Laying Spring Profits System Review

Laying Spring Profits Review

Laying Spring Profits

Laying Spring Profits is a laying system for the months of March, April and May, which selects runners to lay in certain types of races. It is based on a set of criteria relating to a selection’s starting price in its last race and its performance in that race. It applies to races in Great Britain only. In March, it applies to NH racing only; in April and May, it applies to flat racing only.

There is a restricted odds range for Laying Spring Profits, outside of which you don’t bet. This prevents big losses on individual bets and also avoids laying long odds-on fancies.

The Laying Spring Profits system’s performance statistics are based on Betfair SP and the owners recommend placing your lay bet within 60 seconds of the off. They state that this is a recommendation, rather than a rule. In order to comply with the recommendation, it will be necessary to use a betting bot, unless your are available to place bets manually during racing hours.

Laying Spring Profits costs £97 and comes as a 17-page ebook, which is a very good, no-nonsense explanation of how to use the system. As an ebook, of course, the system offers no possibility of a free trial or a guarantee of money back if not satisfied – the ebook describes the system and once you’ve seen it you know the system.

The owners state that it takes 5-10 minutes per day to select your qualifying runners. That seems a little optimistic to me, based on the number of criteria (straightforward but detailed) that have to be evaluated for each race, but we’ll see as the test goes ahead. However, for those who prefer not to have to work out qualifiers every day, Laying Spring Profits offers a daily selection service, which emails each day’s selections, for a subscription price of £75 per month. There is also a limited-time offer of the system plus three months of daily selections for £198.

The system comes with historical results going back to 2006 which show an aggregate profit of 193.37 points - that's £1,933.70 to flat £10 stakes. The maximum losing run was four.  These are impressive statistics, if they are repeatable.

So what did we find from the review of Laying Spring Profits....?

The system has very detailed criteria but  was easy to use, the manual was clear and straightforward and the owners’ claim that it takes 5-10 minutes per day to select the qualifying runners is about right. Laying Spring Profits is relatively low risk for a laying system, with upper and lower limits on the odds at which runners are to be laid reducing the risks of laying either sure things or high-cost long-odds winners.

The Laying Spring Profits system returned a modest profit of £54.34  to £10 level stakes over 45 days of bets. We had 95 winning bets from 122 selections, a strike rate of  approximately 78%. We would expect a strike rate of 76% at the average price at which we laid, so the system slightly out-performed the statistical odds.

We achieved a Return On Investment of 1.9% % (after 5% Betfair commission) on the amount risked. The longest losing run was 3 and whilst there were the expected peaks and troughs, as the graph of the betting bank over the duration of the trial shows, the overall trend did appear upwards.

Laying Spring Profits Performance

Laying Spring Profits Performance

The logic of the selection system makes sense and should produce over-bet selections that are good value lays and I am confident that the system can produce consistent profits over the long term. Therefore this reviewer is happy to recommend Laying Spring Profits.

If you'd like profit then look no further than Laying Spring Profits....