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 Gold's flagship tipping service, Stat of the Day, has recorded over 495 points profit, and a 27.75% ROI

Nigh on 500 points profit (£10,000 at £20 level stakes) as at end January 2018

Nigh on 500 points profit (£10,000 at £20 level stakes) as at end January 2018

Introducing Stat of the Day...

An established, proven tipping service still sufficiently under the radar not to influence the market, Stat of the Day has earned itself an army of loyal fans.

 SOTD Month By Month Performance

Yes, we have losing months. As will every value service. That's no big deal. Because we have always come out in front in the mid-to-long-term, and our subscribers absolutely love Stat of the Day for that!
In fact, since inception in late 2011, SotD has made subscribers almost TEN THOUSAND POUNDS in profit at just £20 level stakes.
That is very close to £25,000 at £50 level stakes, from just one bet a day Monday to Saturday.
Month by month performance breakdown for Stat of the Day

Month by month performance breakdown for Stat of the Day, as at 21st January 2018

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One bet a day, online the night before racing...

      Stat of the Day is a single bet per day, Monday to Saturday, available online on our website the night before racing.


You log in, get the tip, and bet the tip.


       It's that simple, which is why we have a legion of Stat of the Day fans.

Here's what some of them had to say...

Why do punters back tips?

There are lots of reasons you might choose to follow a tipster, such as:

  • You want to follow an expert with a proven track record
  • You want to make a profit from your betting
  • You don't have much time to study form yourself
  • You want to be right more often
  • You want to learn from well-reasoned selections

Why do punters lose when following tips?

Sadly, many people lose money following tipsters. Here are the most common reasons why:
  • The tipster is unproven
  • The tipster is no good
  • Quoted prices are unavailable
  • You stop following at the first sign of a losing run

Why Stat of the Day will help you win!

If you want a profitable tipster in your corner, Stat of the Day can help you win. Yes, of course we have losing days. Heck, we have losing weeks and the occasional losing month. But, since we began, we've made our subscribers nigh on 500 points profit.

That's £10,000 at just £20 stakes.

Stat of the Day has a strike rate of better than one-in-four, and the prices quoted are always obtainable at the time of publication. In fact, it is quite common for our selections to actually win at a BIGGER price than advised. So, of course, we recommend you use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers.

Our daily selection - just one horse each day Monday to Saturday - is available the night before racing, usually between 5pm and 6pm, and each tip has a raft of statistical data supporting it. As the name Stat of the Day suggests, right?!

So if you want a proven tipster to make you a few extra quid from your horse racing betting, we can help. And I'm so confident about Stat of the Day, I'm delighted to make the following 'no brainer' guarantee...


titanium 100% money-back guarantee

I'm so confident in the ability of Stat of the Day to make YOU a profit from your horseracing betting, that I'm prepared to make this rock-solid guarantee...

Sign up for an annual subscription today and if, betting Stat of the Day to £10 level stakes at advised prices, you don't make at least double your subscription fees during the year, I'll refund every penny of your sub!



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