I found a new tool today which I thought might be fun to try out. It's called Tableau and its uses are virtually limitless. My thanks to Jason Lambert for introducing me to Tableau.

So, here's a really basic example of what it can do...

The below chart shows how UK jockeys have performed on favourites between 2012 and 2014 (minimum 50 rides) in flat turf races. The size of the square shows their ROI and the darkness of the green represents strike rate.

So, a large dark green square probably equates to an under-rated jockey, on the basis that those circles show riders who win often on favourites and at a decent return on investment.

Note: 'favourite' includes joint- and co-favourites.

If the first chart shows the most 'punter-friendly' jockeys in flat turf races in the past couple of years, then how about the full set? The second diagram shows all pilots with their returns on investment and win percentages mapped. In many cases, this will be more a reflection on their over-exposure in the market than their ability (e.g. Ryan Moore).

Hovering over any square or bubble will show the underlying data. There are some interesting names to note at the top middle and right (and bottom middle and left) of the second chart...