Latest System Reviews

This page contains quick links to the horse racing systems, services, and other products that we at Geegeez are currently reviewing.

Just click the link to get a list of posts, from the original preview to the most recent post. Each post contains information on the previous day's selections and how they fared; today's selections; and, the cumulative profit or loss for the review to date.

Current System Reviews

Little Acorns (re-visited, 25th July to end August)

One-A-Day Wonder System (20th July to mid-August)

Dream-Lays (20th July to mid-August)

On-Course For Profits (14th July to mid-August)

The Full-Circle (29th June to 30th July)

Recent System Reviews

Ultimate Lay Betting (31st August to 20th September 2009) - 7.5/10

Little Acorns (31st August to 20th September 2009) - 6.5/10

The Bookie Demolisher (27th July to 21st August 2009) -

Supreme Handicap (1st August to 14th August 2009) - 6/10

The Ultimate Forex Predictor foreign exchange trading course and software (from 28th May to 30th June) - 10/10

The Protege Horse Racing System (from 12th to 30th May 2009) - 4/10

Lowlay Horse Laying Service (from 11th May to 11th June 2009) - 8/10

The Insider monthly Sports Betting newsletter (free trial available - click the link to get started) - 7/10

Smoke And Mirrors backing system (from 28th to 30th May) - ???/10

Racing Trends information (note, NOT tipping) service from racing journalist, David Renham (12th June to 24th June) - 8/10

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