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Geegeez Placepot

Geegeez Placepot

Finally, mercifully, we leapt off the cold list on Saturday with some Newton Abbot goodness. Not a fat payout, but a payout nevertheless, and welcome just the same.

It's up to Scotland today, and Hamilton's pretty decent card... for a Monday! Time is massively against me, so brevity is the watchword in today's offering.

2.10 - Leg 1: Les Gar Gan ran the best race of any of these last time at York. She consequently has most weight to carry, but she won in soft with nine stone on her back, so she should be ok here.

A - 1 (Les Gar Gan)

2.45 - Leg 2: Ted's Brother is the solid one here, while Red Charmer may get loose on the lead. Nighster is totally unexposed.

A - 3 (Ted's Brother), 5 (Nightster)
B - 7 (Red Charmer)

3.20 - Leg  3: Taxiformissbyron went well last week and has similar conditions today. Minot Street showed improved form last time on his first run on a sound surface. The Johnston horse, Mudaawem, has yet to show any alacrity for turf racing and may be taken on for the lead by Dutch Gal.

A - 8 (Taxiformissbyron), 9 (Minot Street)

3.55 - Leg 4: Mahican has the benefit of experience in this three horse race. If the 'pot looks tidy, lay him on the exchange. Otherwise, let it ride...

A - 3 (Mahican)

4.30 - Leg 5: Down to six runners and this is a tight little handicap. King Of Paradise and Aneedh have about the best form in the grade, and form the A bracket. On B, I'm with Lindenhurst and Aryizad, the possible improvers.

A - 2 (King Of Paradise), 4 (Aneedh)
B - 3 (Aryizad), 7 (Lindenhurst)

5.05 - Leg 6: Gran Canaria Queen stands out and is in form. She has to be on the tickets. The Nifty Fox and Beckermet might be twenty years young between them, but they've got plenty of recent form to get them into the shake up here. And Alexanderkollontai and Chester Aristocrat have taken serious market support.

A - 2 (The Nifty Fox), 5 (Gran Canaria Queen), 10 (Beckermet)
B - 1 (Chester Aristocrat), 14 (Alexanderkollontai)

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Hamilton placepot picks

Hamilton placepot picks

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Place your toteplacepot bets with totepool directly, using the link below: