Lowlay Review: June 2009

Lowlay - A service with a future? On balance, I think it has!

Lowlay is a lay tipping service, costing around £30/month. The idea behind it is to send you ONE short price lay a day, via e-mail at around 1130am, so it is probably not for those of you that need umpteen selections each day. It is not going to make you rich any time soon, due to the low numbers of selections, but as part of a betting portfolio it is well worth a good look at.

The service has produced a good set of results for the month of our trial, showing almost 8 points profit and 9.1% profit on turnover, which is just a little shy of the 10% utopia, that all of us in this game are seeking. From an ignominious start, when 3 of the first 4 lays won and 4 out of the first 7, we then went on an unblemished record of 16 consecutive winning selections, a magnificent performance when laying around 3/1, before another couple of lays went in and finishing on a run of 5 more consecutive winning selections. All in all, that gave us 24/30 losing lays (an 80% strike rate) at an average price of 3.9 (between 11/4 and 3/1). Since its’ start in February Lowlay is running at a strike rate of 79%.

Lowlay have had 4 consecutive winning months since its’ inception and are showing a profit in June as well. Their selections are proofed, in advance, to Racing-Index and in fact, looking at the 3 month table, Lowlay are showing in a very creditable 5th place. Their overall profit is £3660, since February (approx. £860/month at £100 level stakes). As far as the system itself goes, we don’t know how the selections are arrived at but does that matter if it gives you a winning strategy.

Below is a summary of the results we have had:-

Results                                                                                 Bank   2500

11 May           Earlsmedic                           -230                          2270

12 May           Ofarel D’Airy                       -300                          1970

13 May           Lavenoak Lad                          95                          2065

14 May            Rosika                                    -300                           1765

15 May           Swiss Diva                                 95                           1860

16 May           Sir Ian                                         95                           1955

17 May           Sendani                                   -290                           1665

18 May           Jacks Lad                                    95                            1760

19 May          Lady Pilot                                   95                            1855

20 May          Solis                                              95                            1950

21 May          Dawn at Sea                                95                            2045

22 May          Fasilight                                       95                            2140

23 May           Vhujon                                         95                             2235

24 May          Mutamaashi                               95                             2330

25 May          Apache Bridge                           95                             2425

26 May          Ailsa Carmel                               95                             2520

27 May          Mount Hadley                            95                             2615

28 May          Silaah                                         95                             2710

29 May          Ingleby Arch                               95                             2805

2 June         Hurricane Thomas                    95                             2900

3 June         Discanti                                          95                             2995

4 June          Bollitree Bob                                95                             3090

5 June           Youmzain                                      95                             3185

6 June           Legal Legacy                             -120                            3065

7 June          Lucky Punt                                -250                            2815

8 June         Glimmer of Light                          95                            2910

9 June          Rosbay                                             95                           3005

10 June        Tanto Faz                                         95                           3100

11 June         Love Pegasus                                 95                           3195

12 June         Cherry Bee                                      95                           3290

Overall profit               £790   (31.6% of original bank)

The actual figures may not correlate exactly with Lowlay’s own figures, as obviously it will depend at what time your lay is matched and at what price. The figures also include the last 5 days, which are after the official trial but have been included as I have been off ill for 5 days now.

So we have a 31.6% increase on our bank over the 30 selections/month long trial. If you put this into practical terms, it would mean that if you had a starting bank of £1000 and could increase it by say 30%/month, after 12 months you would have a bank in excess of £23,000. Lowlay, however, do advocate a level staking plan and their results on the web page are to £100 level stakes.

Overall then, we have had a good trial, with good profits and at the end of the day that is what you want. As a system it is not exciting but it is profitable and one that is definitely worth a second look, as part of your portfolio.


You can get Lowlay from this page.