April 2008: Betalay System Review

Simplicity is a much underrated commodity these days. It seems that pretty much everything is upsold, embellished or otherwise overengineered.

And so it was something of a guilty pleasure to receive a system to review that in its essence is so simple that even my dear ol' grandmama could exploit it (were it not for the fact that she was a lumberjack and she was ok...)

The Betalay system is as straightforward as they come. Being an uncomplicated individual at heart, for all that I'd like to believe otherwise, I relished the opportunity to trial this system, and secretly prayed that it would perform at least ok.

To work the system, you need to identify races under certain (very obvious when you know them) conditions and look for a horse in a specific place in the market... and then lay it.

Making life ever easier for myself, I elected to eliminate horses that were tied for this market position, and thus only notionally layed those who were ranked outright in the position.

And, erm, that's it.

The results? Pretty amazing to be honest...

Bets 83
Losers 76
Lose % 91.57
Av Odds 5.64
Winners 7
Total win odds 34
Ave Win Odds 4.86
Ave BF Odds 5.63

To offer a balanced view of Betalay, I feel I need to mention a couple of points here.

Firstly, I have rarely received more comments on a system in my box than this one. This means that a) its popular already, and b) it seems to polarise opinion.

Many have - quite rightly - pointed out that the results page at the Betalay site calculates returns to SP, as opposed to above SP as we need to do when laying with the exchanges. Moreover, there is no account for commission on winning trades. I have accounted for both of these in my results sheet below.

You can see the full picture here.

Secondly, in order to optimise this system, you really need to be tracking the pre-race market. Now you can use 'bot (i.e. automated market tracking) software, or you can simply lay horses only when you're at home and have access to the live shows.

That's up to you.

My overall view of Betalay is that I am actually surprised that a system so simple in concept can perform so well in execution. Of course, we need to remember that I only tracked the system for seven days.

Nevertheless, during that time, it produced 83 bets, of which 92% were rolled over. Just six winners ate into the proceeds.

If you are an occasional player, you can be sure that whenever you fancy a wager and you're able to track the live shows, there'll be some action for you.

I've actually seen a website that tries to discredit this product, by using proprietary software to review its performance over a longer term. Even when doing this, it is forced to concede that - while not matching the results page on the site (due to exchange prices being higher) - Betalay still made money over the course of a season.

If you like simpler systems that you can dip into as and when you're able to, I haven't seen one better than this to date. Recommended.

Read more about it here.