Introducing Some New Betting Tools For The Flat Season…

I know it might seem like heresy, dear reader, to be talking of the turf flat season whilst still recovering from a Cheltenham Gold Cup-induced hangover. Even more so, as there's still over a fortnight to go until the Aintree meeting and the unique tests of the Grand National unfurl themselves.

But, such is the nature of the British horse racing calendar, that every March - somewhere between those twin towering spectacles of Cheltenham and Aintree, the bods that be deign to re-introduce grass racing on the level. And not with a whimper either, but with something of a bang (with apologies to the late great Joseph Conrad), as the season's curtain raiser is the Doncaster Lincoln meeting.

And the first big handicap of the season presents us with the first of a thousand puzzles to solve. This year, to help us with our riddling, I'm very excited to be introducing a bumper package of flat racing statistics.

And I'm even happier that I can showcase it to you for free. :o) Actually, I've got a clutch of what I believe are very high quality manuals and reports to whet your appetite for the many-coursed meal that will be served from March 26th to November 7th.

To demonstrate what's to come, I've produced a report on the effects of the draw at the four all weather tracks in England (Kempton, Lingfield, Southwell, and Wolverhampton). The report can be downloaded for free here:

Download Matt's New Report on All Weather Draw Effects

Like I say, it's free, and you don't even need to provide your email address. That said, if you want to get the other free reports I'll be giving away, you WILL need to put your email address in the box on the page.

And, as if that wasn't reason enough to get across and grab a copy, there's also another b-rilliant(!!!) performance in front of the camera by yours truly. Really, I'm actually quite an affable chap in person. But when someone sticks a video camera in front of me, I just go to pieces! It's well worth a laugh look.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the first report is great (though I say so myself), the ones that follow are even better!

Get on over to, grab yourself a copy, and see for yourself.

Ciao pronto,


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8 replies
  1. Matt Bisogno says:

    Please note that, due to the high volume of hits to the site, you may experience some problems with trying to access it.

    Don’t worry, that link will be there for a day or two, so if you do get problems, try again later.

    Thanks for your patience – it will be worth it! 😉


  2. Jamie says:

    Great work as ever Matt, thanks for sharing your Labour of Love

    Looking forward to the Flat tts 2009


  3. Matt Bisogno says:

    Thanks Jamie – this is definitely the best package I’ve put together yet!

    Anthony – please keep trying (I know it’s frustrating). It should be fine now. There were rather a lot of people on the site yesterday…

    Matt 😉

  4. Nick Ford says:

    I have gone to trainer track stats which says that it has been replaced with flat racing profiles – is TTS flat not happening this year?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Correct Nick – no TTS for the flat this season. It was getting more and more difficult to consistently win on the flat with that approach, hence the revised tack. I think you’ll love Flat Racing Profiles though if you are a fan of the TTS guides.


  5. keith says:

    nice one Matt,another lovely piece of work,and free too ! is it christmas allready ?

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