Matt and the whole team, i hope this ends soon to save your bacon mate it must be a nightmare for you.
    Onwards and upwards we will win in the end.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks sondrio, we very much appreciate your ongoing support. The comments are heart-warming, I have to say.


  22. powderbob
    powderbob says:

    Hi Matt, As far as I’m concerned my subscription runs till September, when I’ll hopefully be able to renew it. Here’s hoping you weather the storm,
    best wishes,
    Rob Barnwell.

  23. keysie78
    keysie78 says:

    Hi Matt,

    My annual subscription is up for renewal next month and I am 100% letting it continue and I would not expect any additional months to be given back when normal service is resumed, however long that is. The work you guys put into the site is immense and I want to try and help it stay that way.

    Perhaps there is an option of a donation page somewhere if others are willing to contribute more? Again, might be unrealistic and without knowing how many subscribers you have, if every one of us put in say £5, would that keep enough in the coffers?

    Thanks again for all your efforts


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Steve

      Thanks a million for your kind words and gesture. I’ll not go down the ‘donation’ route, as maintenance of existing subscriptions – where people are willing and able – sort of amounts to that already.

      The support of many members such as yourself is overwhelming, and it is fair to say I have a degree more confidence in our ability to ride this out having read those comments than I did first thing this morning!


  24. Noisynoy
    Noisynoy says:

    I note cpablack’s comments and echo them. I’m a pensioner and a “Lifetime Member” having thrown my lot (and cash) in with you in the early development stages. I would not think I’m alone in stating that I totally believe in what you have achieved and what you still want to achieve and cannot think about following this sport without your company as the ONLY service provider that has and will continue to make my investment in racing fun AND profitable. To that end, I would want to be first in the queue for your “rescue service”, should you need it. Please make a note, right now, to bring us up to speed on 1st May, if racing has not resumed (and I fear we’re right in both believing that this may well be the case!) with what you need from ALL your members who feel like I do, to carry on month by month and NOT shut the business down. I propose you open a “Rescue fund” and invite us to participate pro rata to the number who sign up and who WANT you to get through this. So, you could, for instance, contact us saying “if 1,000 of you want me to stay and fight, then I need £20 from you unconditionally every month until racing resumes”. These people, having thrown their lot in with you, might enjoy a discounted rate (to be decided by you) on a new start-up package. Those who subsequently rejoined Geegeez (not participating in the rescue fund) would, naturally, pay more in whatever way your business model required. If we allow you to fail, we will only have ourselves to blame but, of course, everyone has to take care of the more important things in life first (Family, health, mortgage etc.). Maybe being a pensioner is a privilege right now but not if the virus gets you (!) and not if your pension fails due to the investment crash. I’m just saying, right now, you should not think of “fading away” but of asking us, your friends and fans, “what could you do to help?”. Only then will you find out if survival is possible. We love you, Matt and wish you and your team and their families protection from all harm in the coming weeks. Stay safe! Richard

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      As always, Richard, your grace is a welcome respite from the reality of the situation. A reality, as I’ve mentioned in response to other comments, that is a little less biting as a result of the generosity of people who, like you, love what we’ve tried to do down the years.

      Let’s see for how long the hiatus lasts. Right now, we’ll be fine, but midsummer if we’re still not racing, it might be different.

      Thanks again for your kindness, Richard, and stay well.


  25. Lee Walters
    Lee Walters says:

    Hi Matt, I have been a member on and off (time dependant on my part) since the early years and rejoined for Cheltenham last week. I emailed earlier in the week to claim my free month from your sign up offer, but would like to scrap that request and will continue the monthly subs as well I support.
    Will be using the time to delve more into the query tool. All the best and stay safe and healthy

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lee

      Welcome back, and thank you very much for your sporting support. It is really valued.

      I’ll do some more videos/tuition around Query Tool in the coming days, which I hope you – and others – will find instructive.

      Thanks again,

  26. Chris Atkinson
    Chris Atkinson says:

    Hi Matt

    I’m not cancelling, geegeez has been a source of great enjoyment and a reasonable profit over the last years, so I will keep with you and the rest of the team. We all have to be sensible, but try and maintain a degree of normality and hopefully get through the storm intact.

  27. Paul Milbourn
    Paul Milbourn says:

    Hi Matt

    Very fair but I will just carry on paying, only a tiny amount but hope it helps.


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thank you, Paul.

      I am not surprised to discover that, when it comes to the geegeez community, fairness is considered a two-way street. Not surprised, but very happy to be reminded.

      Thanks again,

  28. chris vaughan
    chris vaughan says:

    Hi Matt,

    how about getting some signed stuff in including some of the kit jockeys where with your sponsorship etc.
    i am sure there would be plenty of kit around and raise money for the Geegeez and maybe jockey fund in tandem. and if you weather the storm then donate your half of proceeds to the jockey fund or retired horses etc?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s certainly something to think about. As you say there is plenty of kit around. I’ll try to run a competition to win a pair of geegeez breeches or some such later in the year when we’re all back on an even keel.


  29. Jan
    Jan says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am very sorry to see, how current situation affects Geegeez. Even though I am a new subscriber and still in the trial period, I will help with my little bit and get the subscription as the value your site provides is top of the draw and I really don’t want to see Geegeez leave the horse racing stats scene.
    Even though health of everybody is precious, hopefully this will be over in a foreseeable future and we will get back to “normal”.
    Good luck Matt and thanks for all your hard work,


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jan

      You’re very welcome to our ‘tribe’, and thank you so much for your support. As you may have read in the comments, we try to do things the right way and take care of everyone; and, of course, we have great data for the racing!

      As you quite rightly say, let’s hope we revert to something like normal some time soon. Again, welcome, and thank you.


  30. Chris Atkinson
    Chris Atkinson says:

    P.S. And if you do need a ‘fighting fund’, count me in Matt…..I would rather help you over the tricky period and secure the long term future of geegez, I think you now realise, if you didn’t already, how much pleasure you bring to your members.

    All the best, Chris

  31. Hilary R
    Hilary R says:

    Thanks Matt. I echo all comments made so far and will continue my subscription. Let’s hope this crisis passes quickly (I believe most businesses are back to work now in China after four months!). I hope you, your family and all your members stay well.

  32. sfwplant
    sfwplant says:

    Great to see the support from everyone here Matt and thanks for being so up front and honest in these difficult times, you’re a gent. I’m an annual subscriber and this website has transformed my betting over the last 6 months. I’m not due to renew until August as an annual subscriber but you and the team can count on my support of this brilliant service once normal service resumes.

    All the best,

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s great, Steve, many thanks; and so good to hear about how your betting has transformed during the last six months.


  33. Philip Grundy
    Philip Grundy says:

    Sorry to hear this.
    Probably I never really thought about the business and expenses side of your service ( I actually thought you worked from a home office which maybe an idea going forward ) but I am therefore surprised at your monthly exes, though obviously do not dispute them.
    I am a life Gold member, which is undoubtedly the best racing investment I ever made, but would be prepared to start as of next month paying the monthly sub till you hopefully get straight.
    Don`t be embarrassed about this Matt, it`s not a completely altruistic offer as I have a lot to lose! and I have long known what a decent guy you are.
    During Cheltenham I bought the RP for my wife at £3.50 a pop so I realise what a great deal I am on.
    If you let me know the payment details I will make the arrangements.
    With very best regards,

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Philip

      That’s very kind and much appreciated.

      Some of the costs, notably the office and marketing resource, were brought in earlier this year as I decided it was time to expand the business. Timing, eh?

      Anyway, as I say, I do appreciate your kind offer, which I’m in a position to graciously decline for now, pending racing returning sometime close to the suggested resumption date.


  34. adaley72
    adaley72 says:

    Hi Matt,
    It looks like you have a good bunch of supporters, and that you’re in a stronger position than you thought.
    I’m more than happy to ride it out until my subs are due in October.

    Take care Matt.
    And remember, you’ve got to ‘Keep buggering on!’


  35. Steven Tucker
    Steven Tucker says:

    Hi Matt,
    As a lifetime subscriber, I don’t pay a monthly subscription but would be willing to make ongoing donations to keep the company afloat.
    I get paid at the end of the month and will start from then onwards,
    please let me know the bank details
    Steven (Tuckers Luck)

  36. buster1938
    buster1938 says:

    Hi Matt ,
    Hope we can ride out the storm, I cannot get my head around to thinking of no GEEGEEZ .
    all the best

  37. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    Hi Matt,
    What about having a ‘one off donations’ button that people can donate whatever they want so maybe people who have a win on the Irish racing or enjoy some of your videos can just donate what they can afford … Small amounts might add up.

  38. Robert Englefield
    Robert Englefield says:

    Hi Matt….I agree with all the comments above about the great value for money geegeez is and have no intention of cancelling…if truth be told i’ve hardly used geegeez that much this year because of other commitments but its worth every penny for the editorial content alone…chin up…

  39. Damon Greenhalgh
    Damon Greenhalgh says:

    Hi Matt ,
    I’ve been a gold member of geegeez for a quite a few years paying monthly and will continue to do so till circumstances change , take care

  40. G Eastwood
    G Eastwood says:

    Hi Matt
    Am willing to keep my subscription going for say 3 months thanks for the offer and hope everything works out. Keep safe everyone

  41. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    Hi Matt
    I subscribe to Sky sports, Racing Post Member’s club and GeeGeez. Be assured that they will go before Geegeez!
    Proud to call myself a subscriber, proud to be a (small)
    part of this community and would be devastated to see it come to an end.
    You have my support and my subscription for as long as I am able.

    All the very best to us all!


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      What fantastic sentiment, Stuart, thank you.

      It’s very humbling to read the replies from our wonderful community. Very humbling indeed.

      Thank you,

  42. Ian
    Ian says:

    I am a longstanding monthly gold subscriber. I will continue my subscription for as long as GeeGeez exists. Here is to the most innovative website on racing. Hope you get through this.

    Kind regards


  43. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hi Matt

    Losing Geegeez would be an absolute disaster for my punting! I will continue to support you for as long as I can


  44. James Cunningham
    James Cunningham says:

    Hi Matt,
    I just renewed quite recently,I am quite happy to keep my subscription going

  45. Matt Bisogno
    Matt Bisogno says:

    Thank you so much to everyone for all your comments and the gestures of support. I’m proud to have such a superb group of people as subscribers at



  46. says:

    Hello Matt.

    I read through the comments posted and feel proud to be part of a community that feels so passionate about GeeGeez survival. I am a Postman and even in these uncertain times I find it incredulous about some peoples attitudes to the situation we find ourselves in. But it comes as no surprise to me of the support you will receive, if you so desire it ,from this racing community, the comments testify to this. Like many others I will continue with my subscriptions until this madness is over and be rest assured we, and you Matt( and GeeGeez) will prevail. I wish you ,your family and all other GeeGeez members well . Be safe everyone.


  47. paul
    paul says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been a monthly Gold subscriber for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy all the fantastic content that Geegeez provides. The website and associated articles are way ahead of the competition and you and the entire team have my total support during this difficult time. I will not cancel my subscription (never entered my thinking) and just hope and pray we all get through this.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Godden

  48. Mark Ford
    Mark Ford says:

    Hi Matt. Chin up matt, uncertain times we know. But it wont be for too long, i havnt been able to pay my last couple of months subs because im a self emplyed brickie. And we must have had the worst weather for a long time which has been bad for us self employed. First full weeks work last week for 2 months. So looking up for us. Anyway just want to say will re subscribe next wednesday for gold. And hang in there mate. Big respect for you and every subscriber who will sit this out with you. Good luck and be safe everyone.

  49. russsmithgg
    russsmithgg says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m an annual Gold subscriber and you can count me on a permanent basis as a paid member. Like many others who’ve posted here, I couldn’t imagine life without GeeGeez.

    Good luck – we’re right there with you!

  50. Ran Doner
    Ran Doner says:

    Hi Matt,

    The frank and honest approach you take with your subscribers is a lesson to all. Keep at it and I’m sure we can all come through this together.

    Kind Regards

  51. DL2020
    DL2020 says:

    Hi Matt

    I’m not subsciber, but recieve your emails. Just wanted to wish you and the team all the best with the service, well done for doing the right thing in the circs, many major concerns need shaming into doing the right thing. I’m sure many of your long term subs will help keep you afloat, now is the time to pull together.

    Kind Regards

  52. martin2604
    martin2604 says:

    I’m only a recently joined member of Geegeez but am already a big fan of your excellent service and have only just paid my months subs but am quite happy to have done so, going forward when times might get a bit more financially difficult how about a reduced payment option say half price until these things sort themselves out.
    Good luck and good health to all lets pull together and help each other when we can.
    All the best……Martin

  53. bobbob
    bobbob says:

    Matt, I am one of the many who are willing and able to keep subscribing until I can’t. Good luck with getting through this, as I am sure you will.


  54. jashmeade
    jashmeade says:

    Sorry Matt, i have had to cancel mine, i’m in a similar boat, self employed t-shirt printing currently sat at work with no work to do first time i’ve been like this in 18 years of trading, wish you all the best.

  55. ktibbett44
    ktibbett44 says:

    H Matt Very much appreciate the video and your honesty on how things are for now and how they may be in the future.
    I am quite happy to maintain my subs as it seems most people are.
    Anyway i’m keen to know how you made ten grand from beginning of this year. just keep hanging in there.

  56. percy100
    percy100 says:

    Long time member, self employed. Most of my work cancelled. Will stay with you and hope it all works out.

  57. damod
    damod says:

    Happy to let my subscription run for a couple of months. If you do need funds to restart I’m sure there is a lot of us might buy into a Platinum membership!

  58. Ben Patey
    Ben Patey says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m not a member I just get your emails but I just wanted to say that reading these comments has been good for the soul. I congratulate you on creating such a supportive online community. You obviously provide an excellent service that
    Is great value for money and it is that, combined with your honesty and integrity that has persuaded these kind people to continue to support you through this difficult time.
    Stay well everyone

  59. finky1
    finky1 says:

    i was with you from start and will stay till end i wont be canceling in these bad times we had a good lot of good times in the past

  60. Richard
    Richard says:

    Hi Matt,
    Not been with you long on here but already taken so much and learnt loads with my betting. I’m signed up with the annual payments and happy to continue, Hopefully all together we can get through this and all come out winning in the end!!
    Would hate to lose the site, I think it’s the best out there!!

  61. guy weaver
    guy weaver says:

    Hi Matt,
    Many thanks for the update and fingers crossed that the shut-down isn’t as long as I fear it may be.
    Like many on here I’m a long term gold subscriber who loves the site and thinks it offers fantastic value, so happy to keep paying my monthly subscription.

  62. Paul Gaggiotti
    Paul Gaggiotti says:

    Hey Matt, I’ve only just been able to view the video today. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’. Subscribing to geegeez, has really increased the fun and enjoyment I get out of horse racing and has taken me on a brilliant journey so far. Long may geegeez continue – I’m positive it will. In the meantime stay well, safe, and positive!

  63. Michael Osullivan
    Michael Osullivan says:

    Matt what can I say. The world is knackered by the current situation.

    The best service and website which I love.

    Do whatever you need to do so that you can return. It would be madness to guess when the world will return so that racing is a business we can bet on.

    I feel for you and your staff , very painful

    Love you guys micko

  64. Eamon1
    Eamon1 says:

    There will be no racing in Ireland until at least April 19, after the Irish Government announced that all sporting events will be cancelled as of midnight on Tuesday, including those behind closed doors.

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