Geegeez: Introducing Some Great New Stuff!

As you may know, dear reader, if you're a longer suffering visitor to this blog, I've been promising to add more racing-related content to the site for a few months now, and those additions have been somewhat slow in filtering through.

Well, better late than never, as they say, and better some than none! So, tardy and partial as it is, I'm pleased to introduce some new 'stuff' to Geegeez.

First up, you will notice (if you look!) along the top menu bar, a new tab called 'Horse Racing News' - it's the third from the left. This is quite a cool little page, as it provides you with content updated daily from some of the best news sources on the internet.

I've used what's known as an RSS Feed Aggregator - meant nothing to me, probably means nothing to you (if it does, and you're thinking, "For goodness sake, Bisogno, what kept you?!", then stop showing off!)

What this smart little gizmo does is enable me to 'pull in' the most current few articles from some of my favourite sites. So if you click the link you'll get half a dozen or so entries from each of Nag3 (natch), Sporting Life, BBC, and a little international content as well (mainly US, but some Oz and European stuff too).

The beauty of it is that the information there is always bang up to date, and directly relevant to our interests, i.e. horse racing. I hope you like it - let me know what you think.

(p.s. If you'd like to syndicate my posts to your blog but don't know how to do it, drop me a line and I'll try to help).

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Also new, and much touted in recent days, are the racing systems reviews. Well, they're not exactly new, but they're making a welcome comeback.

As of this morning, I've added previews of two of the systems we'll be tracking this month (Lowlay - a laying service; and The Protege, a backing system), and you'll find these in the previous posts. Just click the 'Horse Racing Blog' tab at the top of the page to get the most recent entries.

I should add that the previews were written by guest bloggers, John and Kevin, who volunteered for this duty. And very good they are too. Both guys will continue to post the daily qualifiers on the site ahead of racing, so if you want to know about these systems, check back daily (whether I've sent you an email about a post I've made or not!).


Finally, stacks of draw-influenced racing today, and I've put up six back selections and a lay on Flat Racing Profiles. So if you're a member, check in to get the lowdown. (If you're not a member of FRP, sorry, but the service is currently closed to new members).


Do let me know what you think of the new features, via the comments section below. I'm always looking to improve the site and offer you more of the stuff you're interested in. So please share your thoughts with me and other readers.



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2 replies
  1. David Dickinson says:

    Hiya Matt
    Have you any thoughts with regards to selections made from speed ratings? (thought it might help when we get 2 in the same race)

  2. Matt Bisogno says:

    Hi David

    Not sure specifically what you’re referring to there, Protege System perhaps? Or Laying System? FRP?

    Protege states level stakes, so back them all. Laying System likewise, and FRP to recommended stakes.

    One important point to bear in mind with speed ratings, and something that is often overlooked, is that a horse can only use its superior speed in a fast run race.

    Beyond 7f, it is regularly the case that races are tactical affairs and, as such, it is the horse with the best position / finishing kick that wins, as opposed to the horse with the fastest speed rating.

    Hope that makes sense. (All that said, at sprint trips, and in races where there are multiple front-runners, i.e. guaranteed pace in the race, speed ratings can be an excellent weapon).


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