Ultimate Lay Betting

This is a system designed by Jason Franklin more than two years ago, with a fully published list of results. He says that he has been personally using it since 2007 and that it has shown an average profit of 18 points/month to level stakes. The cost is a one off payment of £49 and for the first 14 days after buying the product he will e-mail the selections to you each day. If you then want to continue with this service it would cost £14.99/month. There is a 60 day money back guarantee with the product, so your investment is protected. It is distributed through HRS Publishing.

The system itself comes in e-book form with various add-on’s, such as published results, spreadsheets for recording selections and a backing system that deals with drifting horses. It is a 28 page e-book that is easily read and the system is straightforward to follow. However, some of the information required is only on that area of the Racing Post which requires a subscription, so this would be an added expense.

The system is a simple five-step formula that does not take a great deal of time to work through. It is based on “sound horse racing principles” and the author does say that it shows a strike rate of over 80%, with lay odds of under 7/2. It does also deal with staking plans and betting bank. The fact that it did make a profit during our trial is something that should be noted because that is not often the case.

Final Statistics

Total Profit   + 7.0 points

Strike Rate   39/50   (78.0%)

Best Winning Run      11

Worst Losing Run        3

The worst losing run of three happened on the very first day of testing and the best winning run of eleven happened within the first week. During that first week we also had a run of 15/16 winning bets. The strike rate was only very slightly under what the author had suggested it would be and, as I have said, during these three weeks you really do need a strike rate of over 80% to make this system really pay. However, 7 points profit over 3 weeks is not to be sniffed at and but for that first day it would have been a lot better.

In fact, seven points in three weeks is equivalent to an extremely impressive 120 points per year. There are very few services that can boast that level of profit.

With the number of qualifiers between two and three per day, there is more action than with Acorns but personally I still feel that with limited qualifiers like this you do not make best use of your bank. Of course, if the qualifiers are not there, then you cannot do much about it. At the end of the day it is all about making a profit and for us during this trial ULB did make a profit and so should be congratulated for it.

One point the author does make, which I think is a very valid one, is that you should just paper trade until you have got the hang of the system and have the confidence to risk your hard earned. All in all though I think this system has got potential to do rather well and would sit comfortably in any portfolio.


- Short 28 page e-book

- Easy to follow 5-step system

- Generally low lay odds

- Can pick your selections any time of day

- Author quotes average 18 point profit/month

- Based on “sound horse racing principles”

- E-mail to confirm selections

- Bonus backing system


- Published results use Industry SP not Betfair SP

- Published results do not take into account BF commission

- Extra expense for RacingPost.coom premium content

- Extra expense for e-mail confirmations (optional)

- Possibly not enough qualifiers for some people

- Sometimes SP’s can be quite high (up to 5/1+)

- Can sometimes take a bit of time to find qualifiers

Get Ultimate Lay Betting here: Ultimate Lay Betting