Horse Racing Systems / Services

For independent unbiased horse racing system reviews by geegeez volunteers, stay tuned on this page. Below are the most recent betting system trials being undertaken live on We also review tipping services.

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MK Horse Racing Tips

MK Horse Racing Tips

MK Horse Racing Tips is a daily racing advisory service from…
Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams Racing

To be honest, I don't know too much about Ron Williams Racing,…
Value Backing

A review of Stable Whispers

The Stable Whispers are the work of Carl Nicholson, the…
Value Backing

A review of the Racing Diary

We actually reviewed Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary around…
The BSP Tipster

The BSP Tipster

Gary Poole is the BSP Tipster and you'd be right for thinking…
The Shortlist

Our review of The Shortlist

Not to confused with our own daily report here at Geegeez,…
CD Racing

CD Racing review

CD Racing CD Racing is a daily tipping service from…
Racing Expert

Racing Expert review

From the same people behind the Midas Series of tipping services,…
Horse Racing Network

A review of Horse Racing Network

A second look at the Horse Racing Network service... We…
The VIP Service

The VIP Service review

The VIP Service is one of the featured services from the…
RL Rated Racing

RL Rated Racing review

RL Rated Racing is one of the featured services from the…
Loves Racing

Loves Racing Review

Our review of Loves Racing... At the start of June 2017, Brett…
Cleeve Racing

Cleeve Racing Review

Cleeve Racing is one of the big-hitters amongst independent…
Horse Racing Network

Horse Racing Network Review

A review of the Horse Racing Network service... According…
Sequence Lays

Sequence Lays Review

Sequence Lays is, unsurprisingly, a daily laying service! It…