Geegeez Towers (Before and After)

As promised many months ago, dear reader, I've finally got round to shooting a quick one take video of the house after the builder's moved out. It's not quite finished yet - still a few bits and pieces, like a dining table and chairs! - missing. But we're nearly there...

So, nothing to do with racing and possibly of absolutely zero interest to you (apologies if that's the case - feel free to check out some betting reviews here), here is the 'before' video, closely followed by the 'after' video.

Back to work for me...


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  1. Jim says:


    Nice to see the end product – glad it’s finished..

    I have a number of racing books as well – we should compare and swap to read each others.

    Speak soon


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      We certainly should Jim! By the way, congrats to Carlisle for getting to Wembley (I assume). Not often you lose 3-0 and still go through… 🙂


  2. Tony says:

    like the open plan light fittings in video 1…..not sure health and safety will though!!…..

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tony

      Yes, there were a number of ‘features’ in video 1 that may not have been quite health and safety executive compliant…! 😉

      Better now though, I’m pleased to report.


      • Roy Carter says:

        Not quite got the country mansion yet then Matt? Must get the ‘Freud on Course’ book sometime he’s such a good writer. I thought ‘A Bloody Good Winner’ by Dave Nevison gave a great insight into a pro gamblers life. The Patrick Veitch book ‘Enemy Number One. was OK but a bit dry in parts.

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          You could buy a country mansion for the cost of this place, Roy! Central London is not cheap… in any case, there’s only me and the missus so a pile in the sticks would be a tad profligate. Wouldn’t mind a little French pied-a-terre, mind you. 😉

          Re books, Freud on Course is excellent and recommended. Very amusing. Best racing texts for UK racing are probably Betting For A Living (Nick Mordin) and The Inside Track (Alan Potts). I am currently writing my own contribution to that area of research. Don’t hold your breath however: it’s still in the draft contents stage!


  3. Gavin says:

    I look forward to seeing the finished product in a couple of weeks mate.

    Nice job!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Gavin. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Make sure Dylan cleans his football boots before I get there!

  4. Peter Colledge says:

    Lovely Matt…well done. Nice to renovate your own place isn’t it? I built from a ruin 30 odd years ago and it’s good to know where cables go behind the plasterboard or plaster etc.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Well done Peter, that sounds like a heck of a job. I have to concede to having employed people who know infinitely more than me in this regard. Mine was (barely) a project management capacity!

  5. Michael says:

    Think you need to be fit to live there matt !! too many stairs for me , by the way ref your 1st comment, i was quite looking forward to a trip to wembley !! but thats what you get when you put in an inept performance in the 1st leg , we’ve beaten em 2-0 and 3-0 in the last two games. Talking of books and i know he’s not into Horses much, but Steve Palmer from the Racing Post has got one coming out that i am quite looking forward to getting my hands on, i hope the missus reads this so she might get me it for Valentines !! 🙂 Michael

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Get the missus to sign up Michael, and I’ll send her a direct link to your comment 😉


    • Jim says:

      Hi guys

      Yes, it’s off to Wembley on 3rd April. We will have a gang from Carlisle descend on Cannon Towers for the weekend just like last year. My hope is that Carlisle may get round to having a settled team and can put some results together as opposed to the last few.

      As I said in the news and star – for the first 9 games of the season Carlisle hardly changed their team and were flying high. They then sold Ian Harte to Reading, had some injuries and have had loads of loan players (who have gone back to their clubs) with the result that the team changes every week – and I’m not talking about the subs….

      When Notts Forest under the great Clough/Taylor regime won their first European Cup (plus the Charity Shield and League Cup) and were second to Liverpool in the league, they played 63 games with 2 everpresents who also played in 10 friendlies and 2 county cup games i.e. a total of 75 games. They only used 16 players plus 4 others who played a total of 12 games between them. AND when you remember the pitches in those days – with Norman Hunter biting peoples legs – it’sa remarkable effort. All this from a book by Maurice Edwards in the library. Great read.

      Wish us luck against Brentford!!


  6. Jane Barff says:

    Hi, Matt – What an achievement – well done! What you need now is a nice, colourful painting – I just happen to have several for sale – please check out my website…….!!!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jane

      Thanks – I did check out your website, and I must say that, whilst I’m not really much of a judge of art, I can see that you have a talent. I’m impressed with the different styles in which you’ve painted. Quite a repertoire.

      I do actually have a lot of pictures here in the study which I need to find homes on the wall for (which involves me persuading Mrs Matt to have equine images everywhere!)


  7. Arthur says:

    Nice place now …. no expensive gym subscriptions with all those stairs to climb all day and every day.

    Also, from the evidence presented, I reckon Matt’s left-handed…… which goes some way towards explaining why he’s one of the good guys!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Well done Arthur – left handed is right! As for the gym membership, the stairs are about the only exercise I get. Online marketing / blogging involves a LOT of sitting in a chair. Sedentary doesn’t begin to describe it, alas… Matt

  8. Harvey Field says:

    Hi Matt I bet you and your wife are glad its finished and you can get to doing what you like best (RACING )

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You’re not wrong, Harvey! It was a very, VERY trying time for us both, and it’s great to be back up and running again. And enjoying watching more racing 🙂


  9. Francis says:

    Matt, Great job and all good wishes for your house. Renovation or building work is like the “Road to Success”….it’s always under construction! I live in what you would describe as a “Cottage” on the West coast of Ireland, a few years ago I decided to renovate the place. The walls are 2 feet thick built with stone and lime, so I had to dig 60 holes to fit 30 rafters for the upstairs. Built over 150 years,some of the stones in the wall were pretty heavy! I got a friend who knows what he is doing to plan the job and do some of the work. We joined the rafters by noggins,then my friend levered them up and they were perfectly level. I could go on about the rest of the work,but here’s a giggle for you!
    After I got the floorboards in,I moved my bed upstairs,there was a space left for the stairs and a ladder to get up and down. One friday I had quite a few drinks, then when I arrived home I was in happy mood and decided to have a can or two or…when I came tothe last can…I decided as it was around 2AM to go to bed. The logic of a Drunken person is akin to a Politician,it sounds brilliant-but on sober reflection it’s blx!!!!! For some reason the ladder was on the opposite side to where my bed was,and I decided not to bring the extension light with me or a torch or even a candle! I climbed the ladder can in hand,when I got upstairs I realised my bed was on the other side of the stairs space.
    No problem its dark but I know where I am, so next thing I was doing a “Space Walk”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky for me I fell 8ft but landed on my fee and very little of the can got spilt! I got sober fast! got the light and moved the ladder to the right side. I had a bruised leg, but fortunate not to have broken bones!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very funny Francis – sounds like you had a seriously lucky escape there! Hopefully it’ll be another 150 years before further extensive renovations are required, meaning you’ll be able to sup your cans, and use the lights and the stairs to support you in the ‘latter stages of sobriety’! 😀


  10. Austin says:

    Hi! Matt nice to see you like to live in your house not everything prim & proper boring a house was made to live in and have fun not to be exact and everything in place mine is the same.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Austin. Yes, I agree entirely. However, I’m not certain that Mrs Matt does! (I don’t ask her, just in case… 😉 )

  11. tom says:

    Wouldn’t wish all that renovation chaos on anyone – even a bookie. It’s always better, and even cheaper, to offload the responsibility to a professional; an architect with experience in renovation who will also know which builder to trust.
    Looks a nice nest but wait ’til you hear the patter of tiny feet running up and down those stairs…

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Tom, I can’t believe you implied the ‘b’ word there! My baby is Geegeez, and it has the pitter patter of many thousand feet!

      Best, Matt

  12. Paul R - says:

    Must be nice to finally have it finished!
    We’re undertaking a similar level of refurb, in all albeit newer 70’s house, but have gone well over budget at an eye watering 21k and still haven’t finished yet, houses are a money pit.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      Yeah, budgets are a bit of a moot point with regards to the house. I can only say that I started with a budget at that point and, by the end, would have needed to invest the whole sum in a winning 6/4 shot to cover the damage!

      But it is definitely an investment, both in one’s own quality of life now, and the future resale value of the property (most importantly, the first one, I hasten to add).


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