Life looking rosy for Catt and Tommo

Mike Cattermole

Things are looking rather rosy for two of the retiring members of the Channel 4 racing team this week after Mike Cattermole started out on married life and Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour, revealed Derek Thompson as his latest signing.

Cattermole, at the age of 51, has taken a long time to find his chosen one. Yesterday he and American Monica Martins da Silva tied the knot in a ceremony at Seer Green Holy Trinity Church in Buckinghamshire. Cattermole said, “It’s my first time at the age of 51 and it’s something I never thought would be happening, but life is full of surprises. As we’ve seen in the last few weeks there are good surprises and bad surprises, but this is definitely a good one. I’ve had a great run as a single man, of that there is no doubt, but it’s time for a new chapter in my life. Monica is a wonderful lady and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I’m a very lucky man.”

Meanwhile, Tommo received a timely boost at the midpoint of his course of chemotherapy with the offer of a job for Sheikh Mansour. It’s a great pity he didn’t go straight into the City first eleven last Saturday, and maybe the Villa wouldn’t have had such a thumping.

Instead, Tommo has the prospect of some international jet setting courtesy of Emirates Airlines as he heads up presentation of the Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival next year.

Derek Thompson

The job will take him to Australia, America, Morocco, Oman, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland and Poland. Thompson is confident he can fit this in alongside his other commitments.

He said, “Whenever there is purebred Arabian racing around the world Sheikh Mansour wants me to be there to present it for TV and also to help promote it. It’s obviously not full time, but after Channel 4 it is very pleasing to get something like this. It won’t interfere with my commentating or Tommo TV for which we have stacks of dates in the UK for next year, but it is a nice bit of security after Channel 4.”

Good luck to both of them.

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