Get well soon, Statto

One face missing from Channel 4’s coverage of Glorious Goodwood this week is that of Angus Loughran. The reason for this emerged yesterday when he revealed he had suffered a heart attack during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last Friday.

He told the Racing Post that shortly after he had arrived at the Olympic Stadium he felt unwell and was attended to by one of the medical team. Loughran said, “I was really lucky because the guy said to me, ‘You are in the process of having a heart attack.’”

Despite lightness of traffic around Stratford it took some time to reach the London Chest Hospital, barely three miles up the road in Bethnal Green, the same hospital where Fabrice Muamba was treated earlier this year. Loughran had three stents inserted after doctors found that one of his arteries had ruptured and another was in poor condition. Loughran remained in hospital over the weekend.

He was released on Monday, but has been put on the easy list by doctors, and in his case that means rest and not betting. He said, “I don’t feel too bad but have been told to rest and haven’t yet decided if I will go back to work next week, Normally at Glorious Goodwood I would be having loads of bets. I have been watching it on Channel 4 but haven’t been punting because the doctor told me not to give myself unnecessary excitement. It’s the hardest bit of advice I’ve ever had to deal with. I have taken a view that win or lose it’s excitement so I’ve decided to go along with it.”

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