Golden Geldings System

Golden Geldings System

Golden Geldings System Review

Golden Geldings is a laying system split into three plans depending on your approach to risk, but for the sake of this review we shall concentrate on the first, and simplest one, which the authors say that they use. The authors do say that profits can be made on the second and third but personally I consider this risky as the odds are higher and should there be a loss it will take longer to recover losses like the fifteen to one shot that came in just as the review started.

The Golden Geldings system, in the context of this review, is a one horse lay. It covers both UK and Irish race meetings and historical results show there to be at least one bet a day. The rules are fairly straightforward and clearly laid out in the E-book you will receive when you order the system.

The system is downloaded as a password protected eBook and normally costs £97, however. at the moment the system is being promoted at £29.97.  The top price you will lay at is three to one so is within the working man’s liability and should you lose, it doesn’t take too long to recover your losses. Therefore in this context I would label Golden Geldings as a low risk system.

Information regarding the selections can be found easily with reference to the Sporting Life or Racing Post racecards available online. You will also receive a link to the Golden Geldings members’ website which carries the selections for Monday to Friday and is available by 10.30am, but you need to source the selections yourself on a weekend.   This service proved to be reliable and the selections available when the authors said they would be.   Access to the members’ site to retrieve the daily selections is provided free for two months when purchasing the system. I would find this particularly useful to gain confidence in making my own daily selection.   After this period I believe it is £10 per month to subscribe, which if you bet at £10 per point, is just one win.

An important point to mention here, in my opinion, is that the results for Golden geldings are published daily direct to the website (perhaps with the odd day delay). This is transparency from the authors which is highly commendable. There is nothing to hide and you know the authors are behind the system operating and monitoring it on a daily basis.

A betting bot can be used to lay your selections, as the selection is known well in advance of the day’s racing commencing and the odds boundaries are well defined, which suits most bots perfectly. During the review of Golden Geldings I used the Betfair starting price for selections that have won/lost, as this seemed to be the fairest way of measuring the system as each individual will secure a different price. I also listed the racetrack as Irish racing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that way you will be able to see whether it is worth concentrating on UK racing only. Another point raised by the authors is that a lot of the research has been done with two year olds in mind so as there won’t be any for three months due to the time of year this is something else to take on board.

In summary Golden Geldings results ended up as follows:

Days Racing: 45
Bets placed: 33 (12 No selection days)
Winning Days: 21
Losing Days: 12
Strike Rate: 63.6%
Net Profit: £13.50

So Golden Geldings made a small profit, whether just over a point in seven weeks is considered acceptable is up to the individual. A number of days were lost to the bad weather which has cut back on the selections but my personal view that at the offer price this could be a good buy. I only reviewed the one plan considering the other two a little riskier but the option is there for others to paper trade and see if it is for them.

If you'd wanted to avoid the Irish racing you would have lost eight bets but would have saved paying out on five of them so increasing the profit margin, but that’s only a personal tweaking of the system. It should also be mentioned that primarily this is a flat racing system geared around 2 year olds and I have no results over how they have fared in the 2010 season but again paper trading could be carried out unless we review it again in the Spring. Although the system ebbed and flowed, in my opinion, you will not lose over time as the fundamentals have firm statistical analysis behind them, so with that in mind this could become a valuable system for your betting portfolio.

I should also mention that I had one or two problems initially with the system but the authors were quick to respond personally to any queries I had, something else to consider if purchasing this system, that  back up is available if needed.

Would I recommend Golden Geldings?  Yes.  The final result was not outstanding, but it was solid.   The system has firm statistics behind it, published results that are historically accurate and there is total transparency to its operation.   Just like you want every system to maintain a purple patch, you should expect it to have its dips or wobbly times.   This is a system for long term profits and should be viewed as such.   Therefore I place this system on the recommended pile.

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