Racing Trends Review

Racing Trends Review

Racing Trends Review - June 2009

First some key points on what the Racing Trends service is and is not:

1)Racing Trends is not a pure tipping service and there is no suggestion that all horses noted should be backed

2)The aim of the service is to try to boil down all the possible stats available on a days racing to a reasonably compact summary focusing on only key stats that have demonstrated consistency of long term profits over many years

3)A lot of the information highlighted in Racing Trends is unique. The aim being to provide you with an edge to your betting by giving you well researched past profitable angles not found elsewhere.

4)Racing Trends is a tool to help you make your own educated betting or laying decisions. The best way to use Racing Trends does depend a bit on you as an individual. The basic principle is for it to be the place where you get the best statistical information for the day’s racing.

The Racing Trends information comprises a number of sections some of which only appear on an occasional basis. So, how has this service performed during our trial period?

Value Horses (occasional feature)

This section only appeared twice during the trial period however, on both occasions the identified Value Horses both won.

Draw Section (regular feature)

This section usually contains qualifying races with demonstrable draw biases; additionally, the favourably-drawn horses (usually 4) are also identified by name. When the draw bias works as identified, the first three home are often in the list of named horses. However, there have been occasions when the opposite of the expected draw bias has occurred.

Market Information (regular feature)

During the trial period the results were more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’ though I wouldn’t necessarily let this put you off. This was a short trial period so performance is probably best judged over a longer period.

Positive Stats –Trainer/Sire/Draw (regular feature)

This section contains a mixture of trainer/race type/age/distance, trainer/jockey combinations and Sire statistics for a selection of named horses some of which are competing in the same race. Some of these stats also have price and/or going dependencies which should be taken into consideration. Personally I found the Sire Stats to be the ones that confounded the most. For example, progeny of the Sire Pivotal were often identified in this section and one of the key dependencies for these horses is supposed to be soft or heavy going. Well, we haven’t had much of this recently yet on a number of occasions these identified horses were winning, often at very good prices, on supposedly unsuitable going such as Good-Firm and Firm.

Negative Trainer Stats (occasional feature)

These stats were generally consistent and successful providing useful information on those horses to avoid or Lay.

Negative Stats – Poor Value Last Time Out Winners (occasional feature)

Again, generally consistent and successful,providing useful information on those horses to avoid or Lay.

Course Trainer Stats (regular feature)

These provide Tables of trainer performance (Wins/Runs/Strike Rate %/Profit and ROI%) for all race types for each of the day’s courses.

Current Trainer Form (regular feature)

This uses the 5 year strike rate as a comparison lists current trainer form (Wins/Runs/Strike Rate %/5 Year Strike Rate %) for the last 7 and 14 days.

Pace Information (regular feature)

Probably best for ‘in running’ punters at present, although if the front runner at certain courses can be found then they do become solid bets.

Horses Noted in Two Different Sections (regular feature)

These horses obviously have two different stats which should enhance confidence assuming any identified dependencies are met.



The cost of this service is £29.99 per month or £199 for the full year. The service also comes with a 30 day no quibble refund guarantee which would effectively give you the first month of service free of charge whether or not you were actually dissatisfied. Probably not a service for those who are looking for tips but certainly a service for those who are looking for an ‘edge’ which will either rule in or rule out runners in certain races.

Clearly there are times when the trends are undone e.g. poor draw or running in an inappropriate class of race. However, those points not withstanding, it is certainly a service I would recommend to any discerning student of form. Don’t forget, with the “no quibble refund guarantee”, you can effectively get the first month of service free of charge.

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