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STOP PRESS: 24th September 2011 - Khajaaly registers his third success in the last ten months, when easily beating a field of winners at Wolverhampton, at a tasty 8/1 return. Here's the video of that race! (See further down the page to get involved for less than £2 a day!)

We've all dreamed of owning our own race horse, and leading him into the winners' circle at the race track, to much cheering and adulation. And, of course, we've all dreamed of being in on a 'right royal touch' as a major stable gamble is landed.

But, for most, that's all it remains: a dream. The costs of buying a winning race horse, plus stabling, training, feeding, and racing the animal can be astronomical, and because of this it's usually the preserve of the rich and famous. Oil sheikhs, royalty, and major breeding operations abound.

Geegeez Racing Club's Khajaaly

Geegeez Racing Club's Khajaaly at home with his lad

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of small private syndicates enjoying a degree of success with their club horses. These are ordinary people, just like you and me, who love their racing but would never be able to indulge their passion to this level of involvement without the support of a group of like-minded racing fans.

And that's how this club started. Due to a large number of requests for a racing club from Geegeez readers, it seemed like a great opportunity not just to get some of us together on a regular basis, but also to take advantage of certain privileges that I can extend (which are not available in other syndicates).

The initial Geegeez Racing Club horse sold out the fifty spaces in just six days! The 2010/11 Club sold out its fifty slots in just twelve days! This time, most of the previous members are remaining in the club, meaning there are just seven available spots (as at midday, 26th September 2011).

After our first horse, Obvious, disappointed us, we were most unlucky with her replacement, Always De One, who finished third twice and was 'mugged' in one of those races. But then, for the 2010/11 club, we bought a chap called Khajaaly.

Khajaaly had run a belter in his last race prior to the sales, finishing second in a race at Leicester, beaten by an improving type. After we acquired him, we ran him three times where he failed to show what was expected. By this time, he'd had nine runs already that season. Julia suggested we give him a break  and, two months later, he came back a different horse.

Opening up at 33/1 on course for a seven furlong handicap, we'd all been told he was working brilliantly and had a great chance. Although it was hard to be confident based on what he'd done on the track for us, we made our bets more in hope than expectation. As you can see in the video below, Khajaaly fairly sauntered home to win at odds of 25/1 on course. He paid 38.51 at Betfair Starting Price!


Next time, he followed up at 3/1, and member had more than paid for their year's fun! We also got together in both October and May for Club days, where we were treated to guided tours of the National Stud in Newmarket; the Feilden stable, in Exning, just outside Newmarket; and trips to the gallops to see our horse work.

Plus, of course, we enjoyed the 'social' side of things, with racecourse visits, and evening get togethers. All for a single membership fee.

Membership for the 2011/12 season (until end of June 2012) is now open, for just eighteen new members, and costs £500 (equivalent to £41.67 a month) with no further costs.

As part of your membership, you will receive the following:

- Membership (only fifty spaces available) in the Khajaaly syndicate - full race record here. (Three wins, two 2nd's, one 3rd and three 4th place finishes from 14 races for us, including that last time out win at 8/1!)

- All prize money will be divided up between shareholders on a pro rata basis.

- Nothing else to pay for the entire year - the horse will run between now and next June, when he will either be sold, or members will be balloted on whether to keep him in training for another year. (NOTE: There is NO obligation to remain involved beyond the first year).

- All prize money to be divided equally amongst the club members

- Stable visits whenever you like (by appointment though, please)

- A club day in the Spring, where we'll visit stud farms, gallops, the stables, and a race meeting - all included in the price of your membership

- Racecourse 'Owners' badges for all races when our horse is running. At most tracks, we can get discounted badges for friends or partners who wish to attend.

- The unmatched thrill of racehorse ownership, at a working man's price (imagine telling your mates down the pub that 'your' horse is running today / tomorrow / next week, and it's fancied / will need the run / has a good each way squeak).

- The chance to meet me at the track. I'm not exactly sure whether this is a benefit or not, but I'll be there nevertheless! 😉


Khajaaly will almost certainly be the only horse that will be syndicated by Julia and Geegeez this year, and I expect the few remaining spots to go fast. So, if you want to join us and be involved, here's what to do now. Choose from either a one payment, two payment, or four payment plan (payments will be drawn monthly for the duration of your plan), and click the relevant link below:

4 Monthly payments of £125 (nothing else to pay)


8 Monthly payments of £62.50 (£2 a day to own a share in a race horse)

Once your membership fee has been received, you'll become a member of the Geegeez Racing Club and be eligible to attend all race days and club days, and you'll also get exclusive information about the chances of our horse. We were all told on the morning of Khajaaly's 25/1 success that he'd been working extremely well, and the trainer was expecting a big run. Khajaaly went on to 'double up', winning next time at a tasty enough - and well backed 3/1.

It promises to be a lot of fun, with Khajaaly expected to be competitive on both grass and all weather surfaces, and I can't wait to share more news as soon as you're on board.

Hope to see you at the track soon!


p.s. here are some videos from Geegeez Racing Club...