Geegeez Gold Video Guides

There are a lot of features on Geegeez Gold. That’s what makes it so good! Sometimes though if you haven’t used a feature you might not know how to get the best out of it. You might not even know that feature existed!

This page contains links to short explainer videos, aimed at quickly educating you about several Geegeez Gold features that you might be underutilising.


The Geegeez Gold racecards are the bread and butter of the website. So knowing your way around them is important!

You can currently watch video snippets on the following subjects, relating to the Geegeez Gold racecards.

Basic Card Overview

Racecard Icons Overview

Racecard Icons Detailed

Racecard and Tool Customisation Options

Recent Form Dropdown

Jockey Form Dropdown

Trainer Form Dropdown

Head to Head Dropdown

Horse Form Pages

The Geegeez Gold horse form pages are designed to give you as much information as possible within one, filter rich page. Without navigating through different tabs and windows you learn a huge amount about a horse. In a snapshot you’ll see the draw, run style and how strong the form is from each race contested amongst a host of other data.

The below areas of the horse form pages are covered through our video guides.

Horse Form Filters

Horse Form Page Extra Tabs

Future Results Data Explained

Activate Sectionals

Racecard Tabs

There is far too much useful information about every race to show it all in one screen. This is why the Geegeez Gold racecards have multiple tabs, each one exploring a different angle into the race.

The more information you can gather about a race, the more of a complete picture you’ll gain. This gives you a better chance of finding value and winners. So take a look at the videos below to learn more about those racecard tabs.

Profiler Explained

Profiler - Alternate Tabs

Instant Expert Explained

Instant Expert Extra Info

Pace Tab Explained

Draw Tab Explained - Low v Middle v High

Draw Tab Explained - Individual Stall Data

Draw and Pace Combination

Results Pages

The results pages are one of the more straight forward areas of Geegeez Gold, but there is still some crucial, time-saving information displayed on these pages that you may be overlooking.

Future Form Tab Explained


There are a huge range of reports included in Geegeez Gold. It’s not advisable to try to use all of them daily but there should be at least one report that you find useful on a regular basis.

Use the video guides below to gain insight into how each report could possibly benefit your betting style.

Shortlist Report Explained

Hot Form Report Explained

Horses for Courses Report Explained

Trainer Form Report Explained

Trainer Jockey Combo Report Explained

Trainer 1st Time Handicap Report Explained

Trainer Change Report Explained

Trainer 2yo 1st Start Report Explained

Jockey Statistics Report Explained

Best Of Instant Expert Explained

Head To Head Report Explained

Class Move Report Explained

Sire Snippets Explained

Trainer Snippets Explained

Report Angles Setup


If looking to dig deeper into a range of racing data then the Tools section of Geegeez Gold is likely going to be the ideal destination for you.

There are a range of tools here with plenty to learn so be sure to go through the quick learning videos below.

Draw Analyser Explained

Pace Analyser Explained

Query Tool Overview and Explainer - Part 1

Query Tool Overview and Explainer - Part 2

Query Tool Overview and Explainer - Part 3

Query Tool Overview and Explainer - Part 4

Bet Tracker Explained - Part 1

Bet Tracker Explained - Part 2

Bet Tracker Explained - Part 3


For even more information about how to use Geegeez Gold please refer to the Geegeez Gold User Guide.