PRB Heat Map is part of the May 2023 Gold Upgrades

Gold Upgrades: May 2023

It's been a while since we've released any new features to Gold, so I'm excited to share a couple of small - but awesome - upgrades with you. The first may be imperceptible (but probably won't be), the second is niche, and the third is a new rating... let's get to it.

1 Remember settings

You know how you always do the same thing when you go to the cards to see the info that's right for you? For me, this means setting the draw tab to 'Actual' and PRB/PRB3/PRB in the three dropdowns; and setting the Pace tab heat map to 'Place%'; and incessantly re-sorting the Instant Expert grid when I change one of the top of the page variables.

Well, no more... yay!


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Because we've introduced some 'local memory' improvements so that things remain as you set them up if you're using the same machine as the one you set them up on. Here's what I mean: let's say you, like me, look at PRB views on the 'Draw' tab.


Up until now, if you were logged out or otherwise left the site, you'd have to re-select the parameters as you like them. But, from now, you'll see those settings remembered and appearing as a matter of course when you go to the tab.

Likewise, that minor irritation of having to re-sort the Instant Expert table after every variable amend:


Not any more. Now you can change anything at the top of the Instant Expert and the grid will remain in the order you had it. Phew, what a relief!


We've added 'remember' functions to all tabs, which will certainly save me a goodly few clicks most days, and hopefully ease your transit around the cards a little, too.

N.B. This is the case if you're using the same machine/browser and don't clear your cache/cookies. Even if you do clear cache from time to time, like me, it's still only an occasional faff to redefine your parameters. And that will remind you of when you had to do it every time and make you grateful 😉


2 Added PRB to Pace 'Heat Map' view and table

I've wanted this for a loooong time. Trying to infer the impact of the combination of draw and run style can be really difficult when the sample sizes are small, which is why I use 'Place %' rather than 'Win %' - because place percent gives meaning to each of the placed horses, whereas win percent only does that for the first one home.

Let's say we only have four ten-horse races in the sample size. That would mean 12 placed horses and just four winning horses. Obviously, then, the heat map could be skewed especially when looking at win percent.

PRB - Percentage of Rivals Beaten - assigns value to every runner in every race, aside from the last horse home whose value is 0 (0% of rivals beaten). In our fictional four race sample above, we now have 40 (or 36 if you exclude Tail End Charlie's) scored horses from which to form some sort of perspective.

Anyway, PRB is better in my view, especially when looking at almost any flat turf race (the all-weather sample sizes tend to be much larger and, therefore, more meaningful in traditional win/place strike rate terms).


Note the PRB option in the dropdown box top right and, directly below that, a new PRB column in the pace table. This will immediately be my 'de facto' setting; and, of course, in this brave new world that setting will be remembered!

3 Introducing Performance Ratings

Everyone loves a rating, right? Here at geegeez we have a fair number these days, what with official ratings, Racing Post Ratings, Topspeed, Peter May's private ratings, and our sectional upgrade figures - and that's assuming you don't use our ratings tool to create and save your own 'R1' numbers! But these Performance Ratings are pretty nifty and I think they'll add value for some users at least. What are they? I'm glad you asked...

These are the BHA's own race figures. They differ from Official Rating (OR) in that they are a measure of the level to which a horse has been judged to have run in a specific race. So, for a horse going up the handicap, OR and the Performance Rating (PR) will be the same.

Here's Sayifyouwill, a last time out winner off 79 - she was raised 3lb to 82 for that, as a result of her PR for the last day win being adjudged to have been 82:



But when a horse runs below its handicap mark, it won't necessarily be dropped to its performance level. For instance, Cry Havoc won a couple of times before running poorly on her most recent two starts:



Looking from bottom to top, we see she was 1st of 14 and, running off 79, was raised to 82. She then won in a field of 11 off her revised OR of 82 and was awarded a new PR of 86. On her penultimate start, when sixth of eight, she ran to a PR of just 69 and yet her handicap mark (OR) remained unchanged on 86. Another poor run, this time eliciting a PR of just 34 when running off 86 and trailing home last of six followed. After that, she was dropped a pound to an OR of 85 (not shown).

So what do these PR figures tell us? Well, they quantify the degree to which a horse may have underperformed and, when looking at the last few runs of a horse, they can help us build a profile of progression / regression in a similar way to RPR.

PR figures will start building as a history from now - we don't have the historic data, unfortunately - and there are some caveats, as follows:

- We will never publish a PR figure where there is no published OR (in other words, before a horse receives a handicap mark)

- We will never publish a PR figure for runs prior to the awarding of a handicap mark

- We will never publish a PR figure for Irish racing

The reason in each case is the same: we don't have access to them! Such data are a closely guarded secret at BHA towers and we are permitted to publish only what is available on the BHA website itself.

NOTE: You need to 'turn on' the PR ratings from the Racecard Options area of your My Geegeez page:


Over time, I feel that these PR figures will be a useful guide to horses' form profile and may also help to shed some light on optimal conditions for more exposed runners.

For more information on Performance Ratings, check out this article on the BHA's website.


That's all for now - I hope there's something of use to you in the above.

Good luck,


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Your first 30 days for just £1
8 replies
  1. Monsieurbernie
    Monsieurbernie says:

    great little add on features, like you say can save abit of time setting the tabs to what you want

    on the PR ones, they seem similar to the racing post ratings that are on their website?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bernie

      Yes, similar to RPR but PR is the BHA’s version so they directly relate to the increase/decrease of Official Ratings in UK.

      Glad you like the small changes – bigger things coming later in the year.


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Danny, Yes it’s next on the list. We had some big fixes etc to do, couple left.

      Then late summer we’ll start the big QT upgrade. Looking forward to finally getting that done.


  2. harrycodlife
    harrycodlife says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for the enlightening post on Performance Ratings (PR). The system sounds quite helpful for understanding a horse’s race profile and I am interested in utilising this on geegeez. I’ve followed your advice and activated PR in the Racecard Options area of my account. However, I am unsure about how to actually view these figures. Could you kindly explain the steps to find and interpret these Performance Ratings once they have been activated in the settings?

    Is it within ‘Full Form’ or the ‘Profiler’ Tab?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards,

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Harry, sorry for the slow reply.

      PR is in the *inline form* (i.e. the form behind a click) on all of the CARD tab (behind the horse form icon), Full Form (in the form rows), Profiler (when clicking on a Profile row) and Instant Expert (when clicking within the colour grid for a horse).

      The column heading is ‘PR’

      We are aware of a bug which we’re aiming to fix imminently whereby GB-bred horses don’t have the PR data showing.

      Hope that clarifies,

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