Little Acorns

This is a system that was first developed in 2003 and sold through local ads. The author said that it did rather well for its’ purchasers. Having seen the glut of poor quality systems out there right now, he thought it was time to bring back the Acorns. The author, Jason King, is distributing Acorns through ADK Publishing, for a one off payment of £95. It is a lay system that is directed at odds-on favourites. The whole premise of it being to gain small profit on a regular basis.

However it does use a progressive (and fairly aggressive) staking system that can get out of hand. If it gets into a sequence of losses the stakes are increased up to a maximum of 34 points. The losing cycle is stopped after 9 consecutive losses and starts again at the beginning. So in a worst case scenario, after 9 losses you could have  lost 67 points of your bank. The author does say that this scenario has been statistically shown to happen only once every 15/18 months. We only ran the system for 3 weeks but I can tell you that we got 7 consecutive losers and so were only 2 more losers away from catastrophe, before we got a winner.

The system is easy to follow but on average we only found 1 selection a day, which may not be to everyone’s taste. Ideally though you do need to keep checking price movements to see if any more qualifiers have come into the reckoning. Quite often you will find a qualifier close to race time, that was not a qualifier earlier in the day and this can be a little frustrating.

Final Statistics

Total Loss   3.5 points

Strike Rate   8/22   (36.4%)

Best Winning Run   4

Worst Losing Run   7

The loss of 3.5 points was disappointing but was purely down to the low strike rate. For a system such as this you do need to have a strike rate of around 50%, if you use it to level stakes. If you go down the route of the progressive staking, as the author suggests, the strike rate does not need to be that high but you do need to have the bottle and the bank to risk 34 points on one race, when the worst comes to the worst and it surely will at some stage. As I say we got very close to it at one point.

Nevertheless, it does have its’ merits. For one thing, you are laying at odds which mean you lose less than your actual stake and personally these are the odds that I lay at. It is a very simple system to understand and follow and takes no time at all. With the lays being at odds-on you generally have no problem matching or at least getting very close to the Industry SP.

After three weeks though, it did show a loss tpo level stakes, but I would not write it off because there are positives. Personally if I bought the system I would play at level stakes until I felt comfortable with it. The system is a slow burner but the author does say that you should use it as part of a portfolio, which hopefully you all do anyway.


- Short 21 page e-book

- Easy to follow 3-step lay system

- Low liabilities due to odds

- Can pick your selections at any time of day (though closer to ‘off’ time is better)

- Author quotes 7-35 points profit per month, using progressive staking

- Aimed at re-investing profits, so bank can grow

- Gives a couple of staking plans in e-book

- Sets out your Starting Bank and expected profits


- Slow burning – I found approx one selection a day

- Increased staking after each loss

- Large bank required to make decent profits, or a degree of patience as your bank builds up

- Liabilities can build up quickly with progressive staking

- Need to follow prices through the day

- Not totally suitable if you are at work during day

- Not suitable for automation

- Not enough ‘action’ for many people

Little Acorns is available here: Little Acorns