Horse Profiles Flat 2010 Review

In a classic mixed bag today, dear reader, I've got a review of Horse Profiles by David Peat, some further thoughts on the Scottish National, and a  freebie system for you from David, whether you're interested in his 'premium' stuff or not (he really should have charged for this!).

First up, I want to tell you about a betting service that has hit the ground running. Actually, it's fair sprinting away currently. And I'm not in the slightest bit surprised. The reason I'm not surprised is because it's produced by the excellent David Peat - a man whose dedication to horse racing research is monumental.

The service, Horse Profiles, consists of several component parts, as follows:

- The Horse Profiles manual itself, this season containing a literal A-Z of horses to follow (from Akmal to Zomerlust, to be precise!)

- A Flat Trainers manual, which is a kind of Trainer Flat Stats. As you know, I haven't produced that for the past two seasons, and this guide takes my old concept one step further by identifying both trainers to follow at each track AND trainers to avoid. Very handy for layers or just narrowing the field.

- A daily update service throughout the entire flat season (i.e. to mid-November) where the day's positive and negative runners (and trainers) are highlighted along with some commentary as to why.

- A weekly review which aims to identify additional horses that are developing a specific winning profile, based on what they did that week allied to their existing past performances.

- Full results analysis.

- And some additional 'goodness' in the 'Freebies' section.

>>Check out David's Website here...<<

Phew! That's a lot of stuff! And, although I'm slightly biased, I think Horse Profiles is both excellent and excellent value. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, let me tell you why I think it's excellent... I think Horse Profiles is excellent because it was the core element of Flat Racing Profiles last season. That little manual (which had a torrid month of March, hence why David sensibly launched in April this year!) still made 45 points from barely as many bets last season. Without March, it would have been nearer 55.

In other words, if you'd stuck twenty quid on each selection, you'd have made £900 or so, from just a handful of bets.

It will come as no surprise that David's at it again with, as I write, five bets struck and winners at 8/1 (very first bet!) and 7/2. The Betfair SP's were 9/1 and 4.61/1, which was nice. 😉

Oh, and he also managed to find an 18/1 3rd in that quintet as well!

Now I want to say a few words on why this is excellent value.

The manuals alone are waaaay better than the 'silver bullet' dross out there (obviously!). In fact, comparing them is mildly offensive to David's efforts in pulling together this research in an extremely user-friendly format.

Last season, he and I sold that same service (less the trainer element) as Flat Racing Profiles, for £97 for the season, which was in itself the best value to be had.

The inclusion of the daily updates is something that most people would charge a monthly subscription for - probably somewhere between £20 and £30 - and reasonably so, given the legwork associated with going through the books and finding the day's players (actually, it's more akin to fingerwork, or eyework, but there don't seem to be words in the dictionary for that - I like making words up!)

Anyway, I slightly digress and definitely am using too many words to say that, at £57 for the whole season all in, David's guides and daily selection service are the real deal, and a real steal.

It's one of the very few services in my flat betting portfolio (after last season, how could it not be?!), and in my opinion it should be in yours too.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, David is also an absolutely top man, living the dream in France - cutting grass by day (occasionally, the slacker!) and poring over the horses by night. I've been to his place and I've got to tell you, he's got this 'life' mallarkey sewn up!

Bottom line: I know this is the second service I've promoted in a week, and you know that's rare for me.

The only reason I've done that is because I'm using both (Bet Catalyst hugely unlucky yesterday when done on the line with their 28/1 each way pick), and I think that both constitute first class value (and service), and give you a full season or year for your one off investment.

So you can enjoy them for ages without having to shell out again (and again... and again).

If that wasn't reason enough to get you charging over to his website, the sneaky blighter has added a freebie for you. And it's not just any old freebie. It's only a 57 page systems and angles monster!

With the weekend coming up, if you've got some free time, take my advice and at least grab the freebie (you will have to provide your email address, so David knows where to send it), if not the full season's offering.

At £57, he could have charged that for the 'freebie' and had few complaints - a quid a page for a veritable statsfest? [Note, I know I'm sad like that, but I reckon he's done a stellar job here in 'moving the free line'. If you don't know what that means, just grab the free one and you'll see...]

>>Check out David's Website here...<<



Now then, tomorrow is the Scottish Grand National, a race over four miles (and a smidjun - how do you spell that word?!), and consisting of 31 runners bidding for the prize. Curious then that so many of us 'pundits' should be following the same horses in.

I hope these esteemed gentlemen don't mind me 'blowing their cover' somewhat, but essentially me, Gavin and his formidable Festival Trends, Ben Aitken and his excellent Narrowing The Field dosage pointers, and Paul Whelan over at the Sky Blue Kangaroo blog, are ALL on at least two of these three horses:

Gone To Lunch

Auroras Encore


Now, you could call that a coincidence. You might see it as some huge confluence of the finest racing minds known to man (OK, you probably won't see it as that!). You might just want to give that trio the almighty swerve as a result of learning this info.

Whichever way you want to play it, I just thought you should know! 😉


Finally, did I mention David Peat has released a fantastic betting service for the flat...? I did?

>>Check out David's Website here...<<

Have a superb weekend! Weather looks set fair for most of us in these marvelous isles.


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25 replies
  1. Arthur says:

    Oxford English Dictionary says:
    smidgen, (also smidgeon or smidgin)

    Alas, no sign of eyework or fingerwork in there. However, like you (I presume), I also think that there jolly well should be!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks all – perhaps we should have a ‘spelling bee’ or some such?! 😉


  2. Paul Whelan says:

    Does anyone else find it peculiar, that to find out how to spell a word, you need a dictionary; but before you can look it up in a dictionary, to find out how it is spelt (or is that ‘spelled’?), first you need to know how to spell it?!

  3. Paul Whelan says:

    By the way, in this case ‘smidgun’ is spelled 1-1-0-y-d-s :o)

    I’m here all week…

  4. Peter Colledge says:

    Gaidhlig-speaking mate of mine says that smidgen is from this language, as is ‘slogan’, ‘teeming’ and, interestingly ‘clap’ which has little to do with the hands and certainly nothing to do with ‘encore’. Great posts, Matt.

  5. e burgess says:

    i tried mr pleats system and profiles.i was not impressed and wont be rejoining.

  6. Kirst Cooper says:

    Dear Matt,

    I had the flat racing profiles last year, and found the draw bias reports as very helpful, do you know if these are been released in this years edition?

    Secondly a month or 2 ago, on this website you released a small video on a beginners guide to starting your own website( or something similar) could you tell me if this video is still on here, and if so where? as I cant find it.



  7. bob calvert says:

    I was asked did I need anything for the weekend in the barbers – I happened to need a cement mixer strangely he had one in his garden

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m not sure if that’s *extremely* kinky, Bob, or if we’re talking at cross purposes… 😉

  8. Matt Bisogno says:

    Hi Kirst

    The draw info is not available this year, but there are some new and very interesting websites covering that side of things. Google draw bias and you’ll get what you’re after.

    Regarding beginners guide to starting a website, go here:

    And here:


  9. Gary says:

    Hi Matt for those of your readers that don’t know Gavin over on his nag-nag-nag blog has given me my own page after my recent run of incredible luck.I wrote my Scottish National ante post bets out on Tuesday night and forwarded it to Gavin,I too have selected Merigo as my 2nd choice with Dom D’Orgeval as my main hope with some good value now at 25/1 merigo and 33/1 dom d’orgeval,so here’s hoping the good run of luck continues and we’re all right with Merigo

    cheers Gary

  10. kevin says:

    Hi Matt .. got Davids freebie stats the other day, and low and behold his info on ” favs at certain tracks ” produced 4 winning lays at Ripon!! All layable .. top price 4.5 Can only assume this man digs deep to come up with these stats. Rest of the freebies contain excellent research and i will definately buy the whole package… gotta be a steal at £57………..

  11. Ronnie Nicolson says:

    I have used Horse Race Profiles both NH and flat for some time now..results have been mixed but I use it as additional info rather than just backing selections blindly and have subscribed to this years me £57 is good value to say the least.
    2 interesting selections from Bet Catalyst today that I will not be backing but watching.

  12. George says:

    Thanks for sharing!! 1st and 2nd in the Scottish Grand National. Absolutely fantastic; well done for telling us.

  13. PHIL ROOT says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the Scottish National pointers, Merigo coming home 1st
    made for a profitable afternoon.

    Cheers Phil.

  14. Ben Aitken (NTF) says:

    Hi Matt

    Auroras falls at the 1st in the Scottish National 🙁

    Merigo romps home in front 🙂

    Was very much in 2 minds regarding Merigo and the ground but at the price he just had to be backed! Plus when the blogs I read (Geegeez, nagnagnag & Sky blue) all point in a similar direction to NTF it would be stupid not to take the hint 😉

    Top work bud.

    Ben (NTF(

  15. david says:

    Hi Matt,
    Well done with the Scottish national, i cannot believe i never took your advice! Still i am learning?

  16. sailaway says:

    I would also like to know what you didn’t like about David Pleats Horse Profiles, they look good to me!!!

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