Horse Racing System Reviews: What Do You Want Reviewed?

For every day in the year, dear reader, there is at least one system for which you could exchange cash for hope. There are myriad betting, laying, trading, scalping, forex, sports, etc., systems, each one accompanied by a sales letter promising you untold riches for $47. We've all seen the hype, to the point where we are immunised in the main to their alchemistic (but rarely, if ever, altruistic) statements.

That's why I'm bringing back, by popular demand, the product review section of the site. Now, things will be a little different from next week, when there will be two things happening in parallel:

1. The normal Bisogno blog posts will be advertised to you in the normal way via an email every few days

(nothing new or different so far, I hear you cry... and you'd be right. But...)

2. There will be the appearance of system review posts on a regular basis. The posts will not be advertised to you by email, but they will be here for you to look at whenever you pop by. The easiest way to find these is that I will tell you what we're reviewing, and perhaps even link to the initial system preview. Thereafter, you can either use the search box in the top right corner of the site. Or, you can look down the right hand 'sidebar' for where it says, "Recent Posts" (this is underneath the little ads).

However, before we can begin reviewing products, I need your help. I've already chosen four helpers to do the reviews - thanks a million if you applied but were unsuccessful (there may well be further opportunities in the future) - but what I don't have is an idea of what systems you'd like us to take a look at.

Whilst I can't get hold of all systems and services, I do have access to a fair percentage. So, in the comments box below, do please mention the name of any system / service you'd like to be reviewed.

NOTE: In order to be considered for a review, the system / service must satisfy the following criteria:

1. It must offer either a free trial or a money back guarantee period, such that buyers can try without worrying about losing their money if it doesn't suit their style.

2. It must have a website, AND a contact email address (note, I am a little wary of contacts who use gmail or hotmail for contact).

3. Ideally, though not absolutely necessary, it should have some proven historical results.

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4. The system owner must be prepared to allow the product to be trialed live on the blog for a month (I will make the approach on this, but it may mean that for some products, we can't do a review alas if the owner won't let us share the details in advance of the event).

I am looking for systems that are any of the following types:

a. horse racing betting systems / services

b. horse racing laying systems / services

c. sports betting systems / services

d. forex systems / services

So, now it's over to you... If you know of a system or service that has looked interesting to you, and ticks the boxes above, leave a comment below with the name and website address for it, and I will start making a list of products for review. I'll also post this separately somewhere on the site, so you can see what we're lining up. (Please, no 'spammy' comments, just the name of the system, what type it is, and the website address. Thanks)


To today's racing, and there are a number of draw opportunities, but only one that I felt was strong enough to put on the FRP page. My other fancies are as follows:

Nottingham 2.00 - Bridge Note (ew) - may well not have been suited by Southwell's deep all weather surface on debut, and she's entitled to improve a fair bit for that. She's got the plum draw and, at 11/1, may reward each way support.

Nottingham 5.20 - Little Eden (ew) - well drawn, decent jockey (amongst some dodgy apprentices), and unexposed with a win and a second from just four career starts, this one should run well.

Ripon 6.20 - Dark Oasis - an early contender for worst race of the season, this seller contains non-winners of over seventy races, and most of these are destined for the Winalot factory (the only way these will ever win a lot), and if Dark Oasis can't see them off, the rest of his career looks truly grim.

Finally, I am duty bound to tell you that Julia's Bavarica is running again today. The grand old stick has placed in no less than 50% of her career starts, being in the first three 31 of 62 times. Can she get to over fifty percent today? Well, she's a course and distance winner and has three further places at the track/trick to her name; she's in form; the jockey - whilst an amateur - is decent enough; and, in a race where many of her opponents don't know how to win, or aren't certain to handle the conditions, 16/1 is more than fair.

Good luck, and remember to leave a comment with your choice of backing system, laying system, sports system or forex system. I'll come back next week with a list of those we're going to kick off with.


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42 replies
  1. Paul says:

    Is it possible to get a trial of Mattgriffins super 10000pound tipping system that he occasionally mentions?

  2. mattgiffin says:

    hello matt i see you are testing systems hope my tipster has given you permission……well were to start

    horse racing pro is the best system there is and the price reflects this about 1k a month subscription but from tenner bets you would make around 10k a month…bob rothman has been spanky the bookies for over 20 years and he is good at it….he does an excellent pay as you win service

    brimardon systems, this will set you back around 6k a year and was the only system to predict mon mone in the national….about 30k from tenner bets…..not the greatest as it uses software……which is ok but there is better

    and my mate martin bishop who only charges 6 hundred a year and is showing around 11k so far from tenner bets, martin is a great helpfull guy who will show anyone what to do

    these are my top three well my only three if you like trading try betangel on betfair this is great but open to great losses if not carefull

  3. JAMES says:

    This is a computer based program for flat and jump horse racing.
    Please let me know what you think of it.

    Thanking you,


  4. glennrodgers says:

    Hi Matt, Love your site.
    I have tried numerous computer systems. I assume my test isn’t large enough to provide a fair test but would love professional input on there efficacy.
    Please test some of the computer systems. They allow you to download information to your computer (usually thru tsn for a small fee) but they are quick and easy to use. However, I havent had much success. Just an occasional hit.
    Are there any computer systems out there that show consistent profits or is the good old reliable handicapping ways the best.
    All the best,

  5. John Simpson says:

    They don’t do much updating of website but I signed on at start of March and I am still getting free daily emails. Profit each month so far and amusing and informative emails. Just enter your email address (no Paypal or anything else) and ignore the free for March and they start supplying the info. (great value for nothing!).

  6. Rick Ford says:

    A honest opinion of all the Sportsworld Publishing Systems they produce on a quarterley basis. Every system retails at about £70-£95 (

  7. Pete says:

    Could you please try out The O’NEIL Formula for horse racing.Can provide copy if unable to obtain.

  8. dave says:
    this is more of a sports betting line but never the less
    a profitable one

  9. craig says:

    hi new 2 this site jus wanted 2 know wat frp page is?????without soundin 2 fik!!!

  10. John says:

    I am receiving newsletter from Service provides selections on several sports wagering as well as horses. I have been watching the MLB picks and just started receiving free trial Horse picks. Free MBL strike rate is 50% This seems to be a USA based service. Does have links to online wagering in other countries. Thanks for reading this

  11. David Wilson says:

    Hi, I’ve just started Martin Blakeys ‘The Trading Plan’ ( and would like to know what you think of the system.

  12. Jack Crompton says:

    Hi Matt
    I am currently being bombarded with emails re The Protege System. It is the latest offering from Sportsworld Publishing – I’m not sure how transparent they are, but I’m sure you’re familiar with them.
    Please don’t waste any time or effort on Brimardon – one of the biggest scams out there!

  13. derek says:

    hi matt, the Protege System by tony gibson claim 750 points profit to level stakes at sp in the 2008 flat season and 1131 to betfair comes with full email support by the author and is advertised by sportworld

  14. Robert Day says:

    Hi Mat horse racing pro sounds good waiting for some info on him.
    I remember him from years ago seemd like a con then but I may have juged him wrongly. It seems he does multipll bets + ew I cant quite work it out from his web site, any it would be good to test him.
    He does a weeks trial but you may get more.
    Dont bother with Brimarden the guy they bought it off was gen but they are sharks.
    yours Robert.

  15. chris says:

    bob rothman wahahahahaha are u serious? i used him about 3 years ago when he wasnt in the publis eye so much and had 9 tips in 2 month, he did do well compared to most

  16. chris says:

    and wtf about brimardon????? racexpert and dataform are a fraction of the price and twice as effective in the right hands

    i feel matt griffin or whoever the hell he is? maybe a super affiliate only prob is, he’s associated with some awful programs, systems and tipsters that are scams and have absolute awful credibility to any1 who has looked in2 the sport of kings

    just glad he didnt send me a sales letter as my shredder is broke from scamsters like this joke of a person

  17. mattgiffin says:

    i love sceptical people not sure were that comment comes from roddo my bank balance reflects a slightly different story than yours im happy paying bobb 1k a month so would you if you have made as much as me a free months trail made me enought to pay for six months subscription are we talking bout the same guy???

  18. roddo says:

    I think the men in white coats are on the way to see to you Matt G. a grand a month costs, ten pound bets that make ten grand a month.Is his name Merlin or the young wizard Potter.
    I will wager anything you want that when Matt trials this service the results dont match.To make what you are saying he needs to be up one thousand points a month !!!
    I researched Bob Rothman several years ago for a newsletter and he was bad.Iam now searching through papers in the loft and some stuff ive dumped at my mums.Ive also contacted the owner of the newsletter,THE TRUTH WILL COME OUt or at least the real results will
    Cheers Roddo

  19. michael says:

    Something different from the usual racing systems, what about the latest FTSE trading system from canonbury – ‘sure fire trader’, 5 mins to generate a trade in the evening and no staring at charts for several hours may appeal to people who work during the day. Like me!

  20. Paul says:

    I’m with Roddo on this one, a thousand points a month? You’d have to be backing every winner and placed horse in every race! Had a look at the link you posted MattG and from what I see they only send out one tip a day! I didn’t sign up as although you state it’s free you have to open a new bookie account of there choosing, meaning they’re getting paid every time someone signs up and getting your e-mail address to boot! Your claims are pretty outragous MattG, Roddo says this guys a conman but not sure if the connings in fact coming from you, be nice to see you back up your claims and post screenshots of the tens of thousands your claiming to have made from tenner bets? Sounds a bit fantasy to me… Roddo, hate to disappoint you but doubt an experienced investor like Matt B will even bother reviewing this one!

  21. mattgiffin says: bob rothman

    these are two different services dont get the two confused

    all i am doing is sharing info its up to you what you do with it

  22. Geoff says:

    Hi ! A review of “The Insider” sports betting tipster would be appreciated. For about £10/mth you receive weekly email tips and a monthly newsletter.

  23. Paul says:

    And the proof MattG? Upload the screenshots! I’ll gladly join if you can prove your tens of thousands pounds from tenners! Show me the evidence!

  24. Daz says:

    Hi Matt,

    Serial Punter makes some pretty bold claims – – this system is basically an Arbitrage method using standard well known techniques and as far as I can tell there is nothing new about the system. I guess the only thing “different” about it is the selection method which as far as I can tell is nothing special and very basic – Arbitrage does work and that is not in doubt but what is in doubt is the overall efficacy of serial punter as it seems to me the sytem is just peddling old information that most serious traders already fully understand and utilise. My opinion is that Serial Punter is just a new name for information that is already widely know and you have to question the sales pitch on their website… anyway I would be interested in your opinion with Serial Punter.

  25. Robert Day says:

    Come on M G spill the beans let us all know what sort of bets your
    using, not singls that for sure. please dont take us all for village
    idiots all we want to know is the type of bets he givs out. The bookies are not that stupid, they love the punter that puts the lucky 15 on ect ect ect, so treat us all with respect, come on spill the beans.
    yours Robert.

  26. mattgiffin says:

    not sure what a screen shot is….a photo??……..i have made 11.5k with martin bishop and 50k with bob…….i started on tenners and now bet a 50.00 point ……..i am the one who has paid of half my morgage in six months……..its no benefit to me sharing this… affiliating here……dont need to……….like most sytems you need to do them for the long haul……..martins not having a great month and is showing a loss so far so its not all roses……and lost 8k in one week with bob…….most would have quit then but as i said…..its for the long haul…….and not for the faint hearted…… are obviously happy being the 98% of people that lose which the 2% of winners rely on……..good luck to you all

  27. mattgiffin says:

    no i back all horses on the single …. and then lucky 15 them all …. today was three winners out of four….put the bets on and get on with my day…….

  28. Paul says:

    Well I think that’s proved my point! I don’t have a mortgage to pay off Matt, never needed one, yes it’s true that 98% of bettors lose, also true that 87.4% of claims are made up, all we wanted to see was some evidence you were telling the truth……

  29. roddo says:

    Ive contacted Karl Dennis of racing-online who has monitored Rothman two or three times over the years.This is what he said.Rothman is one of the sharpest advertisers around.A clever man.However, he does not make money
    karl went onto say,as far as making ten grand a month to tenner stakes,whats he backing flying pigs !!!
    Please dont waste your money on this service.
    Cheers Roddo.

  30. hib says:

    been a member of lowlay for a month…all results listed on the website since i have been a member are correct…making a good profit so far….hibby

  31. nikibarton says:

    i have tried bob rotham today on a free trial,he did show a good profit of just over 50 points but i was shocked at the amount i had to bet.///////.52 points over 4 bets.////.i only have a 100 point bank and dont like the idea of betting half of it in one day/////i tried it mattg but it seems very risky to me and is open to big lossess/////if all four bets had lost i would have lot half my bank////made 500 but must call it a day im afraid////thanks for the tip

  32. Conor says:

    MattG is full of BS ! I know for a fact that Martin bishop has not provided info via his site to make that much.

  33. Conor says:

    Matt sounds like martin bishops website designer spamming for him again ! The website started in feb but martin bishop did not start listing results until mid-march.He used to advise 40 point start banks until people had banks wiped out now he advises 100 points.Even this has been close to getting wiped out at times.He sometimes as 6-7 bets per day yet he only lists winners.Some days you can be staking over 10 points.Also it is now mid may and they have not listed the total so far for may as people are starting to realise it is not as good as the UNPROOFED 171 points for march !

  34. conor says:

    Matt griffin is an affiliate for martin bishop and spams all over the with a masking tinyurl covering his aff link.He mouths of BS about winning 10k.

  35. chris says:

    as i said earlier

    the best profit making from the sport of kings i have made is from 2 software programs 1 for winning finding approx 400 pts per year the other i use for laying laying program (approx 600pts) but the figures dont reflect the whole story and heres why:

    backing software has only 19% s/r (long losing runs)

    laying system s/r 94%(500-700 pts) but has huge liability ( but just this week advised 5 lays in 1 race smallest odds 24 largest 290 yes 290)

    operating these system i have to use a 1000 pt bank but i trust them 1000% as the results are tested by myself for 5 years.

    see this is where no system will be suitable for all ,just find the system , software inside info or whatever works for YOU and stick with it .

    good luck all

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