Geegeez Weekly Roundup

What a few days it's been, dear reader, and what a week we have coming up. From Scotland to Ireland; from David Peat to James Fitzmaurice; and from Pall Mall to Wolverhampton; it's a veritable mixed bag in today's post...

So let's get to it.

Firstly, a quick gloat about the big race on Saturday, the Scottish Grand National. My choices were highlighted here earlier in the week for all to see (and aligned remarkably with a number of other sources of online goodness, notably Gavin's Festival Trends).

Thirty runners and four miles of racing later, Merigo stayed on well to repel all challengers, principally last year's runner up, Gone To Lunch. In so doing, they managed a 1-2 for my trio against the field (the other, Auroras Encore, ignominiously parting company with the jock at the very first fence).

18/1 was the price of the winner; or 24/1 on the tote; or 26.71/1 Betfair SP.

For those adventurous enough to play the forecast (that certainly wasn't me!), the exacta paid £207.70. Nice.

OK, gloat over. Onwards and downwards!


Now then, unless you've not signed up to a single email list in your life (and if you're reading this, it probably means you have), you will have received one or more mail notes regarding a certain James Fitzmaurice, who runs the website at

Whilst I don't know James personally, I have followed his progress online (as I do with many others), and I've been impressed with the niche he's carved for himself.

As far as I can tell, James started out with some questionable ideas a few years back, but has since had a sort of online epiphany and become a straight talker, and someone who tries to steer systems buyers towards the good products.

Clearly, in so doing, he will upset some product owners. That's the nature of his approach.

However, the email that was sent out - upon which I've no desire to dwell - had at best tenuous and circumstantial evidence within it, and at worst libelous acerbic invention.

It's not my job to defend James (he's big enough to do that for himself), but it could just have easily have been me that was the subject of such an attack (and indeed I don't rule out the possibility of that happening despite my stainless reputation, such is the seemingly arbitrary nature of these emails).

Anyway, my point is that in my opinion James is a decent bloke trying to do right, and I was surprised and disappointed at the lengths that this anonymous (naturally) spammer had gone to.


Changing the tone completely, I've got a new poll up where I'm trying to learn something about you wonderful people, as a whole. It's a demographic question, oh yes.

I want to know in which decade you were born. The whole thing is completely anonymous, so don't fret about being 'outed' as ten years older or younger than you typically present yourself 😉

Anyway, it's also optional so if you don't want to share, then don't. If you don't mind though, it helps me understand to whom I'm writing. (And, of course, helps to better write to you and for you).

Thanks a lot in advance.


Your first 30 days for just £1

Next up, it's the Punchestown Festival this week: a five day puntathon that will test the mettle (as well as the wallet and the liver) of even the hardiest wagerers.

I did some research for the Irish Field around favourite performance, and came up with some interesting findings, depending on whether the horses had run at Cheltenham's Festival or not.

You can find those finding on my site here: Punchestown Festival 2010 Pointers.

Good luck if you're going to Punchestown, or simply punting on it.


You'll note that this is a shortish post today, despite the breadth of subject matter. The reason for this is of course the big live events this Thursday and Friday, on London's Pall Mall.

I'll be hosting two days of instruction, with fun and sandwiches to boot.

I finished my presentation materials yesterday, and now I'm really excited about the events themselves, which will be the springboard for twenty or so new players in the market over the course of the next year. You're sure to hear about many of them here in coming months.

It does however mean I will be heavily distracted this week, so if you don't get a reply to your email in the normal time frame, please bear with me. And if there isn't much going on here on the blog this week, please bear with me.

I've promised to give my undivided attention to my Platinum group, and that is exactly what I am committed to doing.

Normal service will resume here in a week or so's time. Thanks for bearing with me between now and then.


Also this week, the Geegeez geegees return to the track!

Tomorrow, Always De One has an engagement in the 4.45 at Wolverhampton and, whilst she's almost top weight in what (according to the handicap range at least) is a moderate contest, she might struggle against some unexposed types.

There are four runners (from a field of thirteen) who have had the obligatory three maiden starts to get a handicap rating. Often these horses leave their previous level of form behind when they hit handicap company.

The one that might be 'darkest' is Lucky Traveller, who was outpaced in his three starts... over five and six furlongs. He now races over a mile and quarter! Hmmm... He might be just a poor horse, or he could improve considerably for the extra half a mile! Time will tell.

That said, on known form in the book, Always has a decent chance. She's second best on speed figures, sixth best on Racing Post Ratings, and third best on official ratings.

The application of cheek pieces will hopefully keep her focused, as she can run a little lazily in spots, and she's well enough drawn.

Finally, the fact that I cannot attend tomorrow (for reasons already highlighted) give her an excellent chance. Despite owning bits of winning race horses through this century, the last time I was actually present at the track when one of my interests won was...

21st February 2001  !!!!

I'll be backing her each way and hoping for a bold show.

Later in the week, on Saturday to be precise, Baggsy is entered in a fillies' race at the same venue. She's towards the bottom of the ratings bracket for the race, so may or may not get a run. We can forget her last race (as she was in season), and she'll be ready to give a good account of herself. I've yet to see the entries so can't say whether she might trouble the judge at this stage.

Finally, Night Orbit is now in fast work. He'll have a run or two on the flat when the ground eases, and then we'll plan a summer novice chasing campaign with him. As a 124 rated hurdler, he'd have a chance of winning one or two little races before the big boys come out to play in October/ November. Early days but a lot to look forward to there.


Finally, did you get hold of David Peat's free systems compendium yet? If so, I hope you liked it.

If not, you can grab it from the link below. You can also sign up for his bang in form Horse Profiles services which, as I explained on Friday, is excellent value at around £8 a month (£57 one time payment).

Check it out here.

That's all for today. If you backed the winner in the Scottish National, or if you took a look at David's stuff, or if you have a fancy at Punchy this week, or if you know James or have a view on 'that' email, or if you've anything else you'd like to mention...

LEAVE A COMMENT! I love 'em!



Your first 30 days for just £1
22 replies
  1. Tony Booker says:

    Good Scottish National selections, happily made myself a few quid. Keep up the good work.

  2. steve says:

    Hi Matt also would like to come to James defence I am a reader of his site and would not touch a system if James or yourself did not recommend it James is straight talking and I trust him whole heartedly.
    Scottish National
    You gave us three horses a 1st 2nd and a ( faller ) you must try harder only joking way to go Matt.
    Business Training
    What a great idea would have loved to have a go but being an out of work self-employed builder unfortunately I can’t afford it but have your free course so who knows this time next year I could be a millionaire Rodney.
    Keep up the good work.
    Steve Lucas

  3. Paul Whelan says:

    Morning Matt, having spoken to both Iain Lewington AND James Fitzmaurice on the phone in the past, unless he has gone to the dramatic extreme of employing a voice coach to create for himself a very convincing west midlands accent, I can assure you these most certainly are NOT one and the same person.

    PS. great shout on Merigo.

  4. Paul Whelan says:

    But, come to think of it, I’ve never seen you and Peter Barlow from Coronation Street together in the same room. Mmmmm….

  5. James says:

    Hi Matt

    I backed all 3 tips EW in the Scottish National so I finished up a very happy backer !!!! Thans Matt.

  6. Mezza says:

    Matt, was on the Meringo tip, many thank’s for that.

    On a serious note i am a member of the Bookies R Bust forum, now almost deceased. And James Fitzmaurice joined and consequently caused uproar.
    The forum was a great place to swap betting methods and ideas. James came in, nicked a few ideas and then had the audacity to market them as systems.
    As if that wasn’t enough he then copied the e-mail addresses of every forum member and then proceeded to bombard us with his marketing e-mails, for systems which the members proved didn’t work.
    He falsified results, and we proved this as well.
    I have no idea as to the Lewington thing, but i wouldn’t go near him or any of his sites, products or services.
    But that’s just my opinion.
    We confronted James on the forum and asked him to stop the emails and general pushing of his products, he couldn’t understand why we were so irate with him.
    The main concern being members new to betting thinking James had the holy grail and actually buying from him.
    I am sure most of the systems he gives glowing reports on are his own.
    But each to their own.

  7. John says:

    Followed Your selections – But under pari-mutual wagering here in USA prices were Low, lower, lowest. Thanks,

  8. Andy says:

    Hi Matt
    Good luck with the seminars at Pall Mall. You might want to have a word with the guy’s at Short Cut Bulletin. They promoted your course in their daily email today and revealled your monthly income! Very nice if true. PM me if you would like to read it.

  9. Brian says:

    Hi Matt

    Backed the Scottish National winner (thanks for the tip), the Aintree National winner and should have backed the Irish National winner had I not let the Racing Post “expert” put me off your mate Gavin’s trends selection by saying it probably wouldn’t stay!

    Didn’t get the email slagging off James but I have followed his website and he does seem genuine now about when expressing opinions on systems.

    I’ve also had dealings with Iain Lewington who seems a bit eccentric but hasn’t conned me yet.


  10. colin says:

    Mezza is correct.

    While it is 99.99% certain Mr F is not Mr Lewington in disguise, it does appears a good proportion of the “approved” systems are his own or promoted by him

    If that is the case, perhaps an independant review could be made before they are so approved – (they may well have been so tested, I dont know)

    That he “exposes” scams is good – but those so done are clearly so by anyone who has commonsense and does their due diligence – and appear to be castigated prior to testing. Some, I agree are so obvious an early warning is well worth having.

    Sadly he attracts the vitriol he receives as he seems to make a virtue of being rude and intolerant himself – if he just stayed with the facts instead of the subjective and often irrelevant comments he makes that have nothing to do with the system/tipsters performance, he would probably avoid the abuse (but as he seems keen to publish it, perhaps he likes it ) and would have more credibility – paticulary if he was not so patronising to his “followers,” constables, sergeants, etc

    None of this is written in defence of Scammers – I hate them with the venom I do Butcher Brown – nor do I have a personal axe to grind with Mr F as I am a buyer not seller of racing advice, but pots and kettles…

  11. David Walker says:

    Hi Matt thanks for your Scottish National Tip did it as a single plus in a £2.50 patent with a 3/1 and a 7/4 winner the patent made just under a grand VERY VERY HAPPY DAYS THANKS A MILLION

  12. chris marsland says:

    terrific Scottish National tips==congrats but how can I train myself to pick the two winners from the first fence disaster !!!

  13. Ben Aitken (NTF) says:

    PW – “But, come to think of it, I’ve never seen you and Peter Barlow from Coronation Street together in the same room. Mmmmm….”

    I was saying the very same thing to my wife (Mrs NTF) the other day!! Well almost, I questioned “Why is Matt Bisogno on the front of that TV magazine?!?”

    You go to some lengths to promote geegeez Matt ;-D

  14. Paul Whelan says:

    Matt, I hope I’m not putting the kybosh on Always, but I make hime top rated in my speed ratings. Both for his performance last time out (albeit over 1m4f) but also his best over the last 12 months, 2 runs back at Lingfield, but over a comparable 1m2f. So I think he stands a great chance – and if he is still available at the f’cast 5/1 it’s worth a punt IMHO

  15. dave foster says:

    first hope your seminar goes great for you.not my scene,
    always de one,got cracking chance tuesday I.M.O. obviously dont know how pieces will work.but dissappointed julia using jimmy.nowt against jimmy but adam has a weight allowance that could be critical.A.D.O. can win anyway,without pieces,crushing and lucky traveller normally need a run,unless trainers have changed tactics we win.
    your tips for scottish were spot on,i ended up with 1 st,2 nd.5th. and felt your trends fitted in with my figures,other than,my fav nat.hunt trainer,nick williams,whos horse unfortunatety for me was 5th,my biggest bet,but hey 1st.2nd,and 5th.still won well done you,dave

  16. David Hughes says:

    Thanks for the scottish national tips Mat.I needed to recoup losses from our own national and god knows why but i backed your 3 tips on the nose and came up trumps.i got 20/1 when bet 365 put up no runner no bet,i was straight on as i got best odds too.Only wish i backed the 3 selections in a perm for the exacta would only have cost £6 and what a return,200/1.still must not be too greedy i got my losses back and i’m grateful to you for that.keep up the good work.

  17. mattgiffin says:

    sorry matt i must ask, i just got an email about a matt bisongo on a shares trading website about you making 14k a month….is this you or is someone using your name…..its a short bulletin website who deals in share tips??

  18. john murray says:

    hi matt,
    had 1-2 in my national, (scots) glad to say i was born just after the 2nd world war. happy to tell you.
    john murray

  19. James Fitzmaurice says:

    In my defence Mezza you are lying about a few things I did not steal any systems to market them. I never stole any email addresses to market to them, I simply had built up a series of contacts on that forum to exchange systems as we all did from time to time. I also never ever once falsified any results.

    I was however (when I first started out online before i even had my first website) intrigued by betting systems. I learnt very quickly at the start of my marketing business online which path i wanted to go down, and Matt has also touched on that subject in his post above. I am ony human and I made mistakes at the very beginning.

    I never once stole systems thats just pure lies and I would ask matt to pass to you my email address so that you can speak with me about it either via email or on the phone. I also do not want this discussion to continue on matts forum so Mat if there is any response please forward to my personal email so it can be dealt with accordingly, there are false accusations flying around here.It needs to be nipped in the bud.

    Colin, the two passed and recommneded systems/services were tested independantly infront of the blog readers for a minimum of 90 days. All the evidence is on site. I, like Matt has stated previously on here, make money on my blog and i provide an affiliate link fo rany traffic that comes from my blog. At the moment the costs outweigh the net income but at least the stuff that does get passed helps to pay the reviewers and for all the ebooks and services i have to pay for.

    cheers, your friend, James

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Colin, Mezza, James,

      Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. I was at a very interesting dindins last night with a few people in the biz, and there is a strong suspicion that Colin Andrews aka Jamie Kelly aka many others of the recently started (and finished!) advisory service JCA Racing, was behind the email blasts at the weekend, after James ‘outed’ them on his site.

      Funnily enough, it seems to have done James’ website traffic the power of good, with thousands of people who’d never heard of him now having visited his site (I’m surmising).

      Seems there really is no such thing as bad publicity!

      James, I think you should just keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll come out of this better than where you were when it all started.

      Those email spammers are dirt bags, and giving them air time is pointless. (No doubt they’ll be back soon enough under a different name…)


  20. colin says:

    Matt – there is an old truism that there is no such thing as bad publicity……..

    James – if your own promoted systems were “proofed” on your own forum by selections being posted there prior to racing then I applaud you, as it is almost like undressing in public and you are totally vindicated.

    A 90 day public test is great should there not be a verifiable prior history, so often one sees on Racing Index a one month result being brilliant and future months being rubbish – so good on you

    If they were not though, I do not see how they were independently proofed. To be so, surely they should have been done so outside your own set up.

    However, enpough said on that as I cannot believe you would prejudice your own veracity by”cheating”

    As to not wanting discussion about you on this forum that really cannot be acceptable other than if falsities are published about you which would be wrong.

    I am sure you are pleased to have had the good things that are said published and you seem to be happy to publish your opinions about other people , who probably would prefer you did not, on your own blog. Censor one then censor the other!

  21. Leigh says:

    Look Forward to seeing Night Orbit over fences, he should be good as he always jumped hurdles so well.

    Baggsy did not run again, its getting very frustrating and worrying, especially as we only have a couple of months left now, so possibly only one more run??

    Hope things pick up.

    And happy punting!


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