Geegeez Survey 2012 Results

A short time ago I asked Geegeez readers to take five minutes to complete a survey. I do this every year so that I can ensure that what appears on this website is what you want to appear, not what I think you want to appear.

And I've finally got round to summarizing those results, which define our community.

If you completed the survey, my sincere thanks. Just about a thousand of you did, and that feedback is key to what happens next with Geegeez, as it was last year.

So, without further ado, let's find out a bit more about 'you'. 🙂

The survey was broken into two parts: 'Geegeez and you' (about how you interact with the site), and you and your betting habits.

Let's cover them in reverse order...

The 1950's is still the most popular decade in which respondents were born, with an almost perfect 'triangle' shape showing that each decade above and below the '50's is slightly less well represented. Over 7% of you are in your seventies or older, whilst only 4% were born in the 1980's or later. Clearly, it seems, Geegeez is not 'down with the kids'!

However, saying that, more people of around my age are now reading. Last year, only 9% of readers were born in the 1970's or later, compared with this year's 16.5% or so. I think this is probably due to my finally embracing social media, but I can't be sure...

Horse racing and betting seems to be dominated by men, and this is the case on Geegeez as well:

In fact, I'm pleased that there are slightly more ladies reading the site now, as last year the 'girls' figure was less than 2.5% (and less than 25 readers).

The frequency of your betting was next, and nothing has changed since last year: 72% of you still bet either most days or every day.

Next I asked 'what is the main reason you bet?'

I asked this a few years ago, and was surprised to see that 'to win money' had less than half of the vote. This time, it has over two-thirds!

This is a significant change, and could reflect either the changing content on the site (more tipping-related elements), the new visitors, who are younger, or the current economic climate. By far the  likeliest reason, of course, is a combination of all three of those things!

Again, pretty similar to last year, with a subtle difference. A few more of you have gravitated to either end, with a handful more 'bigger hitters', and a few more 'leisure punters' as well. But, broadly, things are as they were.

Finally, in this section, I asked you where you lived, and I was surprised by the results. It seems we have a fair few more Irish readers than last year.

Again, this is down to a deliberate effort to create 'lateral' content between and In other words, features like 'Well I Declare' have a UK and an Irish equivalent, and give readers a reason to check out the other version. At least, that's what I think it is...


OK, if you're still with me, let's talk about Geegeez, and specifically how you like it, and what you'd like to see some of, or more of.

The first question is 'how long have you been reading my ramblings'. At this point, I want to sincerely thank those of you who have been tolerating this for more than two years. Clearly, your constitution is titanium and I salute all of you. 🙂

In fact, 54% of you have been coming here for more than a year, and 25% for more than two years. It is interesting to note that nearly 18% are new to the site, and very welcome of course. This compares favourably with last year, when only 7% were in that category, and reflects a greater effort on my part to 'get the site out there', if you see what I mean.

I then asked which parts of the site you regularly read. Since last year's survey, and the feedback I got then, I've added a lot more feature writers in direct response to what you said you'd like to see. So it was heartening to note that you do actually read them! 😉

Note: ignore the percentages as they're summed to 100% rather than calculated per response as a percentage of respondents.

Figures for The Punting Confessional are lower than other features because this is a brand new column. It is interesting that not many of you regularly look at, though not surprising. In the early days, it had a number of bugs which led most users - including me - to go to other odds comparison sites.

I'm pleased to report that those glitches are pretty much all gone now, so do use this part of the site if you have a need to.

Also, as a consequence of the number of people who still look at the Geegeez system reviews (most of which had been moved elsewhere), I'm planning on putting more system review content back on here.

Actually that was as a consequence of your answers to the next question, which are always one of the most illuminating in the survey. I asked how much of each feature you'd like to see going forwards. And you said the following:

Your first 30 days for just £1

You can browse this at your leisure, if you so wish, but the key elements from my perspective were these:

 - 98% of you would like to see more tipping from me on the blog... I'm pretty sure I must have found a big-priced winner shortly before the survey went out. Nevertheless, I'm giving this some thought. My problem is that it's always been my intention for Geegeez to be a site where you might be able to pick up a few hints about how to bet better and/or differently, rather than to 'just' tip.

 - Between 31% and 40% of you would like to see more stats-based content (either SotD, or Andy's trainer and Saturday pieces). Again, I'll have a think about this. SotD has established itself as a pretty good identifier of value, and is about 80 points up since inception last November.

 - It's clear that the odds comparison side is something that is less popular, a point which I acknowledge and will endeavour to mention less outside of when it's directly relevant.

 - And of course, as alluded to above, I was taken aback by the number of you who want more system trials and reviews on Geegeez. My excellent team of reviewers are hard at work on, and, but I definitely hear this request, and will be adding more system trials to Geegeez with immediate effect.

Next I asked about possible new content areas for the site. We're always looking to grow, but in a way that suits the readers - i.e. you! - so new features have to come 'on request'. This is your opportunity to make a request, and you responded as follows:

I was surprised at how many of you would like to see racecards and results on Geegeez. This is something I'd LOVE to provide. The problem is that this data is SUPER EXPENSIVE.

In fact, it costs over a thousand pounds a month(!), which for a small business like this is a major undertaking. I've definitely noted the keenness for this, and will have a think about if/how it could be cost-justified.

More notable even than that, though, were the number of you who'd like to see ratings on the site. Exactly two-thirds of you definitely want them, and another quarter of you said 'maybe'.

Clearly, the ratings need to be profitable, or they will quickly become very unpopular. (Duh!) I've been working on a ratings project for a while, which I'm not yet happy with. They won't appear here until I've got them to where I want them.

In the meantime, I have introduced a daily ratings post, written by a smart guy called Steven Lines. It's well worth a read, and you can find it here: or at the top right of the homepage.

And finally in this area, 70% of you said you'd be interested in tipping competitions (either definitely or maybe).  This is another area I'm looking into, and working on a way of bringing this within reach. Bear with me on this one.

I then asked how often you visit Geegeez. Obviously, in the last year I've added plenty of writers to ensure that there's something new and (hopefully) interesting every time you come to the site. So it was gratifying to see that plenty of you visit far more often than you previously did.

In fact, the number of you who only come to the site when I email is down from more than half to less than ten per cent!

That's fantastic and helps to justify the wage bill for the great writers I'm delighted to be able to host here.


I then asked a bit more about your betting style. Firstly, what's your primary betting approach?

No big surprises there, I don't think. That said, an interesting side note is that the layer community has reduced from 15% to just 7%. This, I think, is significant and reflects how difficult it can be to come out in front from laying.

I then asked specifically about betting systems - whether you like them, and whether you'd bought any - and here's what you said:

Two-thirds of you like betting systems. Me too! 😀

And just a bit less than that (55%) have bought at least one in the last year. Me too!

That's down from last year, when 80% said they liked betting systems, and 65% had bought at least one in the last year.

I strongly suspect this is to do with the impact of the supremely aggressive marketers at 'production line firms' like Circle Media, who seem to release a new product every fortnight, with a hundred fake email accounts sending out bullshit lies to get you to click through to their 'shiny object' website.

Here's an example I received just yesterday:

I mean, it's just terrible. Don't be suckered by false promises. Anything that even hints at quitting your day job (if you even have one!) should be binned immediately.

OK, onwards!

I next asked how many online betting accounts you had, and was a bit surprised by the results. You see, earlier in the survey it was clear that the pre-eminent reason for betting was to make money. So I assumed that at least 71% (the number who said they wanted to make money from betting) would have accounts with  most bookmakers.

That, after all, would guarantee that the best price could be achieved on selections and, therefore, offer the best chance of actually making money from betting.

But I was wrong.

Now, here is a classic example of a fundamental disconnect. And I suspect it stems from the (utterly false) perception that making money from betting is easy.

Obviously, it isn't.

If you're someone who thinks it doesn't matter about getting the best price, and you still want to make money from betting, then this is the moment when you need to know...'s NEVER going to happen.

Look, I know this is a small aside, but it's a REALLY IMPORTANT point to understand:

Profit is important, winners are not.

What I mean is that if you're not consistently getting 4/1 about 7/2 shots, 5/2 about 9/4 shots, evens about 10/11 shots... then you can't win.

If making money from betting is your reason for playing this game, then please re-read the above, and think hard about it over this weekend. It is absolutely fundamental.

Lecture over. 🙂

Oh yes, the feedback:

Well done to the 19% who have accounts with most online bookies, who are presumably entirely subsumed within the 71.73%. For the other 52%, open more accounts.


Not only will you get free bets and the like, but you will also be able to take the best price on your selections every time and, in doing so, give yourself a sporting chance of winning money... until you're closed down of course. (But you should worry about that when it happens).

And finally finally, I asked you if you were interested in, or currently pursue, other money-making hobbies, such as poker, casino, or forex. You replied thus:

It was no surprise that a number of you enjoy poker and/or casino games. And it was more confirmation of a hunch I have than a surprise that a fair number of you (26%) either occasionally dabble in forex trading, or are interested to learn more about it.

What you may not know is that I have been running a forex website for about two years now. I'm not an expert on the subject - by any stretch of the imagination - so I have people contribute who are.

The site is at and is well worth a look if you've not seen it before. Despite the name, it's currently more about forex training than trading system reviews. The main reason for this is that I need volunteer reviewers! So, if you are into forex and fancy reviewing a product, let me know and we can see if you're a good fit.

The other reason I was pleased about this is because I've just partnered up with one of the top guys in the forex world (and I mean TOP guys) to offer an entry level trading strategy for people who are either pressed for time, or don't know much (or anything!) about forex.

I can't say any more than that right now, as I'm still working on the details. But I'm pretty excited to offer this opportunity, as I've seen the last three years' results... and they're hot!


So those were the survey results. I find that data fascinating, but perhaps it's not for everyone. Did you enjoy that? Find it interesting? Or was it a 'paint drying' post? Let me know in the comments below.

Before I head off today, I just want to mention a couple of other elements on the blog this week which I think are worth a look.

If you want to know the hot trainers of the moment, go here:

If you want to read a different slant on the more interesting news stories, try this:

For Stat of the Day, and today's tip, check out:

And if what I wrote about the placepot yesterday didn't make sense to you, then here's an old post I wrote explaining it in more detail:

Have a great weekend!

p.s. do please let me know whether the survey breakdown is of interest to you. If it's not, I won't share that info in the future...

Your first 30 days for just £1
30 replies
  1. Avatar
    LANCE says:

    Very interesting survey results Matt.Nice to compare ones own views with what others are up to.keep up all your good work.
    Have you considered charging a modest annual membership fee,to assist with costs and expansion?

  2. Avatar
    Bob says:

    Thanks Matt – Survey results extremely interesting. Stat of the Day is first class – still kicking myself for not signing up to Betfolio, maybe when you have a renewal.

  3. Avatar
    Simon says:

    Essential reading for anyone who tries to win by betting on racing – “Horse” is not necessary. You will NEVER hear about a successful, reliable system! Vendors know that many will buy their wares and rely upon inertia in claiming a refund. “Twice Shy” is a good read. Bookmakers will never knowingly give odds enabling you to profit in the long run, not because they are mean and spiteful but because they want to stay in business. It’s Statistics. The richest player will always win in the long run and “The Public” is virtually infinitely rich so the Bookmakers need an “Edge”. (Which also why you cannot win on Roulette – unless you can find a biased table that the management missed.)

  4. Avatar
    Iain says:

    Fascinating reading Matt, I re read it just to take it all in. The point about odds is very important as, in my opinion, is staking only single bets. I’m still trying to wean myself off a lifetime habit of taking 4 tips, betting them singles then doing all the dbls, trebs and the acca and when only one wins you’ve lost all the profit. I think it’s the dream of the ‘mega win’.

    I also love the stystems reviews, to me tipping is not that important and may be a dangerous area to get into. Trends, analysis and pointers are better and in the end we ‘should’ be able use them to do our own work and come to a conclusion about which horse to bet on.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best




  5. Avatar
    Robert Mahon says:

    Enjoyed the breakdown of survey results, surprised there aren’t more people my own age visiting Geegez i.e born in the 70’s, as your content and tone is right up my street.


  6. Avatar
    Craig says:

    Fascinating survey results Matt.

    Yours is still the only betting ‘blog’ I bother to read. The website has developed into far more than your ramblings 😉 over the past couple of years. What I like is that you never stand still and are continually developing innovative ideas and projects, which is essential in this business.

    I still find it horse racing incredibly difficult to master in terms of making a long term profit, but this is mainly down to the emotional/speculative aspects of the human condition rather than lack of knowledge. The frustrating thing is that because most of us do it to try and make money, there is a ‘greed trigger’ in our brains which tends to swith itself on whenever things are going well (it all seems easy, so let’s up the stakes!) and whenever things are not going well (I’ve had a bad day, I need to get it back in the next race, so let’s up the stakes!).

    The consequence of course is that a month, two months, six months of disciplined, profitable betting can be decimated in a few minutes, hours or days of stupidity!

    However, while most of us battle with our betting demons, at least we can continue to absorb your wise words, wit and innovations with a view to eventually getting a grip on our emotions! 🙂

  7. Avatar
    tonyl7 says:

    Thanks for a fascinating set of statistics. I feel it is easy to become isolated when betting on line, and it is encouraging (I think!) to realise that a good number of us share the same interests……..if not the profits.


  8. Avatar
    Liam says:

    Interesting results what now will be the outcome of all this hard work?

    Lots of thinking caps I should think.

  9. Avatar
    Gary says:

    Very interesting to see the outcome of the survey . Would just like to put my point over regarding your comments on having accounts with Bookmakers . Personally I only have 1 account which I use for emergency only . The reason being I have all my Bank/Building Society Accounts in joint names with the wife who also pays my wages- I like to keep my betting to myself – lends itself to a much more harmonious marriage if you get what I mean . Some of the offers are fantastic and unfortunately I am missing out on this but we carnt have everything haha .Keep up the good work

  10. Avatar
    Bob Grimes says:

    Hi Matt,
    very interesting read, some surprises in those stats, only been betting since I was made redundant two years ago, I`m 69 so I have a lot more learning to do, keep it going Matt, good work, I would pay a small fee, its worth it, all the best



  11. Avatar
    Alan Nixon says:

    Very interesting reading Matt. It’s good to see that the things I like about the site are also enjoyed by others and that I’m not on my own in liking them. It also makes me aware of other features that I may not look at currently but if they are popular with others then I could have a look also.
    As regards the results area mentioned. I always use sporting to check results. Do you think they would be against you putting a link to their results page on this site?
    Great site.

  12. Avatar
    Denis says:

    Very interesting survey despite its’ limitations to which you point. One of the difficulties I have is that only 2 bookmakers offer place bet odds. This is a system I purchased on your test results and recommendation. It is a good system but the points you make about best odds are hardly applicable in this case.

    Otherwise I find the huge emphasis on times a considerable distraction. Strategy instructions to the jockey and their ability to translate them into action are a very important factor. Your ideas about speed control in the Grand National emphasis this near obsession, I believe.

    Nevertheless, good job Matt and thanks for all your hard work.

  13. Avatar
    Jim says:


    I like the analysis and especially comparisons with last year.
    The sample size is huge compared to other surveys – much bigger than political views for example.

    I was a bit surprised that people don’t have more on line accounts and it may be useful to explain the bonus use method to allow people to win even if they back losers by offsetting on betfair/betdaq.

    Personally, I look to the free Sporting Life web site for race cards and similar so I cannot see the value of spending £1k per month to put it on geegeez but that’s just my view.

    Keep up the good work


  14. Avatar
    mr g.broscombe says:

    Hi Matt, interesting reading,just a mention about my online accounts
    I have more than 7 and really need to close them down as I only use

    Betfair at present (I am having problems accessing Betdaq at the moment), Gordonb.

  15. Avatar
    Bob says:

    Really interesting results Matt, I am one of the 71.73% trying to win a few quid and appreciate the guidance and pointers you give towards achieving that goal. Previous poster Ian touches on an intersting point re single bets v multiples, for many small punters Lucky 15’s, patents etc give interest throughout the day rather than just one focal point; it would be interesting to see some research in this area on break even points etc if any has been done. thanks for the daily update, I look forward to it

  16. Avatar
    Tom says:

    Interesting survey results. Your maxim “profit is important – winners are not!” is all very well for the serious bettors who can draw on a substantial betting bank, but for us hobby-punters who cannot devote such time nor money to the game it’s a losing battle.
    EVERY time I pay for info/system, even when recommended by your good self it happens to be going through its ‘fallow period’. The promised profits NEVER materialize. I pull out and while licking my wounds note the adverts saying they were in profit for that period. Very odd – especially as all such claims are meant to be verifiable.
    I include, alas, Betfolio, KRN et al in this observation.
    Nevertheless I will always read your views with particular interest. Keep up the struggle…

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tom

      I, and many other vendors, refer to betting banks. You only need a small amount of money, but you have to divide it up into percentages according to the bank. It’s not ok to blame others for what may reasonably be termed – based on what you’ve said above – your own greed.

      Betfolio is a ten month project, as you know, and I’m delighted to report that those who kept the faith are being rewarded. (Two winners from eight today at time of writing, at 8.6 and 9.2; a winner at 11 on Wednesday; winners at 4.1 and 7 on Monday; 12.5 winner last Friday; and a winner at 13 last Thursday).

      I write that not to rub salt into wounds but to emphasise the point I ALWAYS make about betting banks, discipline, and good/bad runs.

      The reason you keep losing is because you don’t have discipline, NOT because you don’t have access to reasonable information.

      I don’t mean this to be a personal reply, because there are a lot of people in the same boat. But it does irritate me that those who are not successful blame their tools, rather than agreeing with the ‘going in’ principles (betting bank, discipline).

      Whoever said charity begins at home, should have said accountability begins at home.

      Rant over.


  17. Avatar
    Ghantoo says:

    Hi Matt
    One more question you could have asked in your survey along with ‘how long you have been betting?’ is ‘are you profifitable in your betting ?’


  18. Avatar
    solly marks says:

    Hi Matt,

    This breakdown has been most informative . I noted that the bulk of respondents are from the U.K. , however , there is still interest shown from outside the U.K. which is most encouraging. I am from South Africa where our betting systems differ from yours in that we have Pick 6 , Jackpot and Place Accumulator ,Pick 3 and including Win and Place betting. Ther emphasis is placed on local racing , however , Jackpots are available on the last 4 races of the racecard on UK meetings and the payouts are usually substantial .We also have the option of fractional betting where a percentage of the Jackpots can be taken . Place Accumulator bets are also possible where U.K.racecards feature 7 races . This is a new addition to our local racing and is growing daily.
    I am glad that I subscribed to your website and I thank you sincerely for the information supplied .
    Keep up the good work !!!!!!


  19. Avatar
    Noel says:

    A very interesting and “food for thought” article Matt. In the never ending quest for winners the one variable that the average punter cannot legislate for, is which runners in any particular race are “Non-triers”.
    I have witnessed two jockey TV interviews recently where both actually used this terminology in general conversation. We all know schooling in public is not allowed, but I am sure the reality is very different and the presence of Non-triers is widespread. If we knew which horses are actually laid out for the race it would give a lot more credence to all the stats.

  20. Avatar
    damon says:

    Interesting survey matt,i think you are right about the tip section,you can’t beat the buzz of picking a horse out of the paper with helpful hints and then watch it romp home or in my dads case curse it to high heaven for gettin pipped,i think i put down for a tipping section but i think you end up becoming lazy and you don’t learn anything.

  21. Avatar
    Peter Hodges says:

    The most interesting post I’ve read so far by you Matt. The nations betting habits laid bare. Excellent stuff. All we need now is a couple of winning tips for the weekend from you, and we’re all in clover.

  22. Avatar
    karen says:

    Hi Matt,
    Very interesting reading.
    ALso, lovely to read other poeple’s views, as betting can be solitary venture.
    I am one of the female bettors and I’m suprised there are not more like minded ladies like myself. I think it’s an image issue as betting fits in very well with school hours and Saturdays of course.I think it still has an image of smoky betting shops full of old men!
    Just a couple of points, I think you are so right, disipline is the most crucial factor as I know to my cost!
    On the subject of multiple on line sites, I intend to open further sites however I need to build up my bank as I have a few systems running and just don’t have enough tp spread around.
    Last point. I am very interested in Forex and at the minute am reading lots of free info on the internet. Have yet to tip my toes into the water and am very very wary. There’s an awful lot of info and offers so it’s very difficult to sort out the wheat fron the chaff! so I was very pleased to read of your link. I will follow it up ,thanks.
    Sorry it’ so long. Thanks for the survey results.


  23. Avatar
    phill c says:

    Hi matt

    Always interesting reading your opinions and input, and occasional tips

    I am interested in doing a feature about freebies that many people dont realise there are out there to do with racing, I would also like to put my pennorth in what I have done – 5 times in the last 5 years I have made £1500-£2100 from ONLY £20 it can be done !! It does take months and steel will though.
    …..and ive lost it in a bizzarre circumstances sometimes in a stupid fashion, I can give warnings about.
    Also give a basic introduction to excel, as people can use it in betting and for personal use-its a great tool.
    Would you be interested in running it on your site ?

  24. Avatar
    John Chambers says:

    Hi Matt,
    I can certainly confirm that after a slow start Betfolio is doing well and used with a bit of cunning even better!!!
    The bot is handy and I use £1 stakes on that and £5 with the best bookmaker, it makes a change to receive something that works at a reasonable price too.
    I bought into some real awful services in the past year, Magic backing bot,Ross Turners super duper software so thank goodness for Betfolio one or two more like that and I would be very happy,
    regards, John.

  25. Avatar
    Bob watson says:

    Hi Matt, good survey. Very interesting on the geography of where people live ,I notice that there is one person who doesnt live in this world!! I didnt know that David Cameron was a subscriber, lots of luv ,Uncle Bob X

  26. Avatar
    Steve G says:

    Hi Matt

    Great reading as usual.
    With respect to supporting your costs why not put out a mini survey asking how much people would be prepared to pay.
    I think most of your readers already know the fantastic value you give which other sites would charge a fortune for.



  27. Avatar
    Jay James says:

    Nice to read your survey results Matt,I’m a fan of feedback and always will be.I notice that you observe that the “odds comparison” facility you set up did’nt quite prove as popular as you had thought it might however,it’s main “carrot” was that it contained one additional bookie over and above other comparison sites,so there was no incentive for me to use it,but you should’nt assume that I am a non-user of such sites,because I AM.Every single time I am looking to place a bet I ALWAYS consult the Oddschecker site,as this site contains all the bookies with whom I have accounts,and although I am sometimes tempted to use another bookmaker (who may say,be offering exceptional odds on a bet I wih to place)I almost always bet with the bookie offering the best (cumulative odds in the event of more than one,which is most of the time!) odds,anyone who does’nt use an odds comparison site is a fool in my opinion,as they will be welcomed with open arms in any and every bookmaker’s premises in the land.Your conclusions imply that people whose negative re-action to your specific proposal of the addition a bet comparison site,do not use any such criteria when about to strike a bet,is a little misleading not least for the reasons that I have already stated re: my own method(s).All in all though,it is good to hear your overall findings.Keep up the good work.
    Regards JJ

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi JJ

      Thanks for your comment. In fact, if you re-read my rant, you’ll see that you missed my point a little. I wasn’t referring to people who don’t use odds comparison: indeed I went as far as to say that I understood why people would have used a different site when we were having teething issues.

      What I did say was that if any respondent had said they were serious about making money from betting, and didn’t have most/all bookie accounts open, then they weren’t actually that serious about making it pay.

      Hope that clarifies.

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