Geegeez Racing Club II – Say Hello To Baggsy!

I was overwhelmed these last few weeks, dear reader, by both the speed at which the shares sold out and the number of people who were interested in our inaugural Geegeez Racing Club horse, Obvious. And so, it would appear, was Julia Feilden, our wonder horse's trainer.

So much so in fact that she asked me if there were any more readers interested in getting involved in club ownership. I'm hopeful this will appeal to some of those who couldn't present all of the funds at the time, or might have been away and missed the opportunity.

Anyway, this is the story:

Julia has two lovely horses in her yard called Bushy Dell and State General. If you click their names, you can see their race records. They are both winners. And they both have the same dam (mum), a mare called Nisibis.

In fact, Bushy Dell has so far won three of her thirteen all weather races, and been second on another two occasions. The General has been first or second on three of his five all weather runs.

Well, Julia has a third horse from the same mum, and with the same dad as State General. The horse has been named in homage to the late, great greyhound trainer, Gary Baggs, and is called Baggsy.

Geegeez' Baggsy

Baggsy is a two year old, who has yet to run, and he is currently in 'fast work', which means he's very close (about two weeks) to his first racecourse outing.

The plan for Baggsy was always to sell 100 shares at £250 each. Julia tells me there are just 34 shares left.

So what does your contribution get you?  Well, Baggsy is a different setup to Obvious, in that half of all prize money and half of the sales price will go to cancer charities. So, if you're expecting to make big money from your Baggsy share, you're probably barking up the wrong horse (as it were).

However, what you can expect is the following:

- Nothing else to pay ever - the horse will run between now and next July, when he will either be sold, or members will be ballotted on whether to keep him in training for another year. (NOTE: There is NO obligation to remain involved beyond the first year).

Your first 30 days for just £1

- Half of all prize money plus sales revenues to be divided equally amongst the 100 shareholders (the other half going to cancer charities)

- Stable visits by appointment

- Club days, along with Obvious Club members (I am trying to plan a day or weekend in Newmarket, with a stable tour, tour of the town, racecourse trip, etc - will let members know as soon as possible)

- Racecourse badges on a rotation basis (i.e. if you didn't get badges first time, you're more likely to get them next time and so on). At most tracks, we can get discounted badges where necessary for additional members who wish to attend.

- The thrill of racehorse ownership, at a working man's price (imagine telling your mates down the pub that 'your' horse is running today / tomorrow / next week, and it's fancied / will need the run / has a good each way squeak).

- The chance to meet me (no, I won't be taking one of the badges!) at the track. I'm not exactly sure whether this is a benefit or not, but I'll be there nevertheless!

Both his sibling horses seem better suited to the all weather surfaces, so it should be no major puzzle to work out where Julia will be pitching Baggsy in due course. Once he's qualified for handicaps, he'll be placed to be competitive, and we'll be hoping to recoup some / all of our investment via the betting ring / exchanges.

This will be the last horse that will be syndicated by Julia and Geegeez - for the foreseeable future at least. So, if you're interested, please sign up below:

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer into our new Geegeez Racing Club Weatherby's Bank Account, details as follows:

Bank: Weatherbys

Sort Code: 60-93-03

Account Number: 00453397

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to let me know if you've done this, so that I can tally the account with your investment.

If you've any questions about this, feel free to email me at:

It promises to be a lot of fun and, should Baggsy run well on debut, his share price will almost certainly rise. (Obviously, that's only fair to those who got involved at the outset).

Maybe see you at the track soon!


Your first 30 days for just £1
4 replies
  1. Peter Colledge says:

    I love it! However, again, I have two equines whose abilities are not for racing, but for eating competitions, I’d back them against any other animal! All the best for this new venture.

  2. Michael Else says:

    Many thanks for this great opportunity to get involved at ground level, I never thought that it would be possible for me to actually own a share in a racehorse. Really looking forward to a great season for Baggsy and all those involved.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Welcome Mike – I’m really pleased there’s been so much interest again.

      Baggsy is pretty fit and nearly ready to debut on the track. It should be an exciting year ahead!


  3. Gary says:

    Hi Matt it’s Gary I am having difficulty in accessing Gavin’s nag site to update his daily tip for him don’t know if you can help.sorry this is the only way i know to get in touch with you.


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