WIndswept Girl wins unchallenged at Taunton, trained by Anthony Honeyball and ridden by Rex Dingle

Horse Racing Betting Angles: Part 3b, Bonus Module

In this bonus module, Part 3b, you'll learn about something I call 'mark up' angles. These are snippets of information which are not necessarily worthy of a bet in their own right, but will help me to form a view on a horse in the context of a race.

Again, if you've not seen the previous episodes, I urge you to start here.

In this bonus recording, we'll look at mark up angles for:

- Sires

Your first 30 days for just £1

- Wind surgery runners

And we'll also look at horse profiling within Query Tool. Adding a few of these to your Tracker for the upcoming flat season will be a VERY good use of an hour or two during this downtime!

Here's the video - I hope you like it.


p.s. If anybody has any questions, I will be happy to record a QT Q&A session to help you get you out of the blocks as quickly as possible.

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Your first 30 days for just £1
12 replies
  1. N17
    N17 says:

    Thanks Matt. An interesting video with some good ideas that I’ll put to use on Query Tool whilst under ‘lockdown’.

    Hope you and your family are staying safe and well.

    All the best.


  2. Tony prydderch
    Tony prydderch says:

    Only just signed up for the free service but the videos are very interesting. I am keen on betting on horses and bet most days so this will help with my form. I do mostly video form but these stats will be a good place to start. Will be trying it out when the season starts and potentially upgrading to the gold service when I’ve tryed it. Everyone take care over this horrible coronavirus times.

  3. sunchu
    sunchu says:

    hello matt these videos been really informative nether thought of doing mark up angles interesting on horse profiles i done some work similar on courses IE ask QT about a specfic course distance going types then type horses that win OR wieght carried draw and pace sort of a trends for paticular races writ my findings in a notebook to look at when the course had a meet

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Great idea, sunchu. And excellent work, well played.

      Hope you’re enjoying the process, too. It’s better than staring at the walls, eh? 🙂


      • sunchu
        sunchu says:

        certainly is having a good time with the american racing as well registered with equibase ive found some nice winners costs $7.50 for a bronze day past been using it this weekend had some decent winners it keeps you occupied and with reading your stuff i aint got bored yet miss the pub tho

  4. jamesc64
    jamesc64 says:

    Thanks Matt,hope you and the family are well.Found the videos very interesting indeed ,have found
    a few angles which possibly could be quite good going forward will post them sometime soon

  5. russsmithgg
    russsmithgg says:

    Another great piece, Matt. Query Tool is worth the cost of the Gold membership alone in my opinion. A point worth making is that many good sires, trainers, jockeys, etc have a moderate overall A/E in their sphere which can limit the A/E of what can still be a worthwhile angle and make it harder to find. For this reason, I personally prefer to look at a sire (for instance) in isolation and compare it to itself in different disciplines as comparing it to all other sires is not a like-for-like comparison. This is not to disagree with anything in this video as it amply demonstrates how to quickly land on an angle without a great amount of effort which is something everyone welcomes!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s a really good point, Russ. Comparing trainers with themselves in the same way is also as/more valid as/than comparing against peer group.

      Thanks for raising that.


  6. Chud777
    Chud777 says:

    Hi Matt, hope you’re keeping well.

    Just catching up on these videos, and they are excellent as usual.

    I just want to touch on a couple of things I noticed in the “Wind Op” part.

    Firstly, when you highlighted the point that Skelton hadn’t had 520 wind ops (You stated it was a collective number of runs by horses that had previously received a wind op), you went on to say “It could be a horse that has run 10 times or 25 times since a wind op”. However, the range on the filter is set to W1 to W5. So does this mean the saved angle will pick up any horse that has had a wind op, be it first time or twenty fifth time following the op? Or is it just going to highlight those running for the “first time” through to the “fifth time”? If your comment about “10 or 25 times” was made in error then this would add up. Either that or I’m getting myself confused!

    And this ties in with my second query – You named the mark up angle “W1 NH Trainer Mark Up”. If a horse appears on the card with a little blue “1”, and it relates to this angle, are you only interested in the “W1” runners, or are you marking up W2 W3 W4 and W5? My interpretation is that we are looking at W1 through to W5, which going by the I.V. on the graphs, is the area with the greatest uplift. If so, I’ll probably name mine W1-W5 NH Trainer Mark Up, if it fits! 🙂

    Hope these queries make sense.



    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      I had to watch the video back to remind myself of what you were asking about!

      Yes, I’ve made a rick as it should have been called W1-5 NH Mark Up. In terms of the angle displaying on the card, there is a difference between the W1 etc indicator that appears as a symbol on the card, and the data in your QT Angles.

      If you’ve selected W1-5 for the QT Angle, as I did in the video, a horse having its fifth run after wind surgery will show in your QT Angle. That same horse will have the indicator W5+ on the card.

      A horse having its sixth and subsequent run after wind surgery will NOT show in your QT Angle (because you’ve selected 1-5 only) but will show as a W5+ on the card.

      Hope that a) answers the question you were asking (I’m not convinced!), and b) makes sense.


      • Chud777
        Chud777 says:

        Hi Matt, thanks for the prompt reply!

        Yes, you’ve answered the bit about the “naming” of the system, totally makes sense that bit now. You’ve also clarified for me how a horse running for the 6th time following surgery shows on the card. I see you’ve cleverly created a “W5+” icon to indicate this, rather than W6, W7 etc.

        Just going back to the part about Skelton and his number of runners. If you listen back, you refer to the 520 runners of his as not being “520 wind ops” but a collection of horses that have had “x” number of runs following surgery. You state this could be the 10th or 25th run after surgery. But if the Wind Op filter is set at W1 to W5 (which is what it was I believe), then will this set of 520 runners not consist of only “W1 to W5” runners, not W10, W25, etc?

        Sorry this might sound like nit picking, far from it. I want to ensure my understanding of Query Tool is as comprehensive as it can be, as I’ve said for a long time it’s one of the greatest creations to aid my quest to succeed at this game..

        • Matt Bisogno
          Matt Bisogno says:

          That’s correct, Richard. I must have been tired at that point, as I’ve made a number of mistakes there.

          Skelton had had 520 horses run which had had wind surgery between 1 and 5 runs prior.

          Sorry for the confusion.


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