Lucrative Portfolio Review

Lucrative Portfolio Review

Lucrative Portfolio Review

Lucrative Portfolio Review

A new service is being trumpeted this morning called Lucrative Portfolio, produced by Michael Carr. As the name suggests, it's a portfolio service comprised of three individual methods. Here's what I know of the man and his methods...

Lucrative Portfolio: The Background

I've known Michael for almost three years now and, during that time, he has been a Platinum student of mine (I occasionally show people how to produce and promote their own betting services), and has had two services reviewed here on geegeez.

As with all our reviews, that pair were undertaken by independent volunteer reviewers and, of course, were completely impartial and unbiased.

Both passed their reviews with flying colours - here are the actual reviews:

Place Bet Profits Review

Lay The Favourite Review

Not only did they pass their reviews, but they went on to perform extremely consistently over a number of years. So Michael knows his business, and has a track record of producing high quality, profitable services into the market place.

His latest service, Lucrative Portfolio, has been several years of testing, tweaking and live betting in the making. But what exactly is Lucrative Portfolio?

What IS Lucrative Portfolio?

When I first saw the sales page for this, I have to admit, I didn't especially like it. It certainly is not to my tastes, with its bold claims of generating more profit than the national average salary.

Now, let me be clear. I'm not suggesting those claims aren't true. On the contrary. It's just that, well, we've all read that sort of thing a hundred times before...

Anyway, I quizzed Michael a bit more on his portfolio, and he was good enough to share the following insight with me:

Your first 30 days for just £1

Each strategy involves a mechanised element i.e core system rules, alongside analysis of value which I've developed from an odds compilation method (I remember you've previously read my 'create your own odds' guide, which was a simplified version of this).

Since the place / lay strategies are now advised to be bet at Betfair SP, there's also an element involving looking at market moves / likely trends in order to find value at BSP.

So, in a nutshell, Michael starts with a set of 'rules', but then uses complex value judgement techniques to arrive at the final selections.

His previous track record suggests he's pretty good at this.

The service consists of a daily combination of win, place and lay selections - on average two to three per day - and members simply log in to the exclusive members' area from 9am on the day of racing to pick up the tips.

How has Lucrative Portfolio performed?

As you can see, Michael is a smart guy, and he has a proven track record with his earlier services. But how has Lucrative Portfolio performed up to now?

Since the start of 2014, the Portfolio has recorded 727 winners from 1,403 bets, a strike rate of just over 50%. That means there are no long losing runs, and so this might be ideal for those who can become unsettled by five or six bets without a winner.

At level stakes of £10 per bet, the Portfolio is claimed to have yielded £8,495 since the start of 2014, at a return on investment of 18.38%

Michael's personal modus operandi is compounded stakes - using a percentage of bank approach - and, adopting that strategy since inception would have converted in over 3,000 points profit!

A word of caution here: compounding with a successful service can quickly lead to quite large bets. So, while the headline figures are very sexy, it makes more sense in this kind of situation to take money out and, well, enjoy it!

It is also important to note that these are claimed results of a service that is new to the market as of now, so I cannot vouch for them. However, I know Michael well enough to be confident the numbers are as good as he says they are.

What is the deal with Lucrative Portfolio?

Lucrative Portfolio is a tipping service, delivered via a password-protected members' area. The tips are online by 9am each morning for the day's racing.

You can subscribe for your first month for just £7, which gives you plenty of time to get up to speed, have a look around, and see if this is for you.

After that, you can choose to subscribe quarterly or annually, with a hefty saving for the longer term subscription. As with all such services, long-term is the way to go in my opinion.

Today's bets are in the members' area now, and you can get read more/get involved here.

Final Thoughts on Lucrative Portfolio

This is a service which, if it lives up to its claims, will make members a very solid profit. Anything approaching 20% ROI is tremendous, and if you choose to compound profits, the profit in absolute terms could be quite exciting.

But, and there is a but, it is important to begin with baby steps. Michael offers your first month at just £7, which means that anyone embarking on the Lucrative Portfolio adventure can do so with very little risk.  To me, that means using very small stakes or paper trading. It is dangerous with any service to dive straight in, and this is no exception. In betting, slow and steady generally wins the races.

With all that said, I'm very excited to see how Lucrative Portfolio progresses and, based on Michael's track record, I'd certainly encourage those who bet from a portfolio to at least take a month's trial for £7.

You can register for Lucrative Portfolio here

Your first 30 days for just £1
17 replies
  1. Everyone calls me Paul says:

    Cheers Matt. I’ll think about it. Looks like he’s making the two systems that Geegeez has previously reviewed – possibly now superceded by this service – available to download for those interested in systems (if you search “Lucrative Portfolio review” online)

  2. Kenneth says:

    This must the worse service I have ever joined I have been with them over 6mouth and find them rubbish I ask for refund had no reply 24/09/5

    • Ian says:

      Hi Kenneth

      Could you elaborate a little – the downloads of the “results” look genuine to me. Knowing more precisely what is that is “rubbish” would be most helpful.

      Best wishes


    • Edward says:

      Hello Kenneth, could you expand on your expierence of this service, as Matt would’nt endorse a service that is rubbish.

    • Matt Bisogno says:


      I think you’re confused. This is a brand new service to the market, being offered as of 24th September. So it would be impossible for you to have been with it for six months.


  3. Nessie123 says:

    I’ve been with Lucrative before and as far as I can see there is nothing new about it.
    Three bets per day,one win,one place and one lay.
    Are we on the same wavelength or is this a completely different set up?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Nessie

      To clarify again, these are new methods never previously released. The framework is familiar, the service is different.


      • Ian says:

        I have taken the trial period for the price of a couple of pints and because I cannot do paper betting, sad but true, I have invested minimally today (1st day of trial).


        Win strategy = 0
        Place strategy = 1
        Lay strategy = 1

        I do not plan to report on this here again until the end of my trial as it would be boring and probably not in the spirit of the blog. However I can report back somewhere after the trial if anyone is interested.


  4. bernard says:

    I was given a free trial on 24th april (bets recived about 11.00 am) but made a payment and joined for 12 months on 29th april. I now get the bets at 9.00 am but sometimes the prices are difficult to obtain and on many occasions have been much bigger. The last winner was an each way bet on a 16/1 winner IMSHIVALA on 29th august. There have been a couple of non-runners and several decent priced placed horses (some could be classed as unlucky). I cannot see the win service changing my life style but I have no knowledge of the other two systems in the portfolio. They appear to be a honest service and that in itself is something. I am confident that stat of the day and stat picks is in a different class. Bernard Buxton

  5. TheDeafGuy says:

    Not for me I’m afraid. I joined on the trial and cancelled a few days later. The betting is completely “soulless”. I’m not going to bet on a place for a 11/4 shot at win and at the same time bet on an 11/1 for a winner. As for the Lay betting: Who’s going to lay a 7/1 for a liabilityy of £70 for a £5 win? ~It may make money (and anyone can make a compound bank make money over a short period of time) but this is soulless, statistical betting and not for me.

  6. ace racing says:

    Joined the months trial. I decided to go live with it on Monday, 2 place bets both lost as did the win bet and there was no lay bet so just £100.00 down on day 1.
    Just a little concerned that he chose a place bet in a 7 runner event paying only 2 places.

    • Chris Worrall says:

      I think we need to give a new service the benefit of a little more time than a few days before we form an opinion.

      Each to their own, but during a month’s trial, I’d only be paper betting anyway.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You are braver me, ace. I’d be paper trading. And you need at least a month’s results to make even a rough approximation as to whether a service will be successful.

      These comments after a couple of days, frankly, say a lot more about the comment maker than the service. Expectation of instant success, and /or judgement of approach/methodology based on virtually no evidence is going to make you skint with nobody else to blame.

      I make these comments with no offence intended. Following services requires commitment and a long term outlook. I’m not seeing that on the comments here, which I think is a shame.


      • ace racing says:

        I am not complaining, just voicing a concern. Would you give out a place bet in a 7 runner race?
        The trial will be followed through as is your sotd still being followed (1 winner in how long) I also have my own portfolio of systems that I follow religiously even when there is a downturn in results. Just looking at other options to add to the bottom line.


        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Andy

          Fair enough, and yes, I might put a place bet up in a 7 runner race (under very specific conditions – short priced favourite, solid 2nd choice).

          As for SotD, we had a shocker in September. Lost a whopping 6.5 points. And, as you can see, that’s a real setback:

          Ahem 😉


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