Gervais loses it in rant over racing

Comedian Ricky Gervais launched an outspoken attack on the Grand National and horse racing in general, which he described as involving horse being “slaughtered for fun.”

Gervais was speaking from America ahead of the broadcast of Derek, a one off television show broadcast last night on Channel 4. The programme has been strongly criticised as mocking people with learning difficulties, with a small number of journalists calling it offensive.

His tirade came in an interview with Richard Bacon on Radio 5 Live yesterday afternoon, during a programme broadcast from Aintree. Gervais said that a group of critics regularly slated his work, often without even seeing it before they committed their views to paper or a blog. He said, “Everything I do, every single week has been the end of my career if you believe six or seven journalists. These people have got to write a blog or an article every day, they have to write about something and now and again when I do something, that gives them something to write about. It's just noise. It's just graffiti. Most people make their own minds up, which is good. I’m offended my many things. It’s nothing to do with right or wrong, it’s just my personal opinion.”

When Bacon asked him for an example of what offended him, Gervais launched his attack on racing, getting pretty worked up in doing so. “Well, you’re at Aintree. I don't think that people should make horses jump over things, being whipped and when they injure themselves they are put down because they are not worth having around because of economic reasons. Basically a beautiful majestic beast that took 2 billion years to evolve has just been slaughtered for fun. But I don't go to Aintree, that's how I do it.”

Well, that’s fine Ricky, don’t go. But isn’t such a rant a case of pots and kettles? You’re showing yourself in just the same light as those people who have got you worked up by criticising your work.

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    Matt Bisogno says:

    I think the difference here is that presumably the people critiquing Gervais’ work are generally comic or entertainment or theatre critics, whereas Gervais is clearly talking out of his pipe regarding racing, about which he has no knowledge.

    It’s a generic malaise in our society: people with no interest/knowledge/experience criticizing something. Pointless, but all too frequent alas.


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      cath hope says:

      Yes Matt and also more importantly and sadly, taken notice of by those in power !!

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    cath hope says:

    Surely this most unfunny and uninspiring of a 2 billion year evolvemant of a man should direct his rant at the millions upon millions of majestic beasts kept kettled up in inhumane conditions and factory farms with no quality of life, steroid enhanced food,a short lifespan and an inglorious end to their existence in the name of food which is generally watsed and unvalued that a creature gave up an existence for.
    No the insipid gobshite attacks a sport where the horses are loved, cared for better than most humans and in the event of suffering are relieved of their pain within minutes. Oh that humans were treat the same, this total lack of understanding from the sarcastic and offensive Gervais who has been overrated and undertalented since day one is just another go at this historic race that has been going since 1836 and has been the ultimate challenge of man and horse which is now due to these unknowledgeable prats descending into nothing more than a 40 runner handicap.
    Soon enough if all these sad little people who have nothing better to do with their lives other than interfere in other peoples lives get their way as they have in schools (non competitive sports now rule the roost) we will eventually turn into a society of mediocity and blandness…rather like Ricky Gervais…RANT OVER !!

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