Format Racing Review - 25th March 2010

The 31 day test of Format Racing has now come to an end.

Following the system fully throughout racing each day, the results were disappointing with a final loss of 15.97 points.

However, following the system with the aim of clearing 1 point profit per day would have generated a surplus (or profit in old money) of 14.34 points.

(Note: no allowance for Betfair commission has been included so a nett value of 13.5 points after commission would be more accurate).

The basic system requires a degree of sitting on the PC (or maybe using a BOT) and for the purpose of this trial, the Betfair SP was used as the determining factor. This means that some results may be slightly different but it would appear to be a swings and roundabout affair in that regard.

The rules are straightforward and do not require a lot of work by the user. The only real expertise required is in using Betfair. So, if you don’t have a Betfair account, or are uncomfortable using that tool, then this probably isn’t for you.

But who is the FR Method for?

Well, the logic of the system leads one to think that it should work well for the patient punter, but the results indicate that only when applying a ’stop when you’re winning’ type approach will work.

Following the standard system, there were 13 winning days and 18 losing ones. The suggested bank is theoretical and was never reached in this trial (and would probably take a very long time to use up). The system may have fluctuations but they are unlikely to be huge. The biggest loss was 6.27 points and the biggest win was 5.26 points using the bet all qualifying races approach, advocated in the rules.

Stopping after achieving a 1 point profit was interesting since there were 22 of the 31 days when the 1 point win was achieved on the first qualifying race; five days when the result was achieved later in the day (leading to a profit of more than 1 point on those days) and 4 days when a loss was recorded (including the last day of the trial). This also meant you didn’t have to sit in front of a PC for ages, which has to be a bonus.


In conclusion, the results indicate that a disciplined approach targeted at achieving 1 point per day can be fruitful whereas the standard approach applied to all qualifying races would appear to be hit or miss.

I will certainly be keeping this in my repertoire for the selective 1 point a day approach and hope that you can cash in on this as well.

Format Racing looks reasonably priced at £67.

Good punting!!