Live Now: New Card / Full Form Components

Our first upgrades of 2021 are now live!

We've added:

- Dam data

- PRB by Race Code on Full Form

Your first 30 days for just £1

- Prize Money (win and total)

- Season Date search on Full Form (due imminently)

All of these can be seen in the five minute video below; and they are, of course, explained in more detail in our comprehensive User Guide (click here for that).

I very much hope you'll find them useful!



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Your first 30 days for just £1
3 replies
  1. Noisynoy
    Noisynoy says:

    All good stuff, dear Matt! I’d noticed it before I read your e-mail introducing us to it. Let’s just say that I had Pop the Champagne AND Primo Uomo BOTH today and would not have bet them without Geegeez pointing the way!

  2. TomWool
    TomWool says:

    I’ve always found it odd how much attention some folk place on sires with little or no attention on dams. This is another impressive addition to the Geegeez toolbox, thanks Matt.

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