Geegeez Reviews Update

Good by name, good by nature?

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Reviews Update

Well, that seems to be the case with Steve Good Racing (SGR) whose recent review results make him the spot light of this week's Systems Review Update.

We started reviewing SGR just nine days ago and we've been very pleased with its performance so far. It's not for the faint hearted, as there are around 8 bets per day at an average stake of just under 5pts.

To make the review more realistic in terms of the other services we review, we're just using a £2.00 per point stake here. Yet, even at £2 per point SGR has made over £162 (+81pts) in just 9 days, thanks to hitting 18 winning bets from the 70 placed to date, a strike rate of just over 25%.

We've logged every single bet, complete with BOG odds, results at SP, stakes and profit/loss on our comprehensive review, which you can see right here.

It's a simple service to follow, despite the larger than average number of selections. You can log on to a dedicated website to see the daily selections, advised odds and suggested stakes and this same information is also emailed to you as a backup facility.

The service is part of the reputable Betfan portfolio and is competitively priced at £45 per month. Even better value is available via the 3 months for 2 quarterly fee of just £90. More details available right here.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The £162 profit made by SGR this week was actually the best result achieved by any of our active reviews this week and the table below shows the current state of play of all those current reviews.

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Unity Racing Club (£5/pt) £1,575.20 (at day 23) 23 -£133.30 Click Here
Steve Good Racing (£2/pt) £162.62 (at day 9) 9 £162.62 Click Here
The Young Ones £89.04 (at day 16) 16 £66.43 Click Here
Tom Nelson Racing £1.98 (at day 16) 16 £24.90 Click Here
Each Way Earners -£0.87 (at day 31) 31 £0.00 Click Here
The Colonel (£2.50 / pt) -£57.00 (at day 9) 9 -£57.00 Click Here
Easy Tips -£139.90 (at day 30) 30 -£47.40 Click Here

Click the name of a service to read more about it.

It was also a profitable week for The Young Ones with their 13.3pts profit lifting their trial bottom line to just over 19pts, whilst Tom Nelson Racing is just above break even, thanks to making almost 5pts over the week.

Each Way Earners did see some action despite the table showing a weekly figure of zero, they actually broke even by losing as much as they won on a previous bet! It wasn't, however such a good week for Easy Tips who lost almost 9.5pts and now sit at the foot of the table on -28pts.

We started reviewing the Colonel at the same time as Steve Good racing, but the contrast is stark. The Colonel has already lost £57 in 9 days and as it too uses a staking plan,we're reviewing this one at £2.50 per point, so the losses are already approaching 23pts, improvement is needed, whilst the worst monetary loss of the week was from high-flying Unity Racing Club, although their £133.30 loss (c.27pts) only represented 7.8% of their prior profit, I hardly think the alarm bells are ringing just yet, as they still sit on a hefty tally of 315pts at £5 per point.

If you need more details on any of the services mentioned here, simply click on their name(s) or you can access their reviews from the "league table".

All these current reviews and lots of completed ones can be located in our System Trials area (available via this link).

Until next time, have a great week
Chris & the Geegeez review team.

Your first 30 days for just £1