Weekly Update

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Weekly Update

Weekly Update

With the festive period behind us, we're going to resume our weekly review of the reviews, so to speak and today's piece will just be short one to bring you up to speed with the performance of the trialists over the last three weeks since my last report.

The easiest way to do this is to quickly run through how they've all performed, give you an overview of the current standings and highlight anything worth making a note about (if any!)

It actually hasn't been a great time for commercial tipsters over Christmas and New Year with many failing to make a profit. Trust me, it's hard! In fact, just two of our seven reviews show a profit over the last three weeks, with The Colonel leading way with a return of £82.07 (£2.50 per point) and Tom Nelson Racing made £71.61 at £10 per point.

Elsewhere, the other five services lost £417.60 between them, the worst of which was Steve Good Racing (-£97.34) and Unity Racing Club who lost almost £160 and you can see what impact these losses have had on the overall positions below...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Unity Racing Club (£5/pt) £1,415.40 (at day 38) 38 -£159.80 Click Here
Tom Nelson Racing £73.59 (at day 34) 34 £71.61 Click Here
Steve Good Racing (£2/pt) £65.28 (at day 26) 26 -£97.34 Click Here
The Colonel (£2.50 / pt) £25.07 (at day 26) 26 £82.07 Click Here
The Young Ones £21.95 (at day 34) 34 -£67.09 Click Here
Each Way Earners -£54.24 (at day 48) 48 -£53.37 Click Here
Easy Tips -£179.90 (at day 42) 42 -£40.00 Click Here

Click the name of any service for more details...

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As you can see, despite a poor run of form recently from our tipsters, only two services, Each Way Earners and Easy Tips are in the red and whilst the latter have some work to do, the former is still in a position to conclude a profitable 60-day review.

The next four above the loss-makers share modest profits of just over £185 between them, whilst Unity Racing Club sit in a position of strength at the top of the tree, despite being the worst performer over Christmas. That said, they only actually gave back 10% of their profit, so it's hardly a lost cause.

At this point of my weekly update, I normally tell you about a service that's doing particularly well or I steer you away from a poor product, but neither of those really apply here, so I'm going to be a bit cheeky and remind you all of my own fledgling stat-based service StatPicks.

I launched the service four weeks ago and to date I have selected 15 winners from 42 selections (35.7% SR) and achieved level stakes profits of 11.29pts at an ROI of 26.9% for my band of subscribers.

I offered them the first month for just £7 and I'm happy to keep that offer open to any of you who might also want to try it, simply click here for more details. After the first month, fees are still very reasonable at just £27 per month or £57 per quarter and I'm happy to answer any queries you might have.

Please don't forget that the easiest way to read any of the reviews, we've ever featured on Geegeez is to visit the System Trials Section of the site and that's pretty much it from me for another week.

Have a good one!
Chris & the review team

P.S. Several interesting new reviews coming on line in the next few days too!

Your first 30 days for just £1