Full Year System Review

Full Year System

Full Year System

The Full Year System is divided into two sub-systems: The Full Circle, which is operated from 1st September to 31st March; and, The Full Value, which is operated from 1st May to 31st August.   The month of April is a deliberate ommission and the author, Breaon Rawlings, does not recommend Full Year to be run during this month.   As a result there are different rules for the Summer and Winter racing periods and certain race meetings, which centre around major festivals, are excluded from the calculations.

Consequently it should be noted, at because of the time of year (January and February), that this review is focussed on The Full Circle aspect of  Full Year.   It is NOT a comment on Full Value.

The Full Year System requires the backing of certain horses for the day's racing.  The rules for selection, although a little verbose, are quite clear.  These horses are clearly selected from the Racing Post (or can be found on-line on the RP website in the section that does not require a subscription). Some research into the tipster (naps) section is needed each morning but this takes no more than a few minutes and possibly 15 minutes if you want to check everything thoroughly so that you have the correct selections.   In addition, Full Year does not make selections on a Sunday.

The horses are backed to 1 point level stakes.   The Full Circle aspect of the system proposes betting the point in different ways depending on the odds of the horse.   Don't worry, it is only simple win, eachway or place bets.   Nothing complicated.   Full Value is a straight win bet.

The bets can be placed on Betfair or with a bookmaker. The fact that bookmakers are now giving best odds when you take a price i.e. that if the SP is greater then you get that, makes this more attractive if you are unable to watch the prices during the day. This is useful if you are out at work etc. To give an idea of the difference it might make for someone being at work running Full Year compared with being at hom eto watch the proces, I recorded two sets of results for the trial: (1) the early price and (2) to SP as well. 

A bank of £1000 is to be used with £10 per bet level stakes (it is suggested that only 2.5% of the bank be used so £400 would suffice in this case - best to be cautious however!)

A summary of the Full Year Review results are as follows:

To Starting Price:    Betting Bank £984.02      (Loss of £15.98 approx -1.6 points)

To Early Prices:       Betting Bank £1,097.04  (Profit of £97.04 approx +9.7 points)

At the end of the trial, clearly Full Year was not succesful in terms of the prices at SP. However if you had searched for the best early prices you would still have been in profit over the 50 days (to the amount of 9.7 points). Another review of this system showed a huge profit at both SP and early prices.  I think that the system is a good one but is somewhat 'lumpy' in terms of profits. The system costs £95 and is probably worth the outlay. However I would like to see a complete twelve months trial results of Full Year before I could say it was worth the money.  Therefore, I would put it somewhere in the middle (neutral) area of systems at present.   Note that in my plan 9.7 points is £97 - exactly the cost of the system - and you have the system for ever.

We'll see what happens in due course as personally I shall be adding it to my portfolio of systems.

Take a look at The Full Year System for yourself.....