I’ve Decided To Give It To You Early…

It's a curious thing is contrariness, dear reader, a very curious thing. I'm not sure I could have been any clearer about the fact that my exciting new Laying System service was not going 'live' until Monday, and please don't sign up yet. Bizarrely, I've had nearly twenty people sign up!

So, fingers aching from writing to people to ask them please to withhold their applications, I've decided to open up early... but only under a couple of conditions.


As my regular reader will know, I preach responsible betting from the Geegeez lectern, and I strongly encourage members of my services to paper trade before investing any of their hard earned.

So it was that TrainerTrackStats - no longer my product, but still bearing my mark - launched with a month's access to the member site and the TTS manual itself for a quid.

The reason for this was simple. I believe that you should be able to trial any product, either for free (or next to free), or with a money back guarantee.

For Laying System, I am launching the service with a month's free access (five weeks if you want the better value that a quarterly sub offers). But I am only promoting this to Geegeez and TTS subscribers, and I am only doing so for a short space of time.

At the end of next week, I will revert to a 14 day trial, regardless of which periodicity subscription you indicate as your preference.

So.... please, Please, PLEASE take this opportunity to paper trade the selections with a fictional bank in the first instance.

Laying System is a fully researched system (comprised of three sub-systems), which has performed as follows over the past four years [note, for the third dataset below, the 'year' ended in May 2008, as it is a jumps season]:


2004 112 1137 9.85 -334.67 -29.43
2005 134 1252 10.7 -282.92 -22.6
2006 124 1227 10.11 -396.09 -32.28
2007 66 647 10.2 -185.42 -28.66

Total 436 4263 10.22 -1199.1 -28.12


2004 37 186 19.89 -76.32 -41.03
2005 45 171 26.32 -26.19 -15.32
2006 73 306 23.86 -71.71 -23.43
2007 31 128 24.22 -37.07 -28.96

Total 186 791 23.51 -211.29 -26.71


Your first 30 days for just £1

2004 29 278 10.43 -91.01 -32.74
2005 17 253 6.72 -140.5 -55.53
2006 19 265 7.17 -95.67 -36.1
2007 22 259 8.49 -93.25 -36

Total 87 1055 8.24 -420.43 -39.85


709 6109 11.60 -1830.82 -29.96

The overall loss of 30% to a level stake means that laying horses at, on average, 16-20% over SP leaves a profit margin / RoI of 10-14%.

Note that you MUST have a bank of 100 points to start or, at the very least, 75 points. This means, as an absolute minimum, you must be prepared to start with £150 in a separate 'bank' and lay to win just £2 per selection (meaning a profit, after exchange commissions at 5%, of £1.90).

Obviously, I recommend a higher bank, but it is possible to start at this level and build up relatively quickly (and in a controlled manner).

The growth chart, based on laying at 20% over SP and 5% commissions on winning trades, for those four years is alongside.

Again, let me repeat the need for discipline. You will note that there have been some periods of stasis in the results, where the profit figure neither increased nor declined. This happens. You will also notice some small drops - also known as losses - in the short term. Obviously, this also happens.

What I am trying to say here is that this is a responsible, thoroughly researched service, which requires responsible disciplined users. If you're going to complain when the first horse goes off at 6/1 and wins, wiping out your bank, then you've missed the point and this isn't for you.

If, however, you understand that the war with the bookie (or the betting exchange in this case) is just that, and - as in every war - there are battles lost and battles won; and if you can be disciplined enough to manage a betting bank, then I am certain you're going to have a lot of fun with this.

[Incidentally, if you don't have betting exchange account, why not?! You can sign up with betdaq from the ad on the right of this page, or with betfair at www.betfair.com]

Now I know I sound like a whining parent in the above, and for that I apologise. It's certainly not my intention to patronise, but I do want to be absolutely crystal clear in one thing, which I'll repeat for the last time:

Please use at least some of your trial period to paper trade and, only when you're happy with the service, consider investing.

This system has, over the four previous years, yielded an average monthly profit of 17.5 points.

If you use an incremental staking plan, you can improve this. But let's keep this simple with level stakes.

Enough already. At this stage, you will be in one of three states of mind:

1. You know you want to try it, and want to know where - in this case CLICK HERE

2. You know you don't want to try it, as it doesn't suit your style (fair enough)

3. You think you want to try it, but you have a question (or two) - in which case, click here (this will open up your email program and you can send your question over)

One final point to note is that you will be required to provide details to PayPal as a condition of subscription. For monthly or quarterly signups, you will not be billed for 28 days, so please make a note in your diary to ensure that you don't forget to cancel if you mean to. There will be no refunds, because I'm offering you a full month's free access. I hope you think that's fair. :o)

That's all for now - I'm off to lay some nags....


p.s. there's also a link to the (as yet unfinished) sales page below...

Your first 30 days for just £1