How to rate a whole day’s racing in 90 seconds

I know it sounds daft, and obviously it has its limitations. But I've found that it's now possible to shortlist the horses I'm interested on a given day's racing in around 90 seconds.

This is all possible thanks to the Race Analysis Report, or RAR, here are geegeez.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.



If you need more information on how the RAR works, then do have a quick scan of this post.

The feedback on the new geegeez racecards has been phenomenal, and I hope you will find them more insightful and easier to use than your current choice. 🙂


IMPORTANT NOTE: There is currently a problem with Internet Explorer and our racecards. I suggest your download Google's Chrome browser (which is a LOT better anyway!). Here's a link to do that:

Everything works ticketty-boo in Chrome 🙂


That's all for this short post. Get on over to the race cards and see how you get on!


Geegeez Race Analysis Reports

Geegeez Race Analysis Reports

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  1. Avatar
    adam says:

    hi matt
    like theis tool for race evaluation as I spend ages looking through the cards each eve and day.
    however, I cannot access these race cards from the tab on the geegeez webpage so is there a reason they are not showing up?
    hoping to get that extra edge and bag more wins

  2. Avatar
    billy fieseler says:

    this looks very exciting, im trying it out for the first time today,looking forward to the results

  3. Avatar
    louis says:

    Matt, I clicked on the link above and then on ‘race cards’ but nothing happens? Lou.

  4. Avatar
    mike course says:

    Hi Matt amazing just went through the whole days racing in 5 mins. Is there a way to access previous days racecards and RAR to see what id have come up with?

  5. Avatar
    Chris Worrall says:

    Tip top, Mr B! This will drastically reduce the amount of time people spend scouring the press and internet for selections. As for Penitent yesterday, he certainly was the standout pick and anchored a rare success for the Double Dutch to boot!

  6. Avatar
    Dave says:

    Hi Matt

    Would it be possible for you to change the colour of the Amber ratings….as when you look at them it is not easy to tell them from the Red ones….you can make them out if you look close…but nowhere near as distinctive as the green ones

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      Afraid that won’t be possible. We did make the text bold on amber to distinguish it, and we also chose a ‘pinker’ shade of red, but there’s not much more we can do there, I’m afraid. It really was quite a tricky conundrum getting the emphasis right.


  7. Avatar
    Paul Williamson says:

    As i have said before Matt, brilliant stuff! well done again! Thanks Paul

  8. Avatar
    jules says:

    kin ell MB why cant everyone make racing tools this easy top draw pal regards Jules

  9. Avatar
    Paul Whitworth says:

    I, like many others I suspect, spend ages looking through form each day using various websites and then don’t seem to find winners.
    I used the race analysis on Geegeez for the first time today and have seen it pull out winners already. I am impressed.I think this is going to be an invaluable tool.It has given me new hope for making a bit of money!
    Thanks Matt!
    Paul Whitworth

  10. Avatar
    Tony says:

    I recon you should leave a link so people can donate money towards your site if they wish to do so.I would gladly give towards this brilliant piece of information with my winnings from lt .

  11. Avatar
    Needers says:

    The RAR is top drawer stuff Matt. Helped me pick out a 33/1 winner yesterday! Admittedly I did end up with about 12 selections, with losers, but the winners more than outweighed the losers. I like the fact that you can look for winners or just places, and the fact that is all about your own interpretation of the data provided, so ultimately no-one can complain about it! Loving this and will be using on a regular (probably daily!) basis. Agree with Tony above, assuming my ability to interpret the data well continues, I’d happily donate, Geegeez deserves to continue running for a long time!

  12. Avatar
    GK says:

    This is looking like a great addition to the site. Spent 2 minutes today looking through the RAR resulting in 1 bet, a 16/1 winner! Thank you

  13. Avatar
    Dave says:

    WOW! Early days for me, just ‘come across this’ . first two I looked at were Hidden Cyclone and Pasaka Boy . Neither were ‘stand outs’ but were the ‘ strongest’ indicators. Both have won at 2/1 and 17/2. Can’t believe it. This is from someone who started betting on racing 2001. Since given up cause believe it is a mugs game. Will keep observing. to see if it is not ‘flashes in the pan’.

  14. Avatar
    Dave says:

    will Capo Rosso win the 19.10 at Wolves? Has strong indicator in my humble opinion

  15. Avatar
    Gary says:

    Holy Moly! Matt…your race analyzer managed to provide this for me today…I went with 10 picks…4 out the frame, 2 placed and 4 won! And just look at those winning prices!

    Newcastle 14.40 Artful Prince – Won 2/1
    Newcastle 15.50 Royal Holiday – 2nd 20/1
    Newbury 16.50 Tawhid – Won 15/8
    Newbury 17.20 Pasaka Boy – Won 17/2
    Wolverhampton 19.10 Capo Rosso – 3rd 12/1
    Wolverhampton 21.10 Monzino – 1st 25/1

    Cheers! (especially around 11 minutes past 9 tonight!)

    Fantastic piece of kit mate…well done!

  16. Avatar
    Alan Slinn says:

    Hi Geez backed 3 horses today 20th sept . using your card ratings they were
    Artful Prince won 5/2
    Capo Rosso 3rd 12/1
    Monzino won 26/1
    Many thanks AS

  17. Avatar
    Lol says:

    Brilliant Matt!!!!! Just one bet for me today in the lucky last at Wolverhampton and the standout in the ratings, Monzino, duly obliged (37/1 on BF)

  18. Avatar
    bluebell says:

    Hi Matt, you are a God sent. Thank you very much for giving us this tool. I have not used it yet but it looks very impressive.

    Just one question. What does it mean when you highlight it in amber? understand the green but not the amber.

    Have a great day God bless you.


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi bluebell

      It means ok – not good, not bad (red). Grey means no data.


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