Last Orders At The F.r.e.e Bar

You may not have heard, dear reader, but there's all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth down Newport way. The reason for this vitriol and venting of spleen? Why, a licensed publican has had the temerity to offer student customers a £5 drinking night.

Local opposition includes Melanie Perry, director of booze abuse support group Prism who, in an unprecendentedly poorly thought out statement said, "The manager of Escapade is clearly promoting excessive drinking through this practice.

"There may not have been any trouble last week but that's not to say that there won't be trouble in the future.

"I would urge people in the locality to make objections to this so that his licence can be reconsidered and if necessary revoked."

The manager is 'clearly' promoting excessive drinking? I don't know about you, but I didn't need any promotion to drink to excess during my student days, and look how I turned out...!

There was no trouble at the event, despite 600 revellers having a good old drink and dance. This compares immensely favourably to pretty much any bar in any town up and down the country.

I would urge locals to object. Erm, if the locals wanted to object, presumably they would.

As for revoking the savvy landlord's license, that is just spiteful. This woman wants to stop a man from making a living because she doesn't agree with his approach. Now there's an epitome of tolerance, don't you think?

In fact, the landlord - doubtless protecting his own bottom line as well as the livers of his clientele - introduced an excellent proviso on his £5 offer: in order to get a drink, you had to present an empty bottle / glass. So you could actually only have one drink on the go at a time. Again, harking back to my student days, they were normally lined up for me, and there was far more on the table than my belly could accommodate.

And finally on this subject, the police generally love events like this. Because if you were offered beers all night for a fiver, why the hell would you go anywhere else?! The Bill know that they have a short period around closing time where they need to manage those more exuberant young things, and they know exactly where they'll be.

I'm afraid that this sort of kneejerk bluster is increasingly endemic in our fine nations, and I for one am fed up with being told what I can and can't do. In order to drink you need to be 18. If we don't consider our 18 year olds intelligent enough to judge when they're full, then we should raise the age of drinking laws.

Oh, sorry, I had a point to all this... my point is that special offers are great, and the people who take big chances by giving stuff away, or all but giving stuff away, are to be applauded.

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Of course, these offers are always timebound, otherwise the businesses would go skint. So it is then that the Great Horse Racing Giveaway, which opened its doors last Monday, will shut them tight this coming Wednesday.

So, while its not quite 'time at the bar', it's definitely 'Last Orders'. If you've not availed yourself of the free stuff, I suggest you tootle along to and see what the commotion is about.

If you have, you've no doubt been a victim of 'excessive freebies'. Should we consider revoking the license of the bloke whose idea it was to set this up? Of course not!


Enough of my Monday moaning, and on with the show.

The flat turf season finally drew stumps at a soggy Donny on Saturday, and I'm not that sorry to see the back of it. It's been a long old hike since late March and winner finding has been tough.

I really do find the jumps more appealing, and am certain that we'll get more decent winners over the winter than we've had over the summer.

In my opinion, the trends are much stronger over the jumps than on the level, and horses have more pronounced running preferences in the more extreme tests that jump racing provides. No race encapsulates this more than the Grand National, and I will be confident of finding the winner again next year, using a trends based approach.

As the winter wears on, I'll also bring you stats based views on most of the major races here on the blog, and I am very hopeful that we'll come out in front come April time.


There's nothing to catch my eye today, unsurprisingly. Monday racing is usually atrocious and today is no exception. There is one decent graduation chase at Carlisle but, that aside, it's dog food fare.

One horse worthy of note for all you ante post or Ten To Follow players is Aran Concerto. He went off favourite for the Ballymore Properties Novices' Hurdle in 2007, and crocked himself in finishing 5th.

On his first start back, at Navan yesterday, he jumped his (admittedly weak) rivals ragged and his campaign will be tilted towards a shot at the Sun Alliance Chase. If he can improve his jumping, he'll have a decent squeak, and 16/1 may not be too shabby a price if you like your wagers early and with an abundance of risk.



4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
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  1. Gordon says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your help with my not seeing the Thursday fun etc.
    Question? Are all of these that you post, via Utube? If so that could be the answer, as Utube is currently being blocked here in Turkey.


  2. Anthony Currie says:

    Hi Matt,
    Found the November Handicap Winner on Saturday @ 20/1. That was easy and have been finding winners all through the season..
    Will however be starting my New Lay service next flat season..
    Dont despair we will trade punches this jump season ..

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