Horse Form Filters

The Geegeez Gold horse form pages carry a huge amount of data and all of this data is highly customisable using the many filters available to you.



Many racecards simply carry the date, course, going, finishing position, in running comments and rating with very little else on offer. The Geegeez Gold racecards also show the draw on the day (allowing users to easily spot where poor performances have been caused by poor draws), the run style (might have been suited/unsuited to the course and might have been different to previous runs from the horse) and also the future form details of each run, which shows the relative strength of each piece of form.

All of this form data, for each run, can then be cross referenced against a huge range of filters. These filters allow users to compare form in very particular circumstances such as only runs over this distance, on this going, at this course, in the current race class, for the jockey and/or trainer and much, much more. 

These filters go into even more depth when looking at factors such as time since last run, type of race or even the course configuration (many courses have similarities with others which cause horses to either over or under perform. 

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