Supreme Handicap Review - August 2009

The trial of Supreme Handicap has come to an end and it went out with a successful day yesterday. With 4 winners from 18 selections it gave us 1.0 points profit to SP and 6.1 points profit to Betfair SP and brought the strike rate up to 13.5%. Nevertheless the system as a whole has left us down overall from the 16 days. We lost 33.8 points to SP and 3.1 points to Betfair SP. In the end it was the strike rate that let this system down. If we had maintained a 20% strike rate as the author had indicated about the system then we would have been in a very healthy profit indeed but as it was we ended up with a 13.5% strike rate and the system ultimately failed badly.

Supreme Handicap is based – unsurprisingly – on handicap races and deals with the higher handicapped horses in each of these races, there is also an element of what odds are the possible selections and this is an area which lets it down. To be honest I just cannot trust a system that gives out different selections for a particular race depending on what time of day you put the system into action. For instance if you did the process at 11am you could get different selections than if you do it at 2pm, now how can that possibly work? In short, it can’t.

Now the system did have good days and in fact did start off rather well but I must say that any system like this will have good days but they will be far outweighed by the bad days and that is just what happened on this trial. The system is not difficult to follow but has this inherent problem of giving different selections to different people depending on what time of day they employ it.

Ok so you might say that this trial has not been long enough to make a judgment on Supreme Handicap but in my experience a system of this ilk will not stand any test of time, when to a large extent it is dependent on what number a horse has on it’s saddlecloth. Yes it will have good days as we have seen but over any length of time it will ultimately lose. It does also generate sometimes as many as four selections in a race and in the greater scheme of things this is unlikely to help with the profit margins.

For some reason I did find that it worked better in the afternoon racing than it did with the evening racing but there is no logic to this and so I put it down to a quirk of fate during the trial period. Nevertheless for those of you who have bought the system it may be an idea to keep records of day/evening racing results. One thing this system has highlighted is the benefit of using Betfair rather than Industry prices, the results being absolutely staggering, a loss of 33 points to industry prices, whilst a loss of 3 points to Betfair prices. Personally I would never use a bookmaker because unfortunately even with the greatest ever system or product you will not make a long term profit when set against their books. It is impossible for the normal punter to win long term because of the ridiculous overrounds.

The final stats:-

Total loss to Industry SP 33.8 points

Total loss to Betfair SP 3.1 points

Strike rate 13.5% (31/229)

All in all I found the system easy to operate and is probably best used at a set time each day to suit your needs. It does have good and bad days as all systems do, unfortunately for us the bad days have come out on top. Be aware of the day/evening bias, there may or may not be anything in this but just be aware.  From a personal point of view I will not be adding it to my portfolio, even though it deals in the type of race that I normally do, ie handicaps.

Supreme Handicap Final Score: 6 / 10

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can Get Supreme Handicap Here…