Grand National in Numbers

The Grand National is THE biggest race in Britain, and that pretty much makes it the biggest race in the world. This great infographic, courtesy of our friends at Ladbrokes bingo (yes, them!), shows just how big the Grand National is, in lots of different ways.

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To view the image in a bigger window, click it (the image, that is), and then click the diddy image on the next page.

Grand National 2012 numbers

Grand National 2012 numbers

Infographic by Ladbrokes via Geegeez

Creative Commons License



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3 replies
  1. Tim Shea
    Tim Shea says:

    Sorry all too much for my old brain.
    I just want the system please and can see no download that I can tap into.


    Tim Shea

  2. Dave Parsons
    Dave Parsons says:

    MATT…….You never cease to amaze me….where do you get all this stuff from….absolutely brilliant,well done..very very informative.


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