The Betting Maximizer (BM hereafter, for obvious reasons) is a laying system. Actually, it’s two laying systems in one ebook. It costs £29.95, and comes as an instant download.

BM is twenty pages long and of those twenty pages, the last five contain the ‘meat’. There are, as I say, two laying systems, one for flat and one for jumps.

Helpfully, they’ve both been created using Racing Systems Builder, some tremendous software much loved by me, which means I’m able to check the results for Betting Maximizer.

So, what did I learn? Well, first off, the flat system seems OK. You’d have won 4,671 of your 5,243 bets over the last five years (a strike rate of 89.09%), and made an average of 27.54 points a year, or 137 points over five years.

That’s an unspectacular, yet still profitable, ROI of 2.6%.

The National Hunt laying system fared less well, and actually produced a loss by my calculations (using average Betfair SP’s per industry SP bracket) of five points over five years. In other words, it broke even, less a point a year.

These include, of course, 5% commission on winning lays.

The full datasets can be seen here:

Flat lay results calculations

NH lay results calculations

For such a small ROI, I couldn’t recommend this system as being one for the portfolio. But, on the basis that it does provide plenty of action and, over the long term, shouldn’t lose you money, it will make a fun system for those with time on their hands and a yearning to play the ponies.

Far from the worst I’ve seen, but not a serious proposition.

You can read the blurb, and get sucked into myriad ‘Wait, don’t go’ boxes, here… (and don’t say I didn’t warn you!)