Logical Mondays: Don’t You Just Hate Them?!

Is it just me, dear reader, or are the Tuesdays after Bank Holiday Mondays (i.e. logical Mondays from a 'day in the office' perspective) the worst days in the working year?

It will come as no surprise to you that I love my job. After all, I get paid to write about horse racing and other associated 'stuff' as I feel fit. That's about as good as it gets! But even I feel a little lethargic today.

No matter, for I must shake the slumber (didn't rise this morning until 9.30am either, very poor show!) and persist. There are systems to be trialed, news items to be relayed, and puns to be made!


First up, word reaches me of a nefarious scamster masquerading under a second surreptitious pseudonym (you see, I told you, utter linguistic self-indulgence!)...

Now I have to say, as reportage goes, I've done nothing to validate this story, so I'd be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments space below, if you've subscribed to either of these two services.

The original service was called Lay365, and I had panned this on Nag3 previously (see this blog post).

It appears that, under mysterious circumstances, this service ceased to be in November 2008. Curiously, and possibly entirely coincidentally, Syndicate100 appeared from December 2008, and the website styles are remarkable similar, even down to the irritating use of 'Comic Sans MS' font, surely the least business-like font ever created!

Like I say, there's a whole pile of circumstantial evidence here, so if you've had experience with either service, perhaps you'd share it with the wider community for the greater good.

[Side note: it's not my intention to wantonly and randomly slate services: anyone can have a bad day / month (I did yesterday). But when bad services reinvent themselves to do more of the same, this is a little more sinister and deserves 'outing' if indeed it proves to be the case.]


Onwards, for we have a new Question of the Week in the top right corner. Again, in my never ending quest to provide an interactive website, as opposed to one where I just selfishly pontificate (wow, what a day for the words!), I'm interested in what sort of 'stuff' you use.

Do you just bet horses to win? Do you lay mules and donkeys? Are you a trader? Interested in arbitrage or forex? Tell me what you like and don't like - it'll help me give you more of what you're interested in, and less of the rest!

I know for a fact that over 1,500 of you read this little site every day, so I'd hope to get at least 200 votes cast. Come on... you know you want to... (or at least, you know I want you to...!)

It's in the top right corner - just tick the ones that apply to you, then click the voting button below it. Simples!

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold


Now then, my Lowlay review chap, Kevin, has gone and absented himself for a few days (the sheer temerity of it!), due to a wedding or some other inconsequential eventuality (the verbosity is reaching new heights today... or possibly plumbing new depths!).
So it falls to me to provide the update:

yesterday's selection, Apache Ridge, could only manage 2nd place, making it 8 straight losers (and therefore winners for us), and almost bringing the bank back to parity after a nightmare debut on the blog.

Current status quo is thus:

Starting Bank     £2500

Current Bank     £2425

P/L                     -£75

Given that week 1 of the trial showed a loss of £835 (ouch!), this is a remarkable recovery for a service that only deals in horses at 7/2 or shorter.

Indeed, since the service's inception in February - all proofed to Racing Index's proofing service - Lowlay is up just shy of three grand (£2,905 to £100 level stakes).

My money is on a setback soon, as it's very hard to keep picking them out at such short prices, but clearly these guys are doing plenty right.

If you're interested in Lowlay, you can check their site here. My advice would be to hang fire on joining the service for another week (assuming you're interested), as we'll be publishing the runners here between now and then (the end of the month will also constitute the end of the trial, and we'll - i.e. Kevin will - bring you a full review of the service).

Today's Lowlay is Ailsa Carmel in the 2.00 Leicester.


Lastly today, you can still grab a copy of Gavin's freebie trends guide for the Oats and Barley... erm, I mean, Oaks and Derby, here... nothing to pay, no catch (except he's leading up to his super massive, all guns blazing, guide of the season, Royal Ascot Festival Trends, which I'm seriously looking forward to - it's a great trends meeting).

Get the ante-post Oats and Barley here...

Pip pip!


p.s. Do you know anything about Lay365 or Syndicate100? Leave a comment

p.p.s. Did you take part in my question of the week yet?

p.p.s. Do you hate Logical Mondays too?!

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
18 replies
  1. Paul says:

    Matt, can you tell me what you were drinking last night, cos I’d like a pint! Great writing!!

  2. ronnie nicolson says:

    Do you have any knowledge of the latest system being touted in numerous e-mails at smartmoneypunter?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ronnie

      Yes, I’m trying to get a review copy and will have a look at it in June. In the meantime, remember that one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and nor does one testimonial make a product… in other words, you may choose to hang fire until you’ve seen it trialed…


  3. Matt Bisogno says:

    I had a tin of alphabet soup, but I think it might have been off. Hence the verbal diarrheoa…




  4. Richard says:

    Hi Matt
    The last couple of times I have completed your poll it has told me I have already voted. The onset of alzheimers may be just a distant memory but I think I would have remembered voting. Thought I would let you know as it may keep your numbers down if there are are a few of us affected. Great blog by the way, keep it up.

  5. David Aston says:

    Having had over twenty e-mails since it launched, I think Smart Punter is from Steven Brookes and the “Rochdale Road Gang”. A large number of products have been better setting fire to that these people have produced, and on a number of occasions have been a rehash of a previous product.

    Agree with Matt, do not buy until it’s been trialled.

  6. Cliff says:

    Hi Matt, I too have been bombarded with smartmoney punter so will be interested in the results of the trial, by the way I tried one link from an email he sent reccomending another service guess what it had been CANCELLED by the pay system as being in violation of its rules !!!.. I wonder if anyone else tried this out of interest

  7. bob marsden says:

    hi just got back from coach tour 3 day weekend break a holiday never to be repeated again .first of hotel fire alarm going of all hours of the night every night in hotel heating on all the time in hotel rooms coridor just like living in a sauna had windows open permently which led to a bloody great cat joining us at 5 am just as the alarm was silent for an hour so i went to reception to complain again only to find the poor night porter holding the button down to prevent the alarm going off again so this cat thing was the least of his worries.. on going back to the room the wife said the black cat would bring me luck ,well it didnt on the bus journey down to whitby yesterday morning the bloody coach driver hit a sleeping policeman at roughly 40mph next thing i remember is the wife on floor me i shoot up in air banged head on roofrack and bruised shoulder and rope burns from safety belt allus passengers on back part of the coach were the same when i had gathered myself ,, i said to the wife who the hell said a black cat was lucky… one of passingers said it was. we could have been dead .so their you go chaps things can only get better.ps no more coach holidays ,,train for me from now on lots of luck bob marsden

  8. Hugh says:

    Ref:lay 365
    I was a member for about 4 months.
    Like the reader in your blog I could never get the same odds as emailed even if I went to betfair as soon as I received the email recommendation.
    Also the success rate at just over 80% was lower than their site quoted.
    The lower success rate combined with the higher odds meant I could not make money from lay365 recommendations.

  9. Gavin says:

    Hi Mat

    I agree completely with Hugh never made any money with lay365. I believe they are offering a new service for evening racing same type of font etc, I will find out the name so your members are aware.


  10. colin illsley says:

    I like betting on anything thats got a good return, Horses,football,but would like to bet on Basketball,Baseball but dont know the rules of either, about parlays and other things like that!But most of all ARB betting but i dont seem to be able to find any,only i’ve got a arb handbook at home and its great but it seems to me you need a lot of money to play with which i dont have, you see i’m a pensioner and dont have a lot to slash about, so i can only bet smallish stakes. Warmest Regards Colin.

  11. nikibarton says:

    i paper trade all systems i come across,i beg the owners for a free service for at least a month……and lay365 dont do what they say,low sucess rate im afraid

  12. David G says:

    I am old enough to remember when the average Monday fare seemed to be a racecard comprising of a 2-y-o maiden OR 0-20 , a 3-y-o maiden OR 0-40 ( both split into 2 or 3 divisions ), a handicap for 9-y-o upwards and a seller for animals that had never run in class H or higher. Surely yesterday’s fare wasn’t quite THAT bad !!

  13. Peter Colledge says:

    Hi Matt,
    Just wanted to run the following tipster past you…Martin Hill of Format Racing. From the little I can gather, his results are tremendous. Have you had dealings with him. He has just emailed me and I may be as interested in his blog as I am in yours!

  14. Tim H says:

    I’ve also been sent the ‘Smartmoneypunter’ email and would be interested to see how it goes.

    Also getting Brimardon results saying that they are 8 out of 9 months in profit, but they seem very expensive – especially as I haven’t recovered from an awful year of being somewhat ‘scammed’ by such ‘brilliant’ so called systems, so could do with a decent stretch of good stuff,not bad.

  15. brian697 says:

    hi matt.
    i used the lay365 for the last six months of last year i must admit i did make some money but tips dropped off quick, especially after he started giving a double a day to win on another site . i left beginning of this year . i think he was an ex bookie .

  16. hardraysnight says:

    i can tell you one thing about smart punter, it is from some guy in australia, but, interestingly the emails come from pretoria, south africa,

  17. nikibarton says:

    i think with these systems we are missing the point….instead of spending months trying to find one that works why dont we spend more time studying the facts and picking our own horses..the vast amount of free info out there is oustanding…..i use top rated horses and place them and it has proved sucessfull,as well as dutching one race a day you can make a small wage for yr self…with subscription running in to the several grand mark is money that could be in yr pocket…..

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