Mental (like, bonkers) arithmetic

Geegeez Tipping: A Bit of (Eye-Opening) Fun…

Regular readers will know that has two daily tipping services, Monday to Saturday. They are called Stat of the Day and Double Dutch. Gold subscribers will know that both are impressively profitable.

To illustrate that, the bottom line to the end of June 2015 is +423.94 points. Or, in money terms, £8,478.80 at £20 level stakes. Nice.

[In case, you're wondering, July is in profit already to 17.28 points - or £345.60 at £20 level stakes - in front 😀 ]

Here at geegeez, we're solid advocates of fun, controlled (profitable!) betting. Which is why we always advise one point level stakes on Stat of the Day; and 4 x 0.5 point doubles in Double Dutch. That's a total outlay of three points daily.

So, for instance, if a point for you is £10, we'd advise a £10 bet on Stat of the Day, and 4 x £5 doubles on Double Dutch: total outlay is £30 = three £10 points.

Since we introduced Double Dutch to the portfolio, profits have ramped up markedly as you can see from the chart below.

Very healthy profits from geegeez tipping...


Double Dutch joined the party in September 2013 and, in less than two years, has put nigh on 130 units of profit into the pot. Or £2,600 at those £20 stakes. Allied to Stat of the Day's 310-odd points (or £6,200), that's pushing nine grand.


As exciting as those numbers are - and, believe me, in strike rate and ROI terms as well as profitability, they are scintillating figures - an email I received triggered a little bit of fun. Here's the message I received:

Percentage of bank = big profits

Percentage of bank = big profits

Pretty cool, huh? A... clueless, I think it's fair to say... punter has made almost four grand since January. And that's only following Stat of the Day, and only using one bookmaker (in other words, not getting the best of the prices!!!)

That got me thinking. What if users had started with, say, a £1000 bank and bet a fixed percentage of it on each selection?

For example, let's say we bet just 1% of £1000 (i.e. £10) on each selection in month one. Then, in month two, we bet 1% of the month one total; then 1% of the month two total in month three, and so on.

Taking that approach would have seen an initial bank of £1000 converted into a pot of £36,408.70. Crikey!

Of course, there would have been some minor bumps along the way, but with an average strike rate of around 30% across the two services, 1% is a pretty conservative staking plan.


Buoyed by this academic 'win', I plugged in some bigger percentages, just for kicks. 2% of £1000 (i.e. £20 stakes) in month one, would have meant stakes in July 2015 (i.e. the latest month) of £9,182.83 on Stat of the Day, and 4 x £4,591.42 doubles for Double Dutch. That's from a balance at the end of June of £459,141.51!

Now, obviously, you're never going to get those stakes on. Nor even, most likely, 10% of them. But it does illustrate in striking fashion the consistent profitability of the Geegeez tipping services.

Your first 30 days for just £1

And there'd be absolutely nothing to stop you from drawing a few grand out each year, and playing up the rest of the bank on SotD and DD.


I went further, and looked at 3%, 5% and - gulp - 10%. Bumpier rides were the order of the day, as you can see from the chart below.

Mental (like, bonkers) arithmetic

Mental (like, bonkers) arithmetic

The long and short is that 3% moved the bank to a notional balance of £554,601.53 at the end of June 2015; 5% to £745,521.58; and 10% to £1,222,821.68.

But at 10% you'd have lost your bank five times. I have, naturally, reverted to Tony in the above email to point out that I'd recommend 2%, and no more than 3%, for his friend to keep the bank safe.

Heck, even at 1%, you'd be trying to get bets of £364 on Stat of the Day each day by now!!


Where does all this blue sky accounting get us, exactly?

Well, the first thing it gives us is a choice: with a hit rate of around three-in-ten winning bets, a percentage of bank approach is sustainable, and 2% per bet (risking 6% per day across Stat of the Day and Double Dutch) looks optimal.

The second thing it is likely to give us is a headache: bookies don't really like odd numbers, so you might be advised to round your monthly stakes up or down to a more 'normal' looking number. More than that, though, bookies don't like consistent winners and, despite shopping around for prices and spreading our wagering activity as a consequence, we're likely to get accounts closed, or restricted to the point of uselessness.

But fear not, for there are ways to prolong the life a betting account; and there are ways of opening additional accounts in support of your profitable activity. Such ways are not for this post, but suffice it to say that the successful medium-staking punter will spend a majority of his or her time trying to get bets on.


What I'm trying to tell you is that this is some seriously good stuff. And, currently, 58.33% of it is free.

That's because Double Dutch is free at the moment, and Stat of the Day is free on Mondays.

It has been that way since forever, but lately - and for obvious reasons - Double Dutch has become a good bit more popular. Clearly, I have a duty to protect prices for paying subscribers first and foremost. After all, without them, there is no Double Dutch; no Stat of the Day; no free racecards.

I am almost certainly going to move Double Dutch into the free registered user space. And I'm likely to do that in the next fortnight. What does that mean? Primarily, it means it will still be free if you're registered on geegeez. For now at least.

Since I've moved more racecard content into the 'everyone' space by making the free cards available to casual site visitors, I've been keen to move to incentivize site registration.

Blah blah fishcakes, as a friend of mine likes to say. All it means for you is that soon you'll need to be a registered geegeez user to get Double Dutch access. No biggie, and 95% of you already are. If you're not, do it now, my friend...  do it now!


...and get loads of cool free stuff every day.


And, if you don't need convincing because you're already benefitting from Geegeez tipping (and its racecards, and its form tools, and its reports, and...) then you might be interested in one of just eight LIFETIME subscriptions I'm making available today.

If you are, the button below is all you need for a fat saving and Gold for life. Be quick though, they'll probably go rapidly.


[STOP PRESS: Sorry, these 'officially' sold out at 5pm. I did let another couple in Tuesday evening to be fair to 'the workers'. Sorry if you missed out this time.]

Whichever way you cut it, Geegeez has plenty of value for everyone. I hope you're enjoying it 🙂


p.s. Since I wrote this post, and before I emailed you about it, Double Dutch has notched a 21.75/1 double. A two point bet at £10 stakes (4 x £5) would have netted £113.75, and covered a quarter of a Lifetime subscription, just like that.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. (John) Paul Ambrose says:

    Cheers Matt. I’ve taken one of them. Playing at £40 per point for SotD I’m hoping that it’s paid for in 7 weeks, by my (back – actually front – of an envelope) calculations of historic ROI.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Great to have you onboard long haul, Paul, and as you’ll know, it might take a little longer than seven weeks, but it will hopefully not take a lot longer.


      • (John) Paul Ambrose says:

        Might be shorter the form Chris in in! Yeah, I know…no guarantees. None expected.

      • (John) Paul Ambrose says:

        5 days Matt! That was a fair investment. Thanks Matt, thanks Chris.

    • Mike1974 says:

      Hi Matt
      I’ve never backed SOTD at level stakes.
      I back 6 points on the first one.
      If it loses I back 7 points on the next one.
      If that loses, 8 points and so on.
      When one wins I go back to the 6 points for the next one.
      This almost certainly does not pull in as much as the % system you describe, but I’ve been doing it since I joined Gold and it works for me.

  2. FGR says:

    I took advantage of your recent £1 Geegeez trial, Matt. Probably the best £1 I’ve ever spent considering I’m now over £300 up thanks to SOTD and DD.
    Also your pace analysis feature is second to none – so happy days! 🙂

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s great to hear, Paul. Really glad you’re both enjoying the tips and getting value from the race card content. Happy days indeed! 🙂


  3. Rambler says:

    Matt – having been a Gold Member for over 2 years now I think you should draw the D.D. into the area for paying membership only. Everyone who consistantly backed SotD & D.D. daily bets have swollen bank accounts now. By giving free advice on both of these fantastic services costs us all money – let along the great “Shortlist” service which even on a bad day for SotD & D.D. usually throws up a winner or two to get me to break-even.

    Geegeez – great fun to visit the website / very profitable / friendly service from you, Chris & the Team – what more could you want.

    Best Wishes

  4. Tuckers Luck says:

    I got one too Matt, cheers,

    I made £258 on Sunday hit 4/5 winners, loser lost by 1/4l 11/1 into 11/4, crazy site this!! that is not including the 2 doubles at 12/1 and 8/1 I hit this week too due to Geegeez tipping services and forum, nice…

  5. Bubbles180 says:

    Great stuff again Matt, been following since June and in profit for the first time on any service, starting to delve a little deeper now and really finding my feet with the site and learning more each day, will never join another service will always be a geegeez member for ever will look at doing this for both services and will starting making proper returns for the first time in years

  6. Fatboyjim says:

    Matt, I would love to see the follow up post regarding how to prolong the life of an account and how to open additional ones.

    SotD could be backed at Betfair SP, which is where I reckon we will all end up one day, but I don’t think we could back Double Dutch on there.

    Keep up the great work,


    • scmelville says:

      Matt, re: BSP as per Jim’s message above, could you crunch some numbers for us using BSP? Maybe take a sample of 1 or 2 months and compare vs advised prices so we get an idea of what the likely differential in P&L across the whole period would be?
      Cheers, Simon

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        Hi Simon

        No, I’m afraid I don’t have time for that. However, if you’d like to, I’d advise using the Weekly Update posts, and getting BSP from this page:

        Sorry I can’t help further, but geegeez is a LOT of hours just at the moment.


  7. sondrio2 says:

    some useful pointers for anyone worried about having there accounts restricted or even closed due the the success of the sotd,
    use the casino at the relevant bookies, a couple of quid to a fiver every now and then, play the slots or whatever, the bookies love the casino players as they make most of there money on there and it will help keep you under the radar.
    occasionally do a mug acca, for small stakes,again they love punters that place large acca’s.
    dont always try to beat sp, that flags up eventually, back occasionally when you know better value was elsehere.
    i got these tips from mike cruikshank who knows a thing or two about keeping accounts open, since employing these methods regularly ive not had an account closed.

  8. Kevin Kelly says:

    Matt, i would just like to add to what the rest of the guys are saying on here and add a little bit. I had given up on betting on flat racing until I joined Geegeez. I always found it too competitive and really struggled to even get a selection placed so I stuck to the jump racing, which was going ok but could have been better. Then I joined Geegeez and started backing SOTD and looking at the superb Instant Expert, Pace angles and the speed rating(my two favourite for sprint races) and I am currently having the best flat season I have ever had thanks to you and your team. I can’t afford the lifetime membership at the minute(because of holidays in Portugal and Vegas next March, all thanks to you and Geegeez Gold)but I would not hesitate to get it if and when I can afford to. Thanks again to you and the Geegeez team, keep up the good work.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kevin

      That’s fantastic stuff – very well done, and great that you’re investing your profits wisely in Portugal and Vegas! 😉

      Thanks so much for sharing your great story.

  9. joetex says:

    Great blog today self praise is good for you and the club just to let members know that we are in profit but try to remember not all of us can afford 30 40 50 quid a day.I am a big fan of stat of the day but don’t believe that people should get it free any day of the week and I don’t believe that people should get double Dutch free either as we pay for it keep the good work up

  10. sondrio2 says:

    interesting points made about DD being free and SOTD free one day a week, but looking at the bigger picture its a great way for matt to introduce geegeez to a bigger audience, which really is the whole point from a business perspective.
    a lot of services out there provide some free tips/content and in that respect geegeez as to do the same.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks sondrio,

      I have sympathy with what joetex says and, realistically, Double Dutch probably cannot remain in the free space forever. My first duty is to protect the value for Gold subscribers, and I do pay close attention to market impact in support of that.

      DD will remain free for the foreseeable future – though users will need to be registered, as I’ve said – but it will likely be a Gold component by year end.


  11. Adrian Nurse says:

    Hi Matt
    Great blog and I have been very pleased with the tips and site content such that I have just taken up your option of a Lifetime membership. My only problem is prolonging my betting accounts.
    You say that there are ways of prolonging the life of the betting accounts and Sondrio2 has helpful given some ways.

    More ways from your sources and bloggers would be appreciated!!!


  12. bensoncb says:

    Hi Matt, after taking up the £5 trial, I have taken up the Lifetime membership.

    Since July 6th, I have made just under £300, from an intial bank of £400 following DD. At the start of every day I divide the pot by 40 and stake the new daily unit in four win doubles. My first day stake was four £10 win doubles and today I am staking four £17 win doubles.

    After taking the full plunge, I am starting a similar staking plan on StatOfTheDay today. Up to now I had only followed the occasional StatOfTheday as I prefer the thrill of “bigger” wins!

    Now I have taken the time to watch your video, I can only say WOW, how much content!

    By cancelling my annual RacingPost subscription, I have already nearly covered my GeeGeez outlay. The GeeGeez site is far superior to the RacingPost site.

    I will keep you updated on how my two GeeGeez sytems go, but I wanted to say how impressed I am.


    • bensoncb says:

      Matt, I meant to say that my StatOfTheDay daily stake is 10% of my start of day pot, so on day one, today, I have staked £40 on Shipyard.

      I may have missed the early price, but I view the challenge to win from gambling as a marathon not a sprint!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Chris, for your great comment. And yes, we think Gold is better too!

      On SotD, I’d be tempted to reign your percentage stakes back a little, in line with the content of this post. That, of course, is up to you; but aggressive staking usually leads to tears later on!!!


  13. Fatboyjim says:

    Couple of other tips regarding keeping accounts open:

    Don’t withdraw too often, and when you do use PayPal or Skrill, as withdrawing to a debit card costs the bookie money

    Also don’t bet in odd amounts as Matt alluded to. If you are following a staking plan and it says the next stake is £8.56 for example, round it up or down otherwise bookies will think you are an arber. Better still try to back in five or ten pound denominations.

  14. TOM HALPIN says:

    how do betting shops make an average of 5,000 a week if it is so easy to back winners.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      No idea, Tom. We all bet online. My guess would be that thing called a FOBT, which sits quietly in the corner of each betting shop stealing money while displaying pictures of a roulette wheel spinning…

  15. buster1938 says:

    Hi Matt
    What will it cost for full life time membership for your gold service

    Still feeling my way around @ the moment.
    So far I like what I have seen.

    all the best


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      I’m very pleased to hear you like what you’ve seen so far. Lifetime, when it’s available (last couple of spots now), is £333 + VAT.

      I do open a handful of spaces every couple of months, so if it’s too soon for you, please don’t rush your decision. We’re not going anyway.

      (That said, it might be ever so slightly more expensive the next time I open, but only £20 or so).


  16. Fatboyjim says:

    I watched it Sondrio.

    The Coral trader had both Betfair and Oddschecker open, and I got an email from Bonus Bagging this morning saying how he couldn’t even set his own markets. I disagree entirely, he would be an absolute fool not to be monitoring both Betfair and Oddschecker.

    Very sad tale about a young guy on benefits who was hooked on the FOBT’s, they are the kind of people the industry needs to protect, and to be fair they have started to do so.

    The FOBT’s make in excess of £800 a week each, that’s how the companies make their money.

  17. David Walton says:

    Well done Chris – Shipyard wins easing down 🙂

    Re Simon’s question about SotD at Betfair SP;
    I’ve been following this since January 3rd and my records show that Average odds that I’ve achieved are 4.88 compared to BSP of 5.10.
    However Average winning odds are 4.56 compared to 4.40 BSP

    I would say that I get the odds that Chris recommends about 80 – 85% of the time.

    Nb this doesn’t include Rule 4 deductions but I don’t think that it would skew my figures massively.

    Hope this helps, many thanks to all at Geegeez, Cheers, David.

    • Chris Worrall says:

      That’s very helpful indeed.

      I did toy with the idea of creating a spreadsheet, but it’d be a massive job for me.

    • scmelville says:

      Thanks David — I’m going to start tracking th4se to BSP from now on as well for my own records.

      Chris – out of curiosity re: DD, any idea if the selections are profitable backed as straight 0.5 pts x 4 singles?

  18. Bubbles180 says:

    Tried the pace angle and instant expert as you explained and had 4/8 winners with a P&L +9.00

  19. jamie potts says:

    I would like a place, but it will be tommorow weds before I can get into my PayPal a/c ok with you ?
    Regards jamie

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jamie

      Please contact me offline about this, as there’s only one space left now, so that’ll likely go tonight.

      You can email me on

      Thanks for your interest,

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jessica

      SotD is late evening usually, and DD around 10am. But the timing is not fixed.

      If you follow @geegeez_uk or our facebook page – – there will be notifications on both as soon as the tips are posted.


  20. thorntree says:

    Since start-up of SoTD can you state the returns to a flat 1 unit stake please ?

  21. thorntree says:

    Apologies for my question. It should have requested the returns since start up to 1 unit stake at SP only please ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi thorntree, I’m afraid we don’t have that information.

      The whole purpose of SotD is to beat the market, in other words to achieve a better price than SP. I’d imagine we’d be close to parity at SP, but that’s a complete guess on my part. Quite simply, and in my opinion, SP is a measure against which nobody should be judged. If one cannot get the best early price, with or without BOG, one is better off with Betfair SP.

      I hope that answer doesn’t sound too evasive, but it’s like always paying the hotel or airline advertised rates rather than checking for the best price online. It is no longer a sensible way to go about the respective business… in my view, at least!


  22. sapinunc says:

    Great charts. Is there any spreadsheet where I can check every single tip since it started? It would save me time otherwise I will have to go post by post.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi sapinunc

      I’m afraid there isn’t a line by line spreadie. We do weekly update posts on the blog, and update the results spreadsheet monthly. If you were to do a spreadsheet, I’d love a copy!


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