HorseRaceBase Review

HorseRaceBase Review Geegeez trial

For those of us who love tinkering with systems, there a few great sites out in interwebland, and might just be the best!

I've been using HorseRaceBase for about three months now. It should have been as many years, as that's when I first learnt about it from my friend, David Peat (of fame). He was always raving about this great site where you could analyse anything and produce daily reports that took the grunt out of finding your system qualifiers.

As with many things in my life, I cotton on in my own good time, usually two or three years later! That's certainly the case with HorseRaceBase. Now I thought I'd show you rather than tell you how I use HorseRaceBase, and how you might like to as well.

There are a lot more features than those I highlight below, and the best way to learn about them is to play with them yourself. To that end, I've managed to secure Geegeez readers an exclusive SEVEN DAY trial, which is 133% longer than other visitors to HorseRaceBase get.

During that time you'll be free to use all of the functionality at HorseRaceBase without constraint, and see if it does anything that will be useful to you. If it does, then sign up there for a minimum donation of €7.50 (about £6.43 at this morning's conversion rate).

For the record, there's nothing in this for me except starting the new year with a dollop of goodwill, and sharing what I believe to be an excellent resource. It's like Adrian Massey on steroids!

Here's my short video on how I use HorseRaceBase, which I hope will give you some ideas (feel free to steal my trainer form settings!)

And here's the link where you can get the extended seven day trial for no cost, with no obligation. You don't even need to enter any payment details.


If for any reason the link above doesn't work, type the following into your browser's address bar:

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Your first 30 days for just £1
12 replies
  1. Methodman
    Methodman says:

    Hi Matt
    Similar to yourself I looked HRB some time ago but never invested the time to learn how to use it. Found it again a few weeks back and am already wondering how I managed without it. Thanks for the video its given me another idea I will be looking into.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good stuff, Methodman. There really are umpteen ways to use the info there for your benefit, and the thing I really like – when suggesting it to Geegeez readers – is that it doesn’t matter how much of a lead you want to take.

      If you’re not into systems research, just click the shared systems button and grab some of other people’s work!

      Something for everyone is a nice way to start the new year.


  2. Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan says:

    Hey Matt
    I’ve been using HRB for over a year now, and like methodman, i can’t imagine being without it now. It has improved no end in the time i’ve been using it, and has earned me many times over the subscription of 7.5 euros per Month. David Peat and his team are excellent, and if you have a query or a suggestion, they reply in lightening fast time. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The system has changed recently, and i need to get up to speed on the newest inovations
    Good luck

  3. john cutts
    john cutts says:

    thanks matt, but i already have it – am on second month. Excellent value !

    You should give the ratings a try. They often go against the grain and oppose short priced hype horses and are often right at good prices 5/1 – 10/1 i have seen often.

    Also, on the same today’s racing tab you can click on a norse in a race and follow the form in the same way you did through the ststems tab.

    Finally, what i find useful, is – again on the todays’s racing tab – to go to the race, click on the horse you are interested and on the top right above the race card you will see the “profiler” tab. Click on that and it will give you all the preferences you refer to in the video but at a glance of the horse. Strike rate at course, distance, days since run s/r etc etc.

    Can’t recommend highly enough. You got a good deal there and the man deserves to do well as he must work every waking hour on this, I found it easy to complete the transaction when joining and the guy seems straight as a die.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot for sharing your own experiences, and the way you use HorseRaceBase, everyone.
      I’m glad you find it as valuable as I do, and also as reasonable. 🙂

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Yep, the form of that last Khajaaly win looks solid, albeit that the wins have come in Class 6 company. He’ll be running in Class 5 on Saturday…

  4. Eamon
    Eamon says:


    What a fantastic little tool.

    I will definitely be making use of this – it will make all those micro systems I’ve been collecting much more manageable.

    I’ve added your NH Handicap chase micro system and think I’ll probably fill up the whole 30 system builder slots! 2YO bomb to add in there too…

    Thanks for directing us to this and my regards to David for pointing you in its direction too! David’s’Profiles’ have been performing well so far (as I’m sure you’re aware, with a lovely BF SP of 24 for Poquelin in Dec). There’s a further deal that David has on his site for Horseracebase – two months for the price of one but that might only be for subcribers.

    Anyway, cheers and I hope you get all the crap sorted with the site…new year, new site (haha)


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