Gold Nuggets: hints and tips on how to get the most out of Geegeez Gold

Gold Nuggets #9: Prepping for the Flat Season, Part 1

After a fortnight off, it's the return of Gold Nuggets, a (usually) weekly vidcast where I try to bring the Geegeez Gold toolkit to life for you, so that you can go and do some good (or gooder!) stuff for yourselves.

In this week's instalment, I reveal the reports I use to know more at the start of the flat turf season; and I also introduce Draw Analyser as a research tool that can put you miles in front of your fellow (non-geegeez) bettors. Next week, I'll dig further into that tool as well as illustrating some ways to profile individual horses for profit. That's for the future, but now let's get to today's Gold Nuggets...


00:00 Intro
01:28 Reports overview
02:36 The Shortlist
05:10 Trainer Jockey Combo Report
06:52 Report Angles [See also first link below]
08:35 Trainer Statistics 14 Day view
13:55 Trainer 1st Handicap Start
16:10 Trainer Change Report
18:40 Trainer 2yo 1st Start Report
21:40 Draw Analyser [See also second link below]




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2 replies
  1. gilly 666
    gilly 666 says:

    Excellent post again Matt. I just wanted to touch on Report Angles. It is still my most profitable tool on Geegeez by quite a distance.At first I just used the default options,and got to understand how to selectively choose horses which returned a healthy ROI after a bit of time.I have since adjusted my criteria,but I guess what I’m saying is if your new,the default options can return a nice profit, until you gain more experience. Report Angles has changed my betting for sure.

  2. N17
    N17 says:

    Another great video Matt – always good to have a refresher course even if you are not a newbie to Geegeez. Well done on pointing the way to 33/1 winner Pensiero D’Amore at Kempton too.



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