Horse Betting Systems have been around for just about as long as people have been betting on horses. In actual fact, whether we realise it or not, we all use a systematic approach to betting on horse racing.

Whether you bet the name you like, or the grey horse, these are inbuilt system rules for you. Of course, most horse racing fans are a little more sophisticate than this, and look into the form of the horse; it's preferences; the profiles of historical winners: all of these approaches have merit, and all are systematic by nature.

Because of this omnipresence of system rules, it's not surprising that there are so many horse racing systems out there.

And, because everybody loves the idea of winning and / or making 'easy money', all systems will sell, irrespective of whether they are good, bad or downright ugly!

During my time writing this blog (and my old one at NagNagNag), I have reviewed over 40 systems, and will continue to review systems in the future - check my racing blog page regularly for more information on this.

On this page, you'll find links to all of the horse racing systems (betting) that I've reviewed previously. If you're more interested in horse laying systems, then click the link in this sentence.

The racing systems are listed in ratings order, with a score out of ten, and the top rated system first. Note that not all systems will be suitable for all people. Please refer to the reviews for more information, and to help you decide whether the system might be right for you.


TrainerTrackStats 10 / 10

TrainerTrackStats (TTS) has been running for three National Hunt seasons now, and has come out in front each time, when using betfair to place wagers. It is a backing 'system' where the rules are to follow certain trainers at certain tracks, with certain types of runner. All is fully explained in detail in the manual, and for those who don't have the time or the inclination to work out the qualifiers each day, there is a membership service that you can sign up to. NOTE: TTS ONLY RUNS FROM SEPTEMBER TO APRIL.

Favourites Phenomenon 10 / 10

Favourites Phenomenon (FP) is a 'stop at a winner' system. That is, you bet a series of horses until one of them wins, and then you stop for the day. Thus, your target each day is to make a single point profit. The downside with this type of system is that it has invariably offered very heavy losses on the rare losing days. FP accounts for that by placing 'stop losses' in the cycles, and using a couple of other sensible steps in the process. Since 2006, FP has shown a profit of a remarkable 761 points (to end March 2009).

That's £76,100 to £100 stakes over three and a quarter years, or £23,415.38 a year, which is higher than the average annual UK salary. Check this one out here...

Racing Investment Formula 6.5 / 10

A bit of a 'curate's egg' this one: very much good in places. It's a system that can involve backing or laying, usually at short prices, and always following the market. It may not be completely to everyone's tastes but, as I say, it did well enough in a short system test to merit at least a second look.
Read the Racing Investment Formula review here...

Selector 2 4.5 / 10

Oh dear, we're starting to get to the tail end of the systems to have been reviewed so far... this one looked interesting for a while, but then fell away rather badly. You can read the review here...

Betting Exchange Profits 1.5 / 10

The worst pure betting system I've reviewed, and certainly one to avoid in my opinion. For information, the review is here...