There are currently 49 runners still entered for the Grand National. This will be whittled down to 40 on Friday, in readiness for Saturday's big race: the 2013 Aintree Grand National.

The table below is a runner-by-runner guide to the 2013 National, along with their key stats against the main trends and key requirements for the big race. A quick key to the column headings is included.

Falls - the number of times each horse has fallen, unseated its rider, or been brought down. You want a very good jumper in the Grand National!

Max Win (f) - the furthest, in furlongs, each horse has won over. To win over nearly four and a half miles (36f) requires proven stamina.

Max Fld Win - the biggest field of runners each horse has won in. There are 40 horses in the National, and proven form in a big field is a big help.

AGE / WGT / OR - The respective age (9-11 optimal); weight (eleven stone or more might be best); and official rating for each horse.

Chases - The number of races over fences each horse has had. Ten to twenty is ideal.

Max Class Win - the highest class of race each horse has won. G1Ch = Grade 1 Chase (the highest class); C4H = Class 4 Hurdles (low class and wrong obstacle)

Green / Amber / Red - the number of optimal (Green), acceptable (Amber), and questionable (Red) attributes each runner has, from a maximum of eight.


NO.FORMHORSEFallsMax Win (f)Max Fld WinAGEWGTORChasesMax Class WinGreenAmberRed
11U1P/2Imperial Commander127191211-1015814G1Ch701
233F7-8What A Friend126151011-915715G1Ch800
3PF-4PPWeird Al125181011-815613G2Ch710
4113-04Quel Esprit42418911-71559G1Ch521
57/U312Big Fella Thanks425151111-615420G3Ch512
61U355Roberto Goldback524141111-615427G3Ch512
1111271Across The Bay12619911-215011G2H / C2Ch800
12P3-72PJoin Together12610811-21508C2Ch422
133-5211Colbert Station02428911-11495C1Ch611
15B1F-1On His Own22518911-01487G2H / C1Ch611
170O1-12Balthazar King23119910-1214616C2Ch530
18334-22Cappa Bleu127241110-111459C2Ch440
194-4U60Oscar Time224281210-1114515C1Ch431
20091-78Always Waining225301210-1014435G3Ch332
2311611Lost Glory02612810-81429C2Ch260
241-F430Saint Are32519710-814211C1Ch341
25P1440Swing Bill125171210-814230C2Ch242
260F631Chicago Grey432181010-714120G2Ch422
270F-685Quiscover Fontaine22023910-714110C3Ch422
292P-P90Harry The Viking02611810-61407C3Ch233
30B8-643Rare Bob125151110-614028G1Ch431
31311P4The Rainbow Hunter22512910-614014C3Ch341
32236026Mr Moonshine02613910-513911C2Ch440
331133FPMumbles Head327171210-413818C2Ch341
340P45F5Auroras Encore625211110-313723C1Ch314
353F6042Ninetieth Minute222271010-313711G3H413
37614U49Any Currency128111010-013420C3Ch305
38P-265PMajor Malarkey32516109-1313317C3Ch323
40023P25Viking Blond1241789-1113111C4Ch323
41 (RES)770165Pentiffic32411109-812815C3Ch224
42 (RES)22157Mortimers Cross1329129-612615C2Ch314